May 17, 2011
"Help,get me out of here!" I was trapped, I don't know where, but it was under my own will for sure. Somebody was following me everywhere I went and I could feel their heart beating and their breathe hitting my face. Everything was dark,the floor was sandy and it felt like a never ending path. You might wonder how I got in this but I don't know either. My girlfriend had come from Argentina because the university were she attended had spring break. She called me one night, "Hey honey, how have you been? I really want to see you!" I could hear the excitement in her voice.
"Me too. I got a great job now. I have my own office and I wish you were the one to help me decorate it". I said with a tone of sadness and happiness at the same time because she wasn't with me.
"I would love to decorate it and of course have some time with you and forget about work. I won't be able to see you until three more months." She replied. I lived in Miami,Florida and I loved going to the beach. I had a lot of memories here of my childhood!
"That is so sad," I replied as I looked in the calendar and saw my birthday coming up.
"Don't think I forgot about your birthday but remember that I'll have you in my heart and in my mind". Her voice made me feel much better.
"Honey, I know, and I want you to know that I love you!"
"I love you too and I need to leave, by 
That night I went to the beach, it was very windy and before I even noticed it had gotten dark out and I returned home. As soon as I opened the door my girlfriend was there. She had her luggage with her and ran to me. I wouldn't of imagined that she would be here for my birthday!
"Did I surprise you?" she yelled
"you did, I thought you wouldn't be here at all. I could hear myself not really happy but I really was.
"I have a lot of plans now that we are together." she said as she hugged me really tight that she almost suffocated me.
"yes, hun we'll do anything you like." I replied.
Everything went well the first two weeks she was here. But there was a night which I remember really well because Ashley was trying to get out of the house, it was August  13,2006.We watched a comedy movie and she was absolutely fine. We ate popcorn and soda and even joked around after the movie was done. We went to bed and at exactly two thirty in the morning I heard a noise in the bathroom, I assumed it was Ashley, but she was right next to me. Not even an hour had passed when I didn't feel Ashley at my side. I went out to the kitchen to get a glass of water and I saw her sitting in the couch. "Honey are you going to bed with me? I asked and she didn't reply. I repeated my question and only silence was my answer. I decided to go back to room and wait but as I waited I fell asleep. Like about three forty in the morning I heard somebody forcing a door open. I jumped out of my bed and saw that Ashley was the one doing that. I didn't know what to do, the only thing that came to my mind was to go over and hug her. As I put my arms around her I felt her teeth dug in my skin. She bit my arm and then went back to the room. I only slept two hours that night. As I opened my eyes I saw breakfast on my bed. Ashley was standing there looking at me.
"Happy birthday honey!" She said with excitement.
"Thanks" ,I responded back."How did you sleep last night?" I asked with a little bit of terror.
"Oh, I slept really well, I love this bed by the way, it's very comfortable!" she answered very happily.
It was weird how she responded very well. I dont know if she acted as if nothing had happened or as if she didn't know absolutely nothing of what had happened last night so I asked, "what was wrong with you last night?" " You left to the living room at about two or three in the morning."
"Me, I don't remember leaving this room at all only when I went to the bathroom but that was before we went to bed." her look was confused and trying to remember what she actually did. She had her typical gesture on her face with her eyebrows almost touching each other. I left all this behind and gave her a kiss. That day we went for dinner and went dancing afterwards to celebrate my birthday. Her wierd actions kept on occurring and she lasted even more time in the living room staring at absolutely nothing and trying to break the door open. I was getting really worried and one day I decided to tell her all that she had been doing.
"Ashley, I don't know how to tell you this" I said with a scared and serious tone.
"Do you want to break up with me?" She asked.
"Of course not, I love you and I would do anything to help you, anything" I whispered.
"Thank you but I don't need help with anything, so don't worry about it." she said with a huge smile. 
"Alright, so what are we going to do today?" I asked. I didn't want to make her feel confused anymore.
"Well we can go and buy the stuff to decorate your new office and then we can go and eat with Sara and Michael, I'm pretty sure you still talk to them, don't forget that they were the ones to get us to meet on that blind date."
That day we went and bought paint and all the stuff we needed to decorate my office. Everything was ok until she started throwing everything. Her face expressions wasn't hers and I could feel the tension in the room. I didn't know how to react and I grabbed her and tried to pin her down but it was impossible. She ran out of the office and took my car. I had to take a taxi, but there was one problem, I didn't know where to look for her. I searched the hole city and I didn't find her so I went back home. As I entered I saw Ashley in the living room. I went directly to my room and slept.  I woke up to see her just staring at me.
"Hey, did you like your nap?" she asked.
"Yes, I did like it and I want to talk you about something." "This can't go any longer."
"What do you mean?"
"You have been very strange these couple of weeks and I don't understand what's going on." I had to tell her everything that she was doing and try to help her. I felt very sad looking at her being so confused. What was going on with her I asked my self. 
I finally broke the silence, "the day you got here you were totally normal but a week or so later you started to walk out of the room, go to the living room, try to break the door open and you even bit me one time. I showed her the bite on my arm. She stared at it and gave it a kiss. " I didn't know what to do." I told her. She kept silent and just stared at the floor. "Then we went to buy the stuff for the office. We painted the office and all of a sudden you started throwing things and left."
"I really don't know what is going on, I'm scared." All I could do was hug her and remind her how much I loved her. The next morning I called my friend Michael and his girlfriend, Sara. We went for lunch and I told them everything that was going on with Ashley. They were very surprised to hear every single word I said.
"Where is she now?" Sara asked impatiently.
"Home", I replied.
"Sara, remember that card that they gave you in the street?" Michael asked with excitement.
"Yeah, what do you need it for?" she asked confused. They looked at each other for a long time.
"What are you guys talking about?" I asked about a million times before they could answer.
"The other day", Sara began, " Me and Michael were coming out from the mall and we saw an old lady in rags. We assumed that she wanted money but as soon as I gave her a five dollar bill she grabbed my hand." Sara continued and I listened closely just like Michael did."She said to me...I don't want your money, I just want you to visit me soon. As soon as she told me, she gave this card to Michael." She gave me the card to take a look at it. The card didn't have any design, it was black with white letters. I stared at it and it gave me a headache. I couldn't stop staring at it, it was like hypnotizing me, until Michael snatched it from me. "But that's not all, right Michael?"
"No", Michael replied. "When she gave me the card she touched my hand and gave me the shivers. She also said this, I have no doubt that you will visit me soon and you'll bring company with you. She laughed and left. That was the freakiest part."
"So, what do you think we should do?" I asked. They were both really crazy and I didn't know what to expect.
"We are going to go with the old lady and see what she says to us about Ashley." Sara said.
"Um, sure, if you think that's a good idea" I said. After we ate lunch we went to my apartment and got Ashley. She was eating a salad when we got there. "Hey" I said surprised that she was totally normal.
"Hello, where have you been?"
"Oh, I ate lunch with Michael and Sara." I replied. "We came to help you, we are going to take you with a lady that will, hopefully tell us what is wrong with you." I was scared of how she would react but everything was fine. She was happy to see her friends after a long time. She hugged them and kissed them all the way to the ladies house. When we got there I saw an old house with broken windows. It was a yellow house and it look very dark inside. It didn't have any flowers outside. It was in one word creepy. 
"Is this were we are going to find out what is wrong with me?" Ashley asked.
"Yes honey", I whispered in her ear.
"Trust us", Michael and Sara said.
"I will because I know that you all want the best for me", she said with a frown and staring at the house. We all took a deep breath and I ranged the doorbell. An old,skinny lady all dressed in black received us at the door. "Well, hello. I see that you have come and visit me, this was sooner than what I've expected. How can I help you?" she asked with only a few yellow teethe left. 
"We came for you to tell us what is wrong with my girlfriend" I said with disgust. The old lady stared hard at Ashley. "You have finally come to me after all these years",she whispered to herself. Ashley and the old lady went into a room and  my friends and I waited outside. The last thing I remember is that the lady didn't want to let go of her. She did something to Michael and Sara because they weren't there anymore. That's when I felt something in my chest. Like if something was digging in there and taking my heart out. and now that I'm awake I'm trapped inside of no where. The worst part is, will I ever see my Ashley again?

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