Escaping Utopia

May 16, 2011
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She ran and she didn't look back that day. She had no one to say goodbye to, so she didn't bother.

Kat wasn't a very sensitive person. But she'd been pushed too far. Too much was on her mind as she fled the small town that reeked of misery. She'd once attempted to figure out just why it had a melancholy feeling about it, but had never been able to figure it out. Now, she could see it clearly, wondering why she couldn't before. The dark, depressing color of the sky matched the color of the large houses throughout the village.

Her backpack was extremely heavy, filled with 3 apples, 2 loaves of wheat bread, and 4 frozen dinners, along with sanitary items, a neckerchief full of quarters, and a small blanket. She was prepared for about two days of hell.

Which she knew she would be able to handle, because it would be nothing near how bad Utopia was.

Utopia was, as explained before, a miserable place. The person who had named the town was an evil, sarcastic bastard without a heart. To make it worse, she was living in a foster home with the witch who owned it, Ms. Reynolds, an overly plump old woman with less than no heart. There was no color in the town but the yellowish light of thunderbolts that occasionally struck the town. On days such as those, Kat would sit by the window, cherishing the sparks of lightning filling the sky. But the reds were hideously pale, the blues grey, the greens-*gag*- disgusting.

She continued to run, using these thoughts of hatred as fuel, energy to keep her from eating what she had no need for at the moment.

*Welcome to Thon* the sign said. Kat stopped here, feeling the terrible rattling in her stomach, no longer being able to suppress the pain. She would manage here. Start a new life, make friends, maybe even get a job. But for now, she had to eat, and find a decent resting place.

She was away now.

She was okay.

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