May 11, 2011
By Anonymous

My name is Walter Kaspbrak. I was recently apprehended for the murder of four children. I don’t consider it murder, for children are not ensouled. It’s no different from putting a dog down, ending it’s suffering because we know that it is best. Releasing them, yes, that is what I was doing. I have been being “treated” at the Philadelphia Hospital for Mental Diseases. These people do not understand. They tell me that I need help, and that they will lend it to me if I am willing. I tell them that I was helping them, blotting out parasites, and that I am hurt by their lack of gratitude. They seem shocked and disgusted. I grieve for them, but what else could I expect from such sick minds?
One day, the sick will become well and they will accept what must be done. It is simply survival of the fittest. The strong survive and the weak do not. Children and parasites are one and the same; they must leech off of the strong. The day is coming… it is coming.

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