Trevor and the Doctor

May 10, 2011
By , Springfield, PA
Tattoo enthusiast Trevor Donald goes to Dr. Maria Ashley the worlds leading dentist. He is going to ask her whether it is safe and possible to tattoo on ones teeth. Trevor is looking forward to getting a tattoo of tiny star wars characters on each of his teeth. His first character is Chewbaca to start it off. Dr. Ashley states that it is near impossible to get a tattoo of anything on your teeth and she wouldn't recommend trying. She states that there is no way Trevor will ever have Chewbaca tattooed on his teeth. Trevor spent his days in an upset rage, all he ever wanted out of life was to do something no one had ever done with tattoos before. He spent his days inside drawing and scribbling on his wall pictures of Chewbaca. His apartment was covered in Chewbaca. Everywhere he looked all he saw was Chewbaca. Trevor spiraled into a deep depression and slowly into psychosis. He spent his days from thus on hearing and having conversations with his hallucination Chewbaca. As he progressed into madness Chewbaca became darker and Trevor was then brainwashed into doing whatever Chewbaca asked. Not surprisingly Trevor's subconscious made the decision to place blame on a certain someone and that someone was Dr. Ashley. The person who had ruined all of Trevor's hopes and dreams. Trevor then made an appointment at the dentists office for next week and waited. He waited and planned, waited and planned. When the day came for his event Trevor pulled on his black slacks and his black hoodie and progressed into the dentist office. As it had been many months since their last meeting Dr. Ashley was unaware that she had met Trevor before and greeted him as a stranger. Setting him down in the chair the Doctor continued to make idle chit chat as she looked at Trevor's teeth, as her fingers set to work separating his teeth Trevor did the unthinkable and bit down hard. A scream erupted from the doctors lips but Trevor quickly wrapped his hands around her mouth shutting her up. As blood poured from her hands Dr. Ashley tried to call for help but it was no use. Trevor then picked her up and threw her onto the dentist chair, grabbed the anesthetic and applied it to the doctors terrified face. Slowly but surely the doctor passed out from the gas and laid limp in the chair.

The police exited the office, from the outside the crime scene photographer could see the inside and see the blood covered walls. There in the chair under a white sheet laid the deceased. One could see the hand of the dead fall out from the sheet and lay limp, blood falling from the open wounds of two missing fingers. The police had the killer in custody. Apparently a very sick man with a lifetime of mental disorders. The murderer could be heard from the police cruiser outside screaming about a tattoo and changing the world and something about Star Wars. It didn't matter now anyway, the photographer had gotten his pictures and was ready to leave. Another day on the job, another murder and yet he was still unaffected. Something must surely be wrong with me he thought.

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