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May 19, 2011
Something was not right. The thought leaped into her mind as soon as she woke up. Half asleep, she shuffled into the bathroom. Everything certainly felt normal. The cold hardwood floor still caressed her feet with its icy touch and her toothbrush still whined in electric protest as she brushed her teeth. But something was not right!
Irritated, she turned from the idea and made her way to the kitchen. Breakfast; there was no need to think there. Just a crack, whip and a slice and one could sit down to the heavenly aroma of eggs on toast. But even the loud crunch of toast couldn’t drown out that exasperating thought that-something was not right.
That stupid thought! Everything was fine. The birds were still chirping and the sun was in the sky. It was a perfectly beautiful day yet all she could think was that aggravating terrible thought that something, whatever it was, was not right.
She had to get ready for work; she didn’t have time to be thinking idiotic thoughts. First the shower, next was getting dressed, then after final touches of makeup it was time to grab her keys and go. Her keys! She froze. Every day when she got home she always put her keys in the blue jar on the right side of her counter. They were gone. Not just the keys were missing; it was the bowl too! She searched the house up and down for them but they were nowhere to be seen. To make matters worse other items were missing all around the house. Her favorite mug from the right side of the cabinet, that cheesy Spock bobble head on the right of the mantel piece, and that pen that she had used yesterday still new and laid out on the right side of her desk. Wait. The right side. Every item that was missing was originally on the right side. Something was not right. What if that meant…. She rushed out of the house and looked out into the driveway and the street beyond it. The sight before her knocked her breath away. Her car was gone. Of course it had been parked on the right side. Not just the car but the houses too. Even the grass and the sidewalk on the right were gone. Nothing was there. The nothingness hung there like a blank canvas white and glaring. Something was not right. From where she stood it looked like nothing was right; in fact everything was to the left! Shaking, she stumbled back inside. She walked to the bathroom. Maybe washing her eyes out would help. After all it’s not like something that bizarre was possible right? Water flooded from the tap. It was warm. She blotted her face. As she lifted her face from the towel she stopped and stared at the image in the mirror. “Oh no” she whispered “Something is not right.” Staring back at her was half of a familiar face. It was her face. She screamed.

“Miss Parker! Lucile Parker!”
“Huh…what’s going on?”
“Oh good your awake. It seems you were having a nightmare.”
“A nightmare you said? Wait- Where am I?”
“You’re in the hospital. I’m Doctor Samson Creed.”
“Nice to meet you, why am I here?”
“Don’t you remember Miss Parker? You had an accident? You had a head on collision with a cement truck. Nasty business. It did major damage to your right brain. I’m afraid we had to remove it.”

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