May 9, 2011
For Alianna, Damien, Cat, and Wyatt Lawrence was to be a new beginning. This was the fourth time moving, because of the lycanthropy. I know, there has been any research, everything about it is legend. that’s what everyone think, it doesn’t really exist, that’s what Alianna and her siblings thought too. But there was that one accident, and it changed everything they thought they knew and there lives.
You see three years ago Alianna, Damien, and Cat were going on a family trip, just like the ones there parents had taken them on. They were driving through Washington, on a highway that wound through a dense forest. As Alianna took the car around a tight corner there were six or seven deer, standing in the middle of the road. Alianna slammed on the brakes and cranked the wheel to the left, trying to avoid hitting the deer. Then she cranked the wheel back to the right, but her car was already to far to the left. Her car, soon, hit the edge of the road, and with it’s momentum flipped over. The car quickly slid down the embankment, crashing into a giant tree at the bottom. After a few moments, Damien crawled out, blood running down his face, the glass from the windows cutting him everywhere. As soon as he realized, what had happened, he started searching for a cell phone. It was long before he found Cat’s phone, lying in the grass, the scene cracked and cover in blood. To Damien’s surprise it still worked. He quickly dialed 9-1-1, but by the time the ambulance got there, they had all lost a lot of blood, and Alianna and Cat were unconscious. When they got to the hospital, all of them got a blood transfusion. At the time none of them thought twice, the blood had been pre screened for any disease, but I guess not all diseases are known.
Twenty-one days later, all of them were at home, and it started. Their first transformation, never before had their bodies been through so much pain. By the end of the night, when they were themselves again, three people were dead.

Now three years later, Alianna sat in her dark blue SUV, playing with the radio, impatiently looking around, waiting for the owner, to show her the house she wanted. Looking up at the house, Alianna thought to herself, From the looks of the outside this house might work. It’s big enough for everyone to live in with some room, the stone basement will be even better if we have to transform here. As she continued to think to herself, she got out of her car and walked up to the house. It wasn’t long before she heard footsteps coming up from behind her, as she turned around she saw that it was Wyatt, her fiancé.
As he approached her, he put his arms around her and kissed her on the cheek, “What are you doing here?”
Wyatt smiled at her, as he kept her close, and said, “You been doing everything by yourself, so I thought that I would help you. Besides after this we should go get some lunch.”
Alianna laughed and said, “So that’s why you came, you just want lunch.”
Before Wyatt had a chance to respond, the owner of the house pulled up. He quickly approached and Wyatt whispered, “Let me handle this.”
Alianna thought about it for a few moments, “Fine…but don’t ruin it. I really like this house.”
“I wont ruin anything.”
When the owner finally got over to us he didn’t even have time to say hello, before Wyatt said, “Can we just sign the papers now and skip the tour.”
The owner looked shocked and kept switching his attention from Wyatt to Alianna. After a moment he asked, “Are you sure? Most people would like a tour.”
Alianna looked at Wyatt, and said, “If he wants to sign the papers, then I’ll let him sign.” The owner looked some what happy, but still confused, and went back to his car to get all the papers and the keys. While they waited for him to return, Alianna asked, “So why are we not taking a tour of the house?”
“Because we are two days away from you, Damien, and Cat transforming and if we sign now we can be moved in completely by tomorrow night.” Alianna nodded and the owner returned, as if on cue.
In one hand he had a stack of papers, that Wyatt now had the joy of filling out, and in the other hand he had the keys to the house. The owner held out the keys for Alianna and said, “While he fills out the papers, I though you might want to, look around, since apparently we aren’t taking a tour.”
She smiled as she grabbed the keys, out of his hand, and said, “Thank you,” before quickly walking up to the house to look around.
The house was amazing. The front yard was enclosed with a short white picket fence, which Alianna found adorable. The house itself was a medium blue color with a dark blue trim, around the windows and corners of the building. Then the porch had skinny white columns. As Alianna walked in, she stood there, amazed by how spacious the house actually was.
When Wyatt finally got done with the paperwork, he shook hands with the owner, and quickly walked up to the house to join Alianna. As he walked through the front door, he saw Alianna standing there, just inside. “Alianna are you ok?” Wyatt asked with a worried expression on his face.
“I’m fine,” She answered with a smile.
“Then lets go to lunch. Cat and Damien are probably waiting already.”
Alianna looked at Wyatt and said “Ok. Do you want to just take one car?”
“No, I thought we could start moving in today remember. Anyways, that’s why I’m having Cat and Damien meet us for lunch.”
Alianna looked back at the house for a moment, happy with the decision Wyatt made, then quickly, they turned and left for lunch.

Normally going out to lunch, for Alianna and Wyatt, meant going to a restaurant that they could go to sit and talk, for awhile; but today then just went to McDonalds. As they were walking in Alianna, was about to ask, why they were eating here; but Wyatt quickly interjected “Cat really wanted to eat here, and she had a really sad look on her face. Damien and I couldn’t say no.” Alianna laughed a little, as they continued walking inside.
Before they had a chance to look for Cat or Damien, Alianna had arms around her, hugging her. “Hi Cat.”
Cat giggled and said “Hi Alianna.” Then she pointed at their brother and continued “look Damien is here.”
Wyatt quickly looked at Cat and said “She already knows, and you were there when I told him about lunch.”
Acting like normal Cat, she said “Ooh, lunch sounds good. What should we eat? I think we should eat at McDonalds.”
Alianna started laughing and Wyatt smacked his forehead with his hand. After a few seconds Wyatt said “Cat we are already at McDonalds to eat lunch.”
“Whoa…we are. Lets go get food.”
Before anyone could say anything, Cat, had looped her arm through Damien’s and was pulling Damien towards the front counter. Alianna looked at Wyatt and laughed again, before they joined her younger siblings.
After they were all sitting down, eating their lunches, Cat gasped and said “Wouldn’t it be funny if one time we transformed in a jail cell,” Then she giggled.
The rest of them almost choked at her sudden outburst. Then Damien said “It would be funny, but why would we transform in a jail cell?” By the end of his question, Damien was almost yelling.
“Don’t yell at me, please, it was just a comment.” Cat started to sink in her seat, and looked like she was about to cry.
Alianna quickly butted in, before Damien made another comment. “Damien don’t raise your voice like that. Besides maybe transforming in a jail cell or in a solitary holding cell, could be a good idea.”
Damien’s expression softened and he said “What do you mean?”
“Holding cells are fully enclosed and not much sound escapes.”
“A prison isn’t going to let us into use their solitary holding cells.”
Then Wyatt said “Not a jail that is in use, but I heard about the old jail that is under the courthouse on 11th and Mass. The entire jail is underground so sound shouldn’t be a problem.’
As Wyatt and Alianna were waiting for Damien’s response, Cat said “I had a good idea. That’s so cool.” Then she held her hands up for high-fives. Wyatt and Alianna ignored her, as they waited for Damien to say something. “Come on, give me a high-five.”
They quickly gave her a high-five and Damien said “Seriously?”
“Can you think of anywhere else? We are transforming in a few days, we don’t have time to do a lot of searching to find the perfect place to transform.” Alianna said, a little irritated.
Damien quickly asked, “If we transform in the cells, then how are we going to get out in the morning?”
Everyone was quiet for a few seconds, then Wyatt said “I can try going over there tomorrow. I’ll look at the cells and make sure there’s away to get everyone out.”
Damien looked down at his food and sarcastically said “Fine, but we aren’t just to get used to the idea of transforming. We’re still looking for a cure right?”
Alianna looked him in the eyes and said “Of course we are, but we still have to be careful with what we are right now.” The rest of lunch was quiet. As everyone finished Alianna said “Before I forget, tonight we’re going to be moving.”
“What do you mean?” asked Cat.
“Earlier Wyatt and I sighed the papers on a house.”
“You bought a house? Does that mean we’ll be staying here?” Cat continued.
“Yes, to both questions. And after lunch we will be moving in.”
Before Cat had a random question, Damien asked “What is the address?”
“1029 Tennessee.”
Damien looked pleased, which was normally easy to do. “So it’s close to campus?”
Alianna smiled “Yes and it’s not far from downtown either. The only downside to moving is we’re hoping to be done by the time we transform.”
Cat looked a little sad as she said “That’s so tight.”
Damien quickly said “Cat tight means good.”
“That’s so not tight.” she said as she looked at Damien, to make sure she said it right this time.
Alianna rolled her eyes, and stood up to throw everyone’s trash away. While she dumped, the trash, Damien and Cat left.
As Wyatt approached Alianna, she asked “Where are they going?”
“To pack. When we get there it shouldn’t take to long to get everything packed.” Wyatt said as then left.

When Alianna and Wyatt arrived at the house, they had been renting for the last few weeks, Cat and Damien were already bringing out the suitcases, they had packed. Alianna parked in the driveway and quickly got out. “Damien I have something for you.” she said.
“What is it?”
“A key to the other house, thought you might need one.” Damien took the key and went back into the house, to pack. Alianna quickly followed and headed up to her room. As she reached the top of the stairs, Cat was coming out of her room, with a crate, filled with her school work. When she passed her sister, a large odd looking book, fell on to the floor. Alianna quickly picked it up. There was no title on the cover, but there was a picture of a wolf. She quickly opened it and started flipping through pages. One page in particular caught her attention. “Cat, have you read this book?”
“Yes, but I didn’t like it.”
“Cat, it could possibly have a cure, to this lycanthropy,” She said, irritated and excited.
“What do you mean?”
“If this book is correct, we won’t have to go through all the pain of transforming.”
Cat squealed, with excitement, and said “Really?”
Before Alianna could answer Damien walked out of his room and said “What’s going on?”
“Cat has a book that could have the cure for the lycanthropy.”
Cat smiled and said “That’s tight right?”
Damien laughed and said “Yeah, Cat its tight.”
“Cat why don’t you go load your stuff into the car, while I talk to Damien.”
Damien watched his sister go down the stairs, then said, “Do you think this book is a reliable source?”
“I think it is the only thing we’ve been able to find. And I think we give it a try. Do you think you could go buy everything on this list?” Alianna held open the book so Damien could see.
“Yeah, but where would I look?’
“Just on the other side of the bridge, by Johnny’s Tavern, is a shop called The Village Witch. I was thinking of looking there.”
“If I go, someone will need to pack up my room.”
“Don’t worry, Cat and I will take care of it.”
Damien nodded in agreement, took the book and walked out to his car. While he was gone, Alianna and Cat finished packing their rooms, and went to help Wyatt pack Damien’s room. As they began to take down the first few boxes, Damien returned.
Alianna put down, the box she was caring and pulled Damien into the kitchen. “Did you get everything?”
“Alianna there was only two ingredients that I had to get, Wolfs bane and Bergamot.”
“I know, but it’s important.”
Damien laughed at his sister, for getting to excited, about a book. “Here.” Damien held out the paper sack that contained the Wolfs bane and Bergamot, and went to finish loading his things into there vehicles.
Alianna, excited about the possible cure in her hands, went to the kitchen and began pulling out everything that she had thought that she might need. First on her list were three sauce pans, each filled about one-third of the way with water. She brought them each to a boil and added the bergamot, then honey to thicken it. Once the water was boiling, she turned off all the burners and called out, “Damien, Cat I need you to come here.” She only had to wait a few moments and they were standing beside her.
Cat smiling, as always, said, “Is it done?”
“Not quite,” turning and grabbing a knife, “I’m going to need some blood from each of you.”
Cat looked worried, but held her hand out to her sister. Alianna set the blade of the knife down, on the palm of her hand,a nd quickly pulled, leaving a shallow, but long cut on her hand. Alianna held her hand over one of the pans and squeazed out enough blood to turn the water dark red. “Go clean your hand and stop the bleeding.” Cat did as she was told,a nd Alianna turned to Damien.
“I think I can cut my own hand.” Alianna handed him the knife, and she watched as he cut his hand. As he finished with the knife he handed it back to his sister and held his bleeding hand over another pan on the stove. Again the water turned a dark red, before Damien was done.
“Go clean you hand…”
“I know.” Damien retorted sarcastically.
“Fine, but I also want you to go check on you sister, and make sure she stopped the bleeding.”
Damien nodded and left. Alianna took the knife and placed it in her own palm, and quickly pulled, cutting open her own hand. She quickly moved her hand over the third pan, and let her blood drip. As soon as the water was a dark red color, she covered her hand with a towel to stop the bleeding. When the bleeding was stopped, Alianna took three pieces o f wolfs bane and dropped one in each of the pans. The water began bubbling as if it were still boiling.
Alianna watched, shocked by the reaction of the bloody water and the wolfs bane. When the water stopped, she poured each into a glass. “Damien, Cat It’s done.” They both walked in and stood quietly. Alianna quickly handed each their glass, and they all drank everything that was in their cups.
They stood their, quiet, for a few minutes, then Damien said, “ I don’t feel any different.”
“Maybe we have to wait until we’re suppose to transform,” Alianna quickly threw in. They all quietly agreed and went back to packing all their belongings.

Damien, Cat, and Alianna waited impatiently, to see if the supposed ‘cure’ worked. Tonight was the night of there transformstion, the night they all dreaded. It was growing close to the hour, that their bodies would go through a pain, that death itself couldn’t match. Sitting upstairs, Alianna turned to Wyatt and said, “I think it’s time for you to chain us, just in case.”
Wyatt hated it, but he knew he had to. They all walked down to the basement, of their new house, and Wyatt chained Cat, while Alianna chained Damien. No one talked as Wyatt finished chaining up Alianna, cause everyone had the same thought, I hope the cure actually worked.
As soon as Wyatt heard the last click, he turned around and quickly went back upstairs. That night seemed to bee the longest night of there lives. In the basement, no one talked or even looked at each other. While upstairs Wyatt tried to preoccupy his time. Everything he tried to do, kept him distracted temporarily, but his thoughts always came back to his family downstairs. All through out the house the hours passed slowly until everyone fell asleep.

When the early morning sun hit Wyatt’s face, he quickly woke up, realizing what time it was he jumped up and raced towards the basement. As he reached the bottom few steps , Wyatt’s foot bumped a box and knocked it over, waking everyone in the basement up. “Sorry.” Once everyone realized what was going on, Wyatt started unchaining them, as he did so, he asked, “So did it work?”
Alianna looked around and said, “Yeah, we didn’t transform.”

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