Diary of a Creepy Zookeeper

May 10, 2011
March 5, 2011
“Get that lion!” The Zoo keeper screamed as the giant 400 pound lion raced down the zoo. Once the people saw the wild animal, they shrieked and ran out of the zoo.
You’re probably wondering how this beast got out of its cage. Well, it all started about three minutes ago when two dumb kids got the key to the cage and unlocked it. After they opened it, the lion came running out of its “jail.” As the animal got closer and closer to the end of the zoo door it was surely going to break right through, but all of a sudden it turned left. The zoo keepers were extremely confused but continued to chase after the lion.
Meanwhile, I was huddled up in a corner shaking like I had just seen a ghost.
“ROAR!” I could hear it from a mile away, and I hoped that the lion was just as far.
“AHHHHH!” I looked up and saw a figure that looked as tall as a giraffe- a lion. If no one knew where I was they, they would surely know now. I get up and ran like crazy. Even though I’m a zoo keeper, I really have no idea what to do when a seven foot tall animal is chasing me with an empty stomach.
“Don’t look back. Don’t look back,” I whispered to myself. The lion was getting closer and closer. The stupid animal knocked into me and everything went black.
“Good it was just a drea-“
I scrambled to my feet. I then looked back to see to my surprise that the lion had tripped over some food on the ground. Finally, I can take a brea-OW!”
“Sorry Steve!” said my fellow zoo keeper who just knocked into me. “Hey why is there a lion over there?” she asked sounding as confused as I am doing math. Before I could answer, she fainted.
“Just my luck,” I grumbled bitterly.
“AHHHHH!” I took off running, leaving her behind. Uh oh. That stupid ugly beast trapped me in a corner. I peered into its watering mouth. It was chewing on my lunch!
“Take that!” I said, throwing my shoe at the lion. Pretty pathetic, right? However, the giant fainted because of the terrible smell. The one thing I learned from this whole experience is that if you are getting chased by a seven foot 400 pound lion, always throw your shoe at it!

To be continued.

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