The Death of Truth

May 5, 2011
By D-chan BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
D-chan BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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"I love when people underestimate because it gives me a chance to prove them wrong." -me

It was just like any other day. My foster mother had told me when I was twelve that I had been adopted. But I had no idea that today would be the day I found out who I really was. ‘Beep beep beep.’ The alarm clock shouted loudly as I lifted a hand out of the warmth of the blankets. After five minutes of alarm I slammed my hand down on the snooze button I gave a sigh of relief as I fell back asleep. Only to be woken up five minutes later by the alarm clock.
“Ugh all right all right I’m up!” As I shouted to the evil device, stumbling as I made my way to the bathroom. Attached to my room grabbing my hair brush I started to comb out all the knots that had worked their way into my grayish blonde hair during sleep. After my hair was finally tamed I brushed my teeth almost falling in the sink in the process, hearing a knock on my door. No doubt my older brother wanting me to move faster. I moved faster rummaging through my closet to find a decent clean shirt the only two I could find were my Green Day shirt and my ‘I hate you and so does the world’ shirt that one was definitely not appropriate for school. I Threw the the other shirt on the floor I roughly pulled the Green Day over my head. I opened the door, my brother stared at me.
“What?” I asked roughly.
“You have a big stain on your pants.” He said pointing to the offending spot right above my knee. I glared at the offending spot growling lowly.
“Damn I don’t think I have any more clean jeans. My brother Jeffery shrugged making me angrier.
“Well if you wanna be late to school you could do a load of laundry.”
“No I’ll just deal with it after school.” As I grabbed my backpack I running past my brother to the front door. “I’ll see you when I get home.” I shouted so my mom could hear me over her loud music.
“Wait Hun don’t forget to take your lunch I made you!” she shouted back, I grimaced mom had a strange way of cooking she thought everything had to be art even food. Reluctantly grabbing the bag I raced out the door and down the street I was late to the bus stop so I didn’t have time to argue that sandwiches didn’t have to have to be painted like the Mona Lisa. When I got outside my house, I saw the bus stop as my friends Paul and Andrew got on the bus. Luckily for me the bus driver saw me and waited for me to get on the bus before driving away. On the bus I sat by Paul.
“Hey guys what’s up?”

“The ceiling.” Andrew yawned out.
“Ha-ha very funny Andrew.” I said rolling my eyes. I felt a tug on my sleeve turning I saw Paul had a tight grip on my shirt. Paul was a weak thing he never liked talking much but he got made fun of because he had pale brown eyes and red hair that contrasted to his very pale skin making him look more dead than alive. My eyes softened I felt bad for him just looking at him. “Yes Paul.” I said giving him my full attention. He grabbed my hand in his larger one putting a note in my hand he closed my fingers over the slip of paper removing both his hands from mine. I opened up my hand pulling it open I saw a website www.haunted I wondered what that was about as I turned to him. “Paul what does this mean. Do you want me to go to this website?” He violently shook his head up and down.
“Can I see?” Andrew said finally understanding that he was no longer in his house. I handed him the piece of paper. “Hmm call me when you get onto the website.” He said once again returning into his normal sleepy self.
“Why should I?” I asked looking at him strangely.

“He might be trying to scare you.” Andrew said as the bus pulled into the school parking lot. “You can never tell with the quite ones.” I felt the incredible urge to smack him but I held back knowing if I acted on the impulse I’d get a lecture. Getting up from my seat I grabbed Paul’s hand and pushed my way in front of Andrew he just shrugged his shoulders in reply.

Pushing my way off the crowded bus, dragging Paul along behind me, he fanatically yanked the back of my shirt I could tell he wanted me to stop or even slow down but I ignored him and his tries at getting my attention. I ran right past the bus attendants you could say our school isn’t in the best of shape with all the graffiti and chucks of brick missing. The students from other schools called ours the junk school though truth be told their all only jealous because we hold almost all the athletic records. As I came to a full stop in front of the greasily black front door I finally decided Paul didn’t need to be ignored any more. I turned to the boy behind me.
“Are you alright? I didn’t mean to scare you. You know Paul.”

“I feel like something bad is going to happen today.” Paul said in that quite voice of his I had to strain my ears just to hear him. I looked at him Paul always had a way of knowing when something really bad was about to happen. Paul jerked out his glasses put them on they weren’t the geeky type of glasses at all in fact they looked more like those thin sun glasses guys like to put on to look cool.

“You sure like to make an entrance.” A voice said from behind me I knew who that horribly annoying voice belonged too. I turned to see the smug face of Kate Gaiger the girl everyone hated but also the girl everyone liked a short girl who lied to get the things she wanted and ever since seventh grade all she wanted was Andrew. I really don’t know why she hates me so much I guess it’s because Andrew sees through her lies. And I guess cause I’m the only girl that hangs out with Andrew she hates me I wouldn’t mind normally but - everyone liked Andrew I honestly didn’t see the appeal I liked guys like Paul more than Andrew. But still so many girls liked Andrew but most kept their distance though they would glare from a distance the braver ones would throw their arms around him.
“What’s going on?” Andrew said walking up to Paul and me
“Hello Andrew.” Kate said with a bright smile. Then he saw Kate after noting her presence he ignored her all together. I know this because she was still trying to talk to him I kind of felt sorry for her. Though not sorry enough to actually help her.
“Come on we need to get to class.” Andrew said grabbing my arm and dragging me through the doors and into the hallway.
“Wait where Paul at is? “ I said looking behind me.
“He already went inside he left after I caught up with you guys.”
“Oh” I said facing Andrews back again. “Hey Andrew how come your so popular you never do anything.”
“Please I wish I knew myself.” Andrew said with a snort.
Turning away I noticed something.
“Hey where is everyone else?”
“What?” Andrew said finally looking around
“All students should be in their class now.” The intercom screeched.

“Oh man.” Andrew said with a whine in his voice.

“Ha ha you’re late!” I taunted Andrew turned and glared at me.
“Don’t be so happy you late too aren’t you and isn’t this your third strike.” Immediately I stopped laughing, my face turning chalk white.
“Oh s***!” I screamed in a so not loud voice as Andrew looked around.
“Will you shut up your so loud. By the way your little follower isn’t here so I guess he made it too class on time either that or he’s trapped in his locker again.”
“I hope not last time he was stuck there till science class.”
“Therma Conway to the principal’s office Therma Conway to the principal’s office.” The intercom screeched out once making our ears cringe in pain.
“Oh man I probably have dentition!”
“Ha this is my second strike so I don’t have to go now whose the one in trouble.” Andrew said laughing at his very stupid joke. Once again I tried to think of a reason girls liked him so much and yet I can’t think of a single thing. As I walked to the office I thought about what I could possibly say to get myself out of trouble couldn’t think of a single excuse that I hadn’t already used.
“I’ll just have to wing it I guess” I said to myself quietly so no one around would hear. Slowly opening the door to the office as I was walking down the hallway I noticed the office workers giving me strange looks; I really didn’t like those looks; it was like they could see into my soul or something. As I walked into the principal’s office I saw my mom bawling her eyes out and a man I’ve never seen before with a seriously creepy face. Wishing that it was really only about me getting detention again. I stood by the door since there were no more chairs in the cramped office. “So what’s going on?” I asked looking at every face in the room at the same time for once I was glad Mr.Ratford had a small office. Mr. Creepy as I so rightly named him stood up.
“Mrs. Conway we have things to discuss about your family.” I looked at him like he just said the sky was green.
“What are you talking about my mom’s right there.” I said pointing to my mother who brightened up after hearing me say that.
“I mean your birthparents.”

“What do you mean they didn’t want me at birth so why would they want me now?”

“Their dead.” That hit me hard I mean I never knew them I didn’t even know what they looked like or sounded like but still it make me lose face. It felt like someone had thrown a brick into my stomach.
“So why does that matter.” My voice quivered as I asked I really didn’t know why but it hurt to know I’d never get the chance to meet my real parents.
“It’s about their will.” My eyes widened at first I was scared to the point of crying and now I’m confused on top of being ready to cry my eyes out.
“What?” I whispered in a hoarse voice.
“They left everything to you and they gave you release from being a child you don’t have to go to school or live with your adopted family anymore.” He said pulling a thin piece of paper from Mr.Ratford’s desk I grabbed it and looked it over.”
“What if I want to go to school?” I asked
“You may do as you wish with your life from now on.”
“Is it ok to go home now then.”

“If that’s what you want we have already moved your things from your adopted family’s house.”
“I will drive you to your new home immediately.” I followed him in a sort of trance. When we got outside I saw a very old style but new looking car.
“Here you are madam.”
“Uhh thanks.” I slide into the backset looking around the car I noted the mini bar with alcohol and the tan leather seats.
“Is there anywhere you want to go before going home madam?”
“Ummm no I don’t think so.” I said then I had a thought
“Hey am I able to get my friends out of school?”
“If that is what you wish madam.” He said
“Hey wait whats you name before I forget.”
“Its Wiltten madam.”
“Oh ok umm thanks for everything Wiltten.” I watched as Wiltten went into the school again. I sat around for maybe thirty minutes when Wiltten came back out with Andrew and Paul following. I opened the door and slid over to the far left side of the car. So they could get into the car.
“Will that be all Madam?”

“Yeah that’s all thanks Wiltten.”
“I have no idea what’s going on but I think I like it.” Andrew said staring at me. Paul looked like he was about to faint from fear as he sat on the right side of the car as it was moving towards my new home. This is gonna be awesome.” Andrew said looking at the inside in awe. Paul looked freaked out more than usual
“Hey Paul what’s wrong.”
“It feels wrong-We need to go far away from him.”Paul said pointing at Wiltten.

We then pulled up in to a long drive way up to a huge mansion size house the faded white walls gave it a homey touch to it. Andrew and I stared at the huge mansion in amazement but I saw from the corner of my eye that Paul had turned white he looked like he’d seen the walking dead. We walked inside
“Welcome home madam.” A line of maids said. I looked over the house Andrew had already started up the long ruby red stairs.

“Are you coming or what?” he said looking at Paul and I stood at the door Paul looked scared out of his mind grabbing his hand and squeezing it a felt him relax a bit. I turned to Andrew
“Give us a second Andrew.” Andrew walked back down the stairs grabbing Paul shoulders.
“Look if you don’t want to stay here we could have Wiltten drive you back though it won’t be as fun without you-”
“That’s so sweet Andrew.”
“I mean who else will I be able to tease about being a scaredy cat.”My smile twitched in to a frown.
“Never mind that’s just not sweet at all. But then again I doubt you know how to be sweet.” “What do you want to do Paul?”
“Ummm you want to explore your new home right Therma.”
“Well yes but-”
“Then I’ll go.” he had interrupted me for the first time I was surprised he never been aggressive before.
“Rima please show our guest the upstairs” Wiltten said turning the maid at the end.
“Yes sir.”
The woman stepped forward she had beautiful long black hair and unlike my own blonde hair it had a natural shine to it. Then there was her beautiful blues eyes that looked like the ocean my own brown eyes didn’t stand a chance all together she looked like a rich girl way more than I did, and for once I was very self conscious. I felt her eyes stare threw me straight to Andrew. She walked past me to him. Wait a minute aren’t I her master as far as I know she can’t ignore me.
“Stop.” I said staring at Rima well I actually glared but that’s beside the point. “I am your master you can’t ignore me.” Wiltten clapped his hands
“That was a perfect thing to say madam but how will you punish her for her act against your honor.”
“I’ll umm I’ll ah I know you must go shopping for junk food.”
“-that’s a horrible punishment” Andrew said trying to hold back his laughter. Rima bowed.
“I will do as you command.” She then left through the front door.
“Young master what will you have the rest of us do?” another maid said stepping forward. Omg I totally forgot about them-
“umm you’re all dismissed until I call for you I guess.”

“Alright madam.” The maids said in unison as they walked away together. Is it me or do they all look the same? I turned to my two friends
“Well are we going to explore or not.” I said walking past them and up the stairs. I soon heard feet run up behind me soon both of them where only one step behind me. I dashed up the stairs.
“Hey that’s not fair!” Andrew shouted running after me leaving Paul behind. I raced through the house with Andrew close behind. I laughed as I saw him trying to catch up to me. A loud scream rang through the house. We stopped running and turned around fear was etched on my face.
“That was Paul!” Andrew shouted as we raced of back down the stairs. When we got to the bottom we saw one of the most horrifying sites in our life, tears swelled in my eyes as we looked upon the dead body of our best friend. Paul was dead. Later when I looked back at it I realized that that’s what Paul was trying to tell us before-that we were in danger.

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just something i wrote awhile i hope to submit more later.

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