Wrong Number

May 4, 2011
By Anonymous

* ring * * ring* * ring* * ri-*
“hello?” Steven answers the phone with trepidation. There is no sound on the other line for a few seconds and then Steven hears it, the breathing. In and out, in and out again. Steven presses his ear ever closer to the phone straining to hear some sort of vocal answer to his question. “hello?” He says again, maybe the stranger did not hear him the first time. The only answer he receives is that of even heavier breathing. Steven starts to wonder, who is this person, why did they call, why aren't they answering, why haven't I hung up yet. Steven gets this uncomfortable feeling, hairs standing up on end. “Hello? Is this your phone? I...well I found it in my couch? Do I know you?” Steven shoots off questions and then abruptly stops, grasping for some sort of response from the other line. Yet again there is no answer and Steven is starting to get annoyed with himself and with the stranger. “If you don't answer me I'm hanging up” He waits again, seconds go by and still he gains nothing, no new information no answers. Steven clenches his jaw, grinding his teeth in irritation, his eyes roll towards the ceiling noticing a cobweb in the corner. Stevens eyes focus back on the carpet and his ears are on guard. “Hello?” this time his voice is louder than before but it would not be considered a yell. Steven is losing patience and quickly, he sighs. “Fine whatever, I'm hanging up” Steven listens for one more second and then rips the phone from his ear and furiously presses down the end button. He chucks the phone back on the couch and starts back on cleaning. His body language says he's annoyed and he is, he's so annoyed that he doesn't notice the old man standing on the street corner across from his house through the open window. The gentleman lowers his arm from his ear and presses a single button. In the house Steven is about to walk up the stairs when he stops and turns around toward the couch, he picks up the phone. “Hello?” The stranger says nothing but if you were to pass him you would see the most deranged and off putting smile on his face as he watches the scene unfold in the house across the street.

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