Why, Why?

April 29, 2011
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"Did your or did your not kill her?" shourted the officer.
"I don't know okay" answered Zach. Minutes were passing and the officer was getting anxiours for answers. Zach checked his watch it was 4:30 am. People who are handcuffed to chairs are just starring at Zach and shaking their heads. " Why did I do this I didn't know, I'm so stupid!" whispered Zach. An hour earlier they let him go, but he was on house arrest. He couldn't stand more than 20ft from his hourse or his anklet will beep till the police come."Two more days till I go to court" said, Zach with an argrey look.
" Order, order in the court" yelled the judge.
" The defendant will speak first." demanded the judge.
"I call my first witness to the stand" said, Bill.
"Whats your name?" questioned Bill.
" My name is Rich,Zach's best friend."answered Rich.
"Did your see Zach kill Shari?" said,Bill.
"No." replied Rich.
"The other side may speak" said the judge.
"Wait!" yelled Zach.
"What are your doing?" whispered Zach's lawyer.
" What I should of done in the first place, tell the truth." replied Zach.
Rich and I went ourt for some drinks. Turns out we had a lot more than some. It was late so we took a cab home. Rich went to sleep and I stayed awake. I became mad all of a sudden. I opened my safe which had two guns in it. I took one ourt and went into the hall of the apartment. I saw a women, tall, blond hair, and skinny. Bam! I hit the trigger of gun not meaning to. The last sournd I heard from her was her cry of horror. I dragged her into the room with a blood trail leading from the hallway to my courch. I fell asleep on the courch with her dead body laying on the floor beside the courch.
"Ah!" screamed Rich. I woke up and saw her and screamed in terror. I look at my hands and blood is dripping down my hands. Rich asked me what I did and I just answer I don't know why. So I washed up in the bathroom and threw on some clothes. I open the bathroom door and I see police officers and detectives. One police officer comes up to me and slams me into the wall and cuffs me. That all I remember from that awful day.
Slam! I was in a dirty old cell with on other guy. He looked like he wanted to kill me. For the past 2 years the only sournd I've heard was screaming and scraping. Why did I kill Shari Byways, why. I'm so stupid for killing that amazing women. At least I received the right punishment, death.

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