The Mystery of the Miller Mansion

April 29, 2011
By , winter park, FL
One snowy morning in Boston, Daniel and Amy Miller were moving into one of the largest mansions in Boston. It was located in a forest, the grizzly forest. There were rumors about the mansion that was said to be haunted. Daniel and Amy were identical thirteen- year- old twins. Amy was more outgoing than Daniel and also dynamic and Daniel was more quaint.
“Race you up the stairs!” Said Daniel. “I’ll dominate you!” said Amy in a spirited way. They ran up the stairs like fugitives to pick out their rooms. They both ran up to the same room and had a controversial debate about who gets the room. Just then, they heard a hostile noise across the hall. They stopped arguing and were snails as they walked to the grimy door across the hall.
As they got closer to the door, they heard a terrifying shriek and winced. It was like an onslaught. There was a thump on the door; thump, thump, thump the door went. Amy was terrified so Daniel kicked the door down. It was incentive. Nothing about the empty room, nothing about the empty mansion. It was completely void. “It’s empty. There is nothing here.” said Amy. It was a cave. “There is a brick sticking out of that side of the wall.” He pointed. They walked up to the brick. There was a sound coming from behind the brick. It sounded like a stapler; click, click, click. Daniel removed the brick. It weighed a ton. “We’ll check it out tomorrow.” Amy said and she headed to her room.

The next day, Amy and Daniel were headed to school. It was there first day at the new middle school. It was their first day at the new middle school. Amy wasn’t scared but Daniel was really nervous. They ate breakfast and headed to school. The sun was shining brightly and prominent. Flowers and trees were dancing. The sun was bright and the day was right. Amy and Daniel arrived at school just when the bell rang and they headed to their first period class. They took their seats as everyone was filing in. “Good morning everyone.” Mrs. Rollins said. “We have two new students, Amy and Daniel Miller.” Amy browsed the class and found a boy staring at her. Amy looked away. Mrs. Rollins was talking about the solar system and Amy and Daniel were fascinated when a note hit Daniel’s desk. He picked it up and said: Meet me in front of the cafeteria, Jake. Daniel handed it to Amy and read it. “Who do you think Jake is?” She asked. Daniel didn’t want to get in trouble so he ignored Amy’s question. “Fine.” She said. A few minutes later, the bell rang. Amy was going to wait in front of the cafeteria for Jake. “Are you actually going to wait for some stranger named Jake?” Daniel asked. “Nothing is going to happen.” She replied. Amy was trying to be tactful was impossible. Daniel left while Amy waited. Time went by and Amy was getting bored. She finally decided to leave when she heard “Wait!” She turned around and saw it was the boy staring at her.” Are you Jake?” She asked. “At your service.” He replied with a smile. “So why did you send me the note?” She asked. “Actually it was for Daniel.” He said. “I’ll go get him.” She turned and headed to the library before Jake could say anything. Amy knew Daniel would be in the library. It was his favorite place in the world. “Daniel! Come quick. Jake wanted to see you, not me.” She grabbed him by the arm and ran back to Jake. He was in the same place she left him. “You guys are Amy and Dan Miller. You just moved here and are living in the haunted mansion.” He said like he was Sherlock Holmes. “How did you know? And we are not living in a haunted mansion! Said Daniel thinking about the noises. “In fact, we’ll show you it’s not haunted!” Yelled Amy. “Deal. If you show me, I’ll tell you how I knew about you.” He exclaimed. Off they went.

Not long after, they were at the mansion. “Dad, we’re home and we brought a friend.” Yelled Amy. She found a note sitting on the counter. It read: I went grocery shopping, be back in a bit. Love dad. Daniel grabbed snacks and they all headed to his room. “See? It’s not haunted. Now tell us how you know us.” said Daniel. Just then, they heard the same thump they heard last night. They all ran to the door and found the brick where it had been removed. Jake and Daniel worked together to remove all the bricks. After a few minutes, they saw the hidden room. It was blue, dusty, and empty. “There is nothing here. Maybe my dad came and made all those noises.” She suggested. “We are going to prove it to you it’s not haunted. Why don’t you sleepover?” Asked Daniel. “Fine. If you insist. Let me go ask my parents.” said Jake. After a few hours, he retuned and they went to bed.

When they woke up, they didn’t hear and noises and they were afraid to go to the hidden room. They decided to go to the Grizzly cemetery. It was scary going to the cemetery. They passed many unknown graves until they found a grave that was dug up. The name was Madeline and she died two years ago. “No, this can’t be.” Amy heard Jake mutter. “What’s wrong?” She asked. He started shaking and ran away but tripped over a branch. Amy and Daniel picked him up. “Do you know her?” asked Daniel. “She was my little sister.” explained Jake. That left Amy and Daniel in a shock. Before asking him anymore questions, they took him back home and covered him with a blanket and drank hot chocolate. He stopped shaking and Amy asked “How did she die?” “In a car accident. She was eight at the time.” Jake explained. Just then they heard the thump again. They all ran to the hidden room and found a ghost. It was a girl. She looked about eight years old. She floated, she fickled, and she flourished. “Madeline.” said Jake. “That’s your sister? But why is she here? Daniel asked. Jake ignored his question. “I’m cursed. I’ll rest in peace when my curse is lifted.” Madeline said. “What’s the curse?” asked Jake. “I was alive after the car accident. I shouldn’t have been. I should have died instantly but things happen. I had a magical charm in my hand and I transported myself back home. The charm is there.” She explained. Then she disappeared. Out of the corner of Amy’s eyes, she saw something round. “What’s this?” she asked picking up the round object. “Her charm.” said Jake. “Wait a minute. You used to live here. That’s how you knew where we lived.” said Amy. “Makes sense.” said Daniel. “Why didn’t you tell us?” Amy asked. “I didn’t want to tell you why we moved. I knew Madeline was here. I put the bricks up. I thought it was my imagination and I was scared about it so I put the bricks up just in case.” explained Jake. “Well now we have to lift the curse.” Amy said. “I have an idea.” said Daniel. “We can replay what happened. We can put ghost Madeline in a car and take away the charm so she can die.” “Weird but brilliant.” said Amy.

After that scary night, they right to work. Jake went with his father to the junk yard and got a car. Amy and Daniel went to summon Madeline. “We know how to lift your curse. We’re going to replay the accident. Come with us.” said Amy. By the time Amy, Daniel, and Madeline came out, Jake was out with the car. “Why do you need the car?” asked Jake’s father. “We’ll explain later dad.” Jake said. “It doesn’t have to be the real thing.” said Daniel. “I found a really big rock and tied some ropes around and tied it to the tree. I’m going to tie a rope around the steering wheel so the car can go straight. Ready?” asked Daniel as he was tying the rope around the steering wheel. Madeline got into the back seat and off the car went. The car went flying. They all ran to the car and Madeline wasn’t there. They ran to the cemetery to Madeline’s grave. She was lying there peacefully. They all had to go back to Amy and Daniel’s house to get shovels. They ran back to the cemetery and dug her up. Her curse has finally been lifted.

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