April 29, 2011
By ssssssam BRONZE, Taunton, Massachusetts
ssssssam BRONZE, Taunton, Massachusetts
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Colors danced and swirled around my head. Mixing and mashing until they formed a clear picture. I felt my eyes titter open. The scene upon me caused an unnatural sound to escape from my lips. I looked around the dark room, scanning over various medical supplies and instruments. Each covered with a slimy and filmy substance. My eyes finally landed on the contraption on which I was laying on. A cold, harsh metal table. I sat up slowly, looking at the floor below me. It took me a minute to fully recognize that there were red splotches of blood on the floor. Where am I? I allowed my legs to swing over and drop my feet to the disgusting floor. I tiptoed slowly around the room, to avoid stepping on pools of blood. My thin hospital gown floated up in the breeze coming from the large medieval-looking window. I stopped. A thick wooden door was in front of me. I gently touched the doorknob, careful to not disturb anything. To my surprise and shock the door creaked open. I ever so carefully looked out into the semidark hallway. Wall sconces shaped to the form of faces littered the dusty walls. I cautiously crept out of my perch at the door and into the hallway. My gut told me to go left, so I followed my sense. I carefully pranced along the hallway until I reached a foyer. The foyer seemed carved out of stone, so rustic and royal looking. Every piece of furniture seemed to be out of a dense wood, and everywhere I looked the sconces shaped as heads were on the stonewalls. A noise as if someone coughed penetrated the silence that had surrounded me. I gazed around the room, fearing the worst. My gaze slid up to the sconces. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the head’s eyes snap open. Then a dark and mysterious light slithered down the wall and straight up to my feet. Then it materialized into a ghastly figure. It’s dark shape floated above the ground, always constantly moving and shaking. It contorted into various sizes and forms. Then as quickly as it came it vanished into thin air. I allowed myself to pierce the deafening silence with a scream. I ran back into the dim hallway, feeling as though something was chasing me. I stopped at the door I first came from. Quickly, I pulled myself back into the room and slammed the door. I turned my body ever so slightly, and I came face to face with another being. A man. Not a man but a monster, a monster with a few yellow, slimy teeth and absolutely no hair. His eyes were an unnatural red color and he smiled with a smile that chilled me to the bone.
“Come, Cassandra, we’ve been expecting you”

The author's comments:
I randomly came up with this story. I must have a sick mind or something.....

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