Dear Diary

April 29, 2011
By DarkPandaAngel GOLD, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
DarkPandaAngel GOLD, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
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April 18
Dear Diary,

A new boy came to school today. He wasn’t like any boy I have ever seen. He had beautiful red hair and the palest skin I have ever saw. He had bright red eyes. My English teacher said his name was John Smith and had John introduce himself. He said that his family moved from Florida when an unfortunate incident with their neighbors happened. He didn’t go into any more details.
The teacher assigned him a seat right next to me. I smiled and said “hi” at him but he ignored me. He dropped his pencil and I bent down to get it. He went down to get it and our hands brushed. I blushed and said “sorry” but he just glared at me. His hand was ice cold. He didn’t seem normal.
I figured he would only be in my first block class for there were many teachers in my high school. I was wrong. He was in every single class of mine and he always got assigned a seat next to me. My friends told me I was lucky that I got the new cute boy to sit by me but I was afraid. For some reason the boy seemed different. He didn’t seem alive.

April 25
Dear Diary,
It has been exactly one week since John has come to this town and I’m frightened. It seems that people have been going missing. The cops say a serial killer is on the loose in my town. Girls my age keep going missing. The cops find one dead almost every day. They are always left out in the forest. I’m scared.

I can’t escape from this feeling that is telling me that John is somehow related to all of these things. He doesn’t like the light and every day I can feel him staring at me as if I’ll be next. I am scared out of my mind. I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid that John is the person doing this.

April 27
Dear Diary,
My best friend has gone missing. She was walking home from school but she never reached home. They are not sure if she’s dead yet but I fear the worse. They have stopped school for now. The school board feels that the students are safer at home then they are at school. My parents don’t want me leaving the house alone.
I haven’t told my parents this but I keep seeing John. It seems he is everywhere. I went out to get the mail and he was standing across the street staring at me. I am scared. What if he is the person taking the girls? What if my assumptions are correct? What if I’m next?
I’m scared and there is no one who will listen to me.

April 30
Dear Diary,
I have decided to take action on myself. My best friend has been found dead. She was found in the lake. It seems the killer has changed their dumping spot. Somebody leaked out that every girl who was kidnapped had the same thing happen to her. They all had bite marks on their necks. It was as if a vampire bit them. I know it may sound insane, but I think John is a vampire. Tonight I will prove myself right.

May 1
Dear Diary,
I chickened out. I got to my door and opened it. John was outside on the porch of his house, which just happens to be across from mine. He stared at me. I was shaking. Without taking another step closer, I turned around and ran back inside. I then hid under my covers all night.
Tomorrow is Monday. I’ll talk to John tomorrow in front of his house. I will find out the truth. I will.

May 2
Dear Diary,
I did talk to John. He seems nice which I predict is a big act. He is the killer, not a sweet boy. He is a vampire. I have convinced myself that John actually is a vampire. He fits all descriptions of any vampire. He is really pale, his skin is cold, and he hates light. The only thing wrong is that he doesn’t burn up in sunlight. But I came up with a reason for that.
Since humans can improve and make new things, why can’t a vampire? I think that the vampires came up with something to protect them from the sun. It’s logical and tonight I will rid the world of this horrible vampire.

May 4


Angel Fontella was found dead in the lake yesterday morning. She went missing the night of May 2nd when she told her parents she was going to a friend’s house. She never returned. The police are starting to worry. Is anyone really safe? Many people have been fleeing, including one of our newly moved in family the Smiths. They were packing up yesterday and the father spoke to the newscaster. He said, “This town seemed nice at first but things have been really hectic and we feel that maybe our family should move somewhere safer.”
In the photo below is a picture of Fontella’s family and friends. For more on this story go to page 14.

(In the imaginary picture it shows the Fontella family and some friends but in the corner there is John as his pale self with a smile on his face.)

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