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Have you ever wanted a world of your own? Where you can eat all the junk food you want without you mom bugging you? Where the flowers and animals could talk to you for hours? Hi, I’m Hannah and that’s just what happened to me.

June 24th, a hot summer day; other wise known as the day before my birthday is when it all started. And this year, I didn’t want it to have any flaws. So the night before, I made a wish list of everything I wanted!

That night, when I went to bed I dreamt of a world all my own; where I would rule! It was amazing!

I woke up the next morning feeling like a puppy; I was so excited! Today is my birthday. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, anxious to see what waited for me. My whole family was still asleep. “I guess I will just wait outside and swing.” I said in a hushed tone. I ran to the front door and when I opened it, there was a package with a beautiful blue bow hugging the box’s border. I opened it so fast, I was a tiger eating it’s pray. “Oh wow!” I said looking the shinny new pair of binoculars.

I picked them up and browsed around! They were so clear and made everything look so big! Just then, a prairie dog loomed into the picture! Thinking it was a dupe, I was going to try to snare him. I was going to take the salvo approach and surprise him! I started to run but he was a fugitive! “Come back here!” I yelled. I saw a hole I think he crawled into.

Then, I saw a quaint treasure chest. I opened it and a grimy breath of air blew in my face; I wanted to leave without a trace! It smelt so bad it, was a bear’s dirty mouth! I looked farther in and fell down, entreating to get back home!

Just then, I fell with a thump, wincing at pain from the fall. “Where am I?” I yelled out. I looked up, and the clouds looked like cotton candy! The flowers were singing beautiful melodies! And the trees were growing junk foods; popcorn, chips, and even ice cream bushes! “This is amazing, so abnormal, and so familiar…” I said to myself.

After I was done daydreaming, I started to walk around. I thought to myself: Is this real? Just then, the prairie dog came from behind me. I went down on my knees, and started to pet him. “Hey little guy, what’s your name?” I said in a sweet tone. “George!” said the dog. I screamed in shock. “You can talk?!” I yelled “Why of course I can!” he said. “b-b-b-but” I stuttered. “But what? This is Hannah’s world!” said George.

That moment I realized that I was in the world I dreamed of prior to today! I started to become notable of what was happening. “How can this be possible?!” I wondered. “Here in Hannah’s world, anything is possible!” George stated. I was starting to worry how I would get out. I looked up to see if there was a path from where I fell, but there was nothing! “How am I going to ever get out?!” I said worried. “Why do you want to leave? You just got here! Don’t you like it here?! It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of!” said George. “Well it’s nice and all. But I would like to spend my birthday with the ones I love.” I said.

“You have really found the true meaning of your birthday! It’s not always about getting the things you love; it’s about being surrounded by the ones who love you! I’ll show you the way out in no time!” said George, and with the snap of his fingers I was back on the swing with the binoculars in my hands. I was so hungry I could have eaten a horse, so I was going to go inside.

From behind the tree came the prairie dog. I ran up to him and decided to nurture him! It was the perfect gift and it was all I wanted! I had a great birthday and just to let you know, be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it.

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