An Acidic Wine

May 3, 2011
By Abhinn Khanna BRONZE, Mohali, Other
Abhinn Khanna BRONZE, Mohali, Other
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“Of all the fondest pleasures of being a human being this is the best.” said Adam.
“What is it?” I said
“To love someone” said Adam.
I chuckled “Whom do you love?”
“Samantha Grey, the head of LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), Los Angeles, United States Of America”
“When will I get to meet her?”
“In two hours or one if you want to come to the station with me”
“I would love to come to the station and why by train?”
“She reached Liverpool by ship and then took a train for London”
“Very well then”
We departed at quarter past ten from 221B Baker Street. While we were on our way to Kings Cross Station I asked him”Isn’t it more than co-incidental that we replace Sir Sherlock Holmes and James Watson at 221B Baker Street?”
“Well Joseph you are the first person on the Earth with whom I am sharing my secret and it is that I am the son of Sir James Watson and I have lived three fourth of my life till date with Sir Sherlock Holmes. My mother died when I was three and I came to live with Sherlock Holmes along with my father”
“Adam “I said looking amazed” you have got royalty in your blood. How was Sherlock Holmes?”
“You know why I have taken up a job of an unofficial detective?”
“You love this job”
“You are right to a certain extent but my main reason of joining this job was Sherlock Holmes.”
“I was 5 years old when my father came back to live at 221B Baker Street with Sherlock Holmes. He at that time was at his peak of deduction and solving cases. Then there was this month of July in which he refused to take any other cases. He would sit at long hours with me explaining every minute aspect of what he termed as ‘the science of deduction’ . I would listen with full interest and because of him I am where I am. There were many jobs open for me but because of him I took this job.”
“You never cease to amaze me Adam”
“Very well then, we shall continue our discussion later as here we are at King’s Cross”

Walking for a couple of a minutes we were at the station waiting for the train. 10 minutes later I could see the train approaching . Adam’s face reddened with blood as if he was blushing. 2 minutes later the passengers became to move out and between the moving passengers I saw a lady, a beautiful lady wearing a hat which was tailor made from Los Angeles. I was sure that she was Samantha Grey. Adam introduced me to Samantha and while they both were talking I was shocked how such beautiful and polite a lady could be the head of LAPD. Just then out of nowhere we heard gunshots coming from the opposite end of the station. They were directed towards whom…..towards Samantha. At this time I was looking forward for Adam to give the instructions but he was nowhere to be seen on my eye level………where was he? I looked down at the ground and found him bleeding from his right shoulder. He was knocked out cold.

I carried Adam on my shoulder and when I was just leaving among the gunshots I heard someone speak very close to my ear “Give me your gun”
Who could it be and then I saw Adam quietly taking out my gun from my pocket fell down from my shoulder.
“Adam you are alive?”
“Yes I am now will you stop talking“
Adam then shot a bullet towards Samantha on her knee cap. She fell down and then Adam spoke” Pick her up and reach Baker Street within 10 minutes.”
10 minutes passed and I reached Baker Street .Opening the door I saw a gun pointing directly towards my forehead. It was Adam. “Drop her” he told.
I did as I was directed to do so. Samantha regained her consciousness in 5 minutes while asked Adam “Why were you playing dead?”
Adam replied” First of all this firing was directed towards me and you. This Samantha Grey is as told by me the head of LAPD but she is also an undercover agent for the United States. Do not touch the switches because you see our house has already been opened by those people who were shooting at us. They have connected the switches to a point….” he said pointing towards the bulb” When the switch will be on then Methyl Isocyanine will cover this room and will be in a state of unconsciousness for over 2 days. Samantha was already in London for the past two days only we didn’t know about that. As far as the dead part she thought I was dead so all she was trying to do was kill you off to remove the witnesses and the people are as you might have guessed the members of the USA army”
“How do you know about it” I asked” about Samantha?”
“It is too simple Joseph. Her cheeks were totally white devoid of blood and also the snow in London is stuck on her hat as if she has been outside searching for something.”
“Why did you introduce me to her in such a cordial way?”
“Never make noise about something unless you know about the consequences-Sherlock Holmes”
As overawed I was with his statement I asked him “What are the consequences?”
“I don’t know yet”
Just as he finished his sentence she woke up and was at gunpoint under my gun in Adam’s hand. She was directed to sit on the couch by Adam and as she sat she spoke” Adam you are a clever person and thank you for saving me.”
“You are thinking of me as a dumb person who will take your word for granted. I know you very will for you to know when you are lying or telling the truth.”
“Murder me then”
“I won’t “
“You will after hearing this”
“And what is this?”
“What is that you care about most in the world?”
“You didn’t just do it.”
“Oh yes I did”
“Joseph take care for her I’ll be back“
Nearly when ten minutes passed after Adam left I asked her” What is it you have done?”
“When did Sherlock Holmes die?”
“August 19,1921”
“When did Sir James Watson die?”
I realized what she had done. She had all the people that had shot at us kill Sir James Watson.
A ten minute silence followed
“What wrong had Sir Watson done to you?”
“He had ignored all our money, all our treasures in favor of his complete knowledge about Sherlock Holmes. We couldn’t touch him until Sherlock Holmes was there but then when he died I developed this relation with the new Sherlock Holmes – Adam J. Watson. As far as Adam is, he will just not be good enough for me or the US government. He was remarkable in solving many cases but as far as the truth goes he was just not good enough to save his father.”
The door knocked. I went to open it and found Adam standing there with his face down.
“He had been murdered before I reached” said Adam.
“Oh my god I am sorry for you”
“You’ll be sorry for her now”
“You once asked what a perfect murder is?”
“You’ll get to see it right now”
Samantha spoke” You are next”

He patiently went and took a knife from the kitchen .Cut off her neck in a slight bent fashion. He killed her and then cleaned the knife with a handkerchief and then washed the handkerchief .No stains of blood were left. He poured a liquid over her body and on the knife. Took the knife placed it on her hand and poured another liquid on her hand.
He spoke“A perfect murder”
“What about the body?”
“It’ll be off to USA today”
5 hours passed away and things were settling back to normal at 221B Baker Street.
I spoke “I am very sorry for your loss”
“My father didn’t wish to live with me because he was a man of order and had once taken a resolution that he’ll not take any hand in my work. I had provided him with the maximum security but money played a big factor here.
“I am very sorry for you”
“Rest In Peace Sir James Watson”

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