Magic Carpet Ride

April 28, 2011
By preslee BRONZE, Elsmere, Kentucky
preslee BRONZE, Elsmere, Kentucky
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It's dank, dark, lonely and cold here. I've been in this prison for three years. No chance of parole. No way out. They have me in the high security area too. The name is Shay. Outside of prison I'm known as the supplier. I'm the girl you came to if you needed any kind of drug. So go ahead and judge me. I had to make it somehow. That's not really why I'm in jail. But that's another story for another day. Because right now I'm only focused on one thing. And that is my escape out of this h*llhole. I have found a full proof escape. Here's where my escape plans started:

I'm not allowed to leave my tiny cell. Because like I said, it's high security. So they bring me three sh*tty meals a day. I don't usually eat it. Anyway one night my guard brings me my dinner, and there on my tray was something I've never seen before. Well, obviously I've seen a letter. But never on my tray. I wasn't sure what it could be about. A bunch of crazy scenarios started running through my head. Was it a letter telling me I was going to death row? Was it just my a**hole guard playing a trick on me? Or could it really be my ninja spy lover finally coming to rescue me? I picked up the slip of paper and nervously opened it. I was flabbergasted by the words written on it. The letter read like so:
Dear Shay,
I'm not sure if you're the right person to be giving this information to. You're not the sharpest tool in the shed. But I'll give you a try. You may think there's no way to get out of here. But there is. And I'm gonna show you the way. There are only three things you need to do. You should have one blanket and one pillow in your room. Here are the three things you will need to do:
1. unravel your blanket by one single thread. It may take a couple days but it's not impossible.
2. When the unraveling is finished and you have one long piece of thread wind it up into a neat pile. This may seem insignificant, but it's important.
3. And finally sleep with the neatly piled string under your pillow for three days.
And that's it. I don't know what happens after that. I've never done it. All I know is that this leads to freedom. Good luck.

I sat and read the letter four times I realized that this was my destiny. To follow this strange person's instructions and get out of here. I was sitting on my little creaky bed in awe, when all of a sudden and small beeping noise starts to rise from my letter. Then a small voice stated to me and my empty room, "This letter is set to self destruct in ten seconds." I wasn't sure if I was hearing things or if I should duck and cover. But before I could think of what to do the slip of paper turned to a pile of ashes in my hands. Which was weird. But I didn't care. I had a mission.

That night I started unraveling my blanket. I started off slow but eventually got the hang of it. It only took me two nights to finish unraveling it. So that night I neatly wound the string around my arm until it was a neat circle of thread. Then shoved it under my pillow.

It's been two days now. And the suspense is literally driving me up the wall. But only one more night and I find out if this was all just a ruse or a really well thought out escape plan. I feel like a little kid sleeping with a newly fallen tooth under their pillow, waiting for the time when they can look under their pillow to see if the tooth fairy actually left them money. It's hard but I finally fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning.

The next day I'm constantly checking under my pillow to see if anything has happened. But so far nothing. Then around midnight I feel like all hope is lost. I check my pillow for the last time. I slowly lift it up and there it is. My escape. I know you think I sound crazy but the only way I can explain it is... well it's a magic carpet.

Don't get me wrong. I'm getting ready to pinch myself to make sure it's real. But I don't want it to be fake. So I just stare at it. My chance at freedom. But wait. How am i supposed to get myself out of this cell?
CLINK. What the h*ll? I turned to look to see what hit my floor. And there it was. The keys to my cell and to the doors out of here. Who? I don't have time. I grab the keys and quietly unlock my cell door. I stare up and down the hallways to make sure no one is coming. They're not. I pick up the magic carpet and lay it on the ground. It instantly jumps up to a seating height. I slowly and carefully sit down on it. It's so steady, it doesn't even move when I sit down on it. Which is good. I ride it carefully around my room a few times to make sure I have the hang of flying it. It's not too hard. So here it goes. I push the carpet past the cell door....

I've made it through three of the high security doors without being caught. Maybe it's my luck night. Or maybe not. Because as soon as I think I have a chance it gets rained on. Because a guard has just spotted me. I push the carpet fast. I should only have one or two more doors. As I'm trying to find the right key to unlock the door I can hear the guard running toward me and I can also hear him calling in for reinforcements. I finally find the right key but it's too late. He's got me. And I'm so close to freedom I can taste it. I start screaming and kick at the guard but it's no use. He's so much stronger than me.

"Nurse! NURSE!" The guard screams.

"Nurse?" I whisper confused.

"She's having another hallucination! She screaming about the magic carpet and escaping from prison again!" The man yells.
Then I feel a stab of pain. I look over and a small scared looking woman just put a needle into my arm. And i start to feel a familiar fuzziness come over me.

"Poor thing. She doesn't even know where she is."
I try to look around while this medicine starts to take a hold of me. I can feel myself going under but I try to fight it. As I look around I try to find a clue as to where I am. I expect to see my prison cell, but the image is fading from my mind. Now I see white walls and a man coming at me with a straight jacket. I look over to my other side and see a small sign. It's blurry but I can still read it. It says "Institution for the mentally insane". I'm so confused. I look and try to see what's ahead of me. I see two glassy automatic doors leading to a nice breezy day outside. My real freedom. But it's too late. in a matter of minutes the drug, whatever it was, has taken me down... Blackness.

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