The Midnight Visitor

May 2, 2011
By Conroy BRONZE, General Santos City, Other
Conroy BRONZE, General Santos City, Other
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He could hear some footsteps outside the house every midnight. The boy was frightened and he was shaking and sweating. He had no idea what was happening outside. All he could do was to cover his ears and shut his eyes. But still, the eerie sounds keep on reverberating in his eardrums.
Everyone could feel the warm and dry breeze. The students were busy playing and chatting with each other. But, one boy just sat quietly in the middle of the class. He was a descent-looking guy with a scar on his forehead. When the bell rang, the students yelled with joy and ran quickly outside the classroom. It was summer. When the boy arrived in their house, his parents were busy preparing and packing their things. As he was about to close the door, his parents smiled at him and kissed him in the cheek. All those stuff reminds him of something and that sickened him. They were going to visit his grandparents’ house.
The boy could still remember the day when his grandmother died. It was also summer. It was also the most dreadful season for him. Every midnight, in his grandparents’ place, he could hear some footsteps outside the house. He told this to his parents but they refused to listen to him. The boy told them that he will not visit that place ever again. His parents got furious about what he said. All he could was to follow them, or else, he will be punished.
Before, his grandparents’ place was like a garden in heaven. It was filled with bright, colorful flowers and green, sparkling grasses. But after the death of his grandmother, it became an inferno. It was filled with darkness and sorrow.
As they arrived there, they were greeted by his grandfather. They kissed and hugged each other. After that, they went to their respective rooms and unpacked their things. The boy quietly entered his room and checked it. He sighed and went straight to the bed and slept. He was awakened by the noisy footsteps outside the house. It was midnight. He was shaking and his body was filled with sweat. He checked his parents’ room but they were asleep. Next, he went to his grandfather’s room. He was asleep, too. Facing his darkest fear, the boy tiptoed down the stairs and went to the front door. As he was about to approach the balcony, he saw a woman dressed in white. She was sobbing very hard. As he was drawing nearer to her, he recognized her face. It was his grandmother. The boy ran quickly to her and comforted her. Her grandmother explained everything to him. She told him that she really misses him and she wanted to hug him very tight but she couldn’t. She also told him to tend the garden again, to bring back the life it had before her death. And with that conversation he had with his grandmother, the boy’s questions were answered. The boy regained his strength again and felt complete somehow. After that night, the boy never heard those footsteps again. Maybe, the midnight visitor went back to sleep, again.

The author's comments:
It just popped up in my mind. I couldn't sleep and so I just wrote this..

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