Love Struck

May 1, 2011
By , Byron, MI
I never believed that I would be that girl, that girl who’s perfect life would be turned upside down. My name is Milly Sager and I really had the perfect life. Perfect friends, perfect family, but that would soon fall from my reach.

His name was Ben Messing, and he seemed too good to be true, which I soon found was actually reality. We met in the small coffee shop in our small town of Kiliwan, where we lived. He was sweet, charming in a way, and we soon hit it off.

For the next few weeks, we were like any other couple, love struck. We spent every second we could together. I thought it would never end, then that day soon came, the day when my life started to spiral out of control.

“What are you doing here!” he shouted at me the day I decided to stop by. I didn’t understand why I could never visit him at his house. “I only came to see you, I’ve never been to your house before.”

Then, he grabbed my arm and began pulling me towards the road. “Ow! Ben your hurting me! Let go!” I cried. He didn’t let go and pulled me to my car. He opened the door and pushed me in.

“Go home, Milly!” he said between clenched teeth, I drove away and at some point along the way started to cry, too distracted to even notice. There were so many things running through my mind. How could the guy I believed was so perfect turn out to be so much the opposite? Why had I never knew about this side of him? I drove around town for over an hour, not going anywhere in particular, just needing time to think, tears running down my cheeks the whole time.

I decided to go back to Bens’ house, maybe we could work this out like we had time and time again. I drove by his house and just as I was about to pull in, I saw them. That mean, worthless, jerk! My sadness was quickly forgotten and turned into fury in a second. I quickly turned into Ben’s driveway, and stomped to the door. I knocked loudly until Ben answered.

He started to say something, but I cut him off. “How could you betray me like this? Everything we had together? Did it not mean anything to you?” I was yelling now, but I didn’t care, it felt good to take it all out on him. In my mind he deserved it.

He was silent for a moment, and then called the girl I saw before to the door. “Sara, you should go, I need a moment with Milly.” Reluctantly, Sara walked by me, still standing in the doorway, and I heard her car pull away. “Come in, Milly” Ben said, calmly. I walked in, expecting everything to work out well by his attitude, but as soon as the door closed it was chaos. Ben came at me, and before I could make out what was happening he had hit me hard enough to knock me out cold. He killed me then. The guy I believed was so perfect, the guy I would’ve spent the rest of my life with if I could have, turned out to be a cold-hearted murderer.

The next day, my story was all over the news. The police found my body after a neighbor heard a gunshot and reported it, but they were too late, Ben Messing had already fled town, and there was no hope left for me.

The police interviewed neighbors, family, friends, anyone who could possibly know anything about my murder. No information was found.

Six months passed, still no information about my killer. People were losing hope at finding Ben Messing.

Then, a man came into the Kiliwan police station and asked to speak with Tyler Tilling, the detective for my case. “Hello, sir what can I do for you?” said Mr. Tilling. “Hello, my name is Robby Rodriguez. Actually, I might have some information on the Sager case” he replied. “Go on” Tyler seemed interested. “I used to be good friends with Ben Messing. He told me he was seeing someone, and by the description he gave me, I think it was Milly.” Robby continued. “He told me about relationships with other girls, also. I was thinking maybe Milly caught on to his cheating, and confronted him. Ben has always had a terrible temper, and has a hard time controlling it. Maybe he went out of control that night.” “Do you believe Ben could lose his temper bad enough to commit Milly’s murder?” “ I do believe so, Mr. Tilling.”

“Thank you Robby, that can really help our investigation, but do you know any information on where we could find Mr. Messing?” asked Mr. Tilling. “Actually, I do. His family owns a cabin just north of here that seems like an ideal spot for him to hide out at, considering it’s in a very secluded area.”

“Thank you for all your help, we really appreciate it and it should really help our investigation.” Tyler went to the police helping with the case and passed on the information. They pulled up the information on the cabin, and set out for the arrest of Ben Messing. Just as Robby had said, he was there.

Ben Messing was taught his lesson that day, and arrested for murder as well as domestic violence, proven in his trial by the bruises on my body. Finally, my family, and friends could rest knowing my killer had been punished for the terrible act he had done to me.

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