the ghosts who seek revenge

April 30, 2011
By Anonymous

Samantha Harris is a thirteen year old girl who has a normal life like any other person. She goes to school, and hangs out with her friends. She has brown hair, eyes that are wide and are like cheerful flowers, and a smile that is bright as the sun.

It was five days before Halloween and Samantha was so excited to see all the neat decorations and go trick-or-treating with her friends. Samantha was going to be an angel for Halloween. She had a golden brown halo, a dress as white as a sheet and golden necklace and earrings to match her halo. One morning, she was getting ready to go to school and looked at over her costume. She grinned. The grin faded away because she could hear voices. The sounds are like shrieking crows. She heard “Ahhhs!” and “Help us!” She assumed it was her brother watching TV. She came out of her room and didn’t hear a peep. Her brother wasn’t watching TV. No one was in sight. She thought it was probably the neighbors. She went outside and her house was decorated with Jack-o-lanterns; Jack-o-lanterns are like lighted candlesticks. Samantha waited for her bust to arrive. There were five other kids waiting for the bus to arrive as well. She heard the voices again, “Revenge is what we seek.” She looked over her shoulder to see if someone was whispering in her ear. No one was. She took a glance at the other kids. They didn’t appear to hear a thing. The bus finally came. Samantha got on the bus and sat in the first seat that wasn’t taken. She was thinking things over. The whispering is a mystery that can’t be solved. This was a huge problem.

After a few minutes, the bus arrived and Samantha got off. She walked to her class. There was a new student named Mary. She had black hair and dark eyes. Around her eyes, it was black, like she had a black eye. She took a seat next to Samantha. “Hi” said Samantha. Mary didn’t say a word. She didn’t say a word even when she was asked to answer a question. She stayed quiet for the rest of the period. All through the rest of school, she had no other classes with Mary. Samantha got on the bus and decided to go see the cemetery. She arrived at the cemetery and looked around for a while. The cemetery is like spirits moaning. After a few minutes, she saw Mary. Mary had something round in her hands. It was actually more than one. They are like red paintballs. In front of Mary, there was a line of people. Samantha stepped in line. A little boy was in front of her. He turned around and faced Samantha, “Revenge is what we seek.” Said the boy. Samantha was terrified. She ran to the front of the line where Mary was and snatched the red item from her and ran to her house. She didn’t dare to look back to see if anyone was chasing her. When she reached her house, she ran to her room and locked herself in. She sat on her bed and looked at the item. It said “Soul”. Samantha threw the “Soul” out the window. It was as if she was in another world. A very creepy world. Samantha saw Mary pick up the “Soul.” Samantha blinked and she disappeared. She thought she was hallucinating. Samantha is a tornado. She couldn’t stop herself from shaking. She went to bed and tried to forget what had happened. After a few minutes, she was sound asleep.
After a while, Samantha woke up in a cave. The cave is a hole full of darkness. She was hanging by a rope. It took her a while to see where she was. When she found out where she was, she screamed. “Ahhhhhhhh!” That scream reminded her of the voices she heard. She heard herself yelling. All around her, there were ghosts. In unison they each said “Revenge is what I seek.” Each ghost stopped. Mary was had stopped them. “Where am I?” Said Samantha. “You’re in a cave.” Replied Mary. “Why am I here? I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t even know these people…ghosts.” Exclaimed Samantha. “You are here because all of these ghosts need to get revenge on you. I’ll explain why. You used to be a ghost. You were murdered and for that reason you became a ghost. You wanted to be a human again. To become a human again you would need to get a soul and eat it. You then will become human again. After many, many years of searching, you found me and I gave you a soul. When you receive a soul, you will become a baby again and continue the life cycle. When you reach the age of when you were killed, you need to get revenge on whoever killed you. You died at the age of thirteen. Which means you didn’t get revenge on whoever murdered you. Every one of these ghosts are angry because. Everyone of these ghosts are angry because you got a soul and they didn’t. For that you are going to die.” Samantha was going down into a pit. The pit was hot as fire. She kept lowering into the pit until her feet were almost in the pit. Her whole body was now in the pit. She is fire. She is now a ghost. The ghosts have taken revenge on Samantha.

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on May. 13 2011 at 10:49 am
Asalah Boulos, Elmwood Park, Illinois
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This was really good! I enjoyed it 

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