A Silent Murder

April 25, 2011
By OrelICE BRONZE, Herzliya, Other
OrelICE BRONZE, Herzliya, Other
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This night was one of a series of rainy days in London, that can surely kill any wish to get outside . The rain knocks here on the window. Sounds more like hail than rain.

Luke Morana, a twenty-five year old detective from Kensington, sat in his living room, getting ready to go to bed, going through a heavy pile of letters: lab results, trial results, complaint letters, suspects that threat to sue him for police assult and bills – just another regular day.

"Well, that is odd," Luke mumbled to himself, holding a yellow envelope with a curly handwriting on the label. "Probably just another please-check-if-my-wife-is-cheating letter”. letter."

Luke mumbles some swear-words to himself while opening the envelope. A white piece of handwritten paper dropped out, well folded.

"16 November 2010,
Det Luke Morana
152 Derry Street,
Kensington, Greater London.
W8 5HY

Dear Det Morana,

After calling the authorities and getting no response, I address you, in hopes that you'd be able to help me investigate this case. I've heard all about your excellent record of investigations at the Murder Department in London and New York, and I believe that it won't take too much time for you to solve it...

You see, I am the owner of a small vegetables shop near London. I recently hired a new employee, a good man with no family. I brought him in and gave him job. He's been missing for two weeks now. I have no clue where he would go… and I adm.."

Lukas put the envelope, with the note, in the closest trashcan. "This kind of cases should go through 999 emergency line; I am a murder and major cases detective," he became angry, “I spent two years as a patrol copper, I am dealing with the real thing now.”
Luke managed to answer the phone within a few seconds. His wife was still sleeping and he didn't want the horrible noise to wake her.

– "Luke?"
"Yes…” Luke rubbed his eyes and fought back a yawn.
– "Good morning, let me introduce myself. I am Kieran Smith, Head of the 999 emergency line in the Greater London. We have an emergency in 52 Pall Mall Street."
"What is it?"
– "It is hard to explain it over the phone, but would you be able to get there as soon as possible? It is an urgent matter!"
Luke pulled a semi-hidden cigarette that was tucked on his ear, in his long, brown hair. The room was illuminated for a second, thanks to the match. Luke smoked slowly, while Mr Smith stayed silent on the line.
– "Mr Morana?"
"I'll be there right away."
Luke slammed the phone quickly, but dressed slowly.
He wore a long, black coat and entered his old, yet beloved Toyota.

The drive went pretty well; even drunken idiots were not driving in this rain. Blue lights broke with the rain on his windshield. He saw five police cars at a stand still in a semi-circle shape in front of an abandoned building. One of the coppers told him to get closer.

The same police officer got by the car's window. Luke opened the window and looked in the face of the ageing officer.
"Mr Morana?" said the officer.
Luke nodded.
"I am Mr Smith. We spoke earlier on the phone".
– "Yes," Luke got out of his car, partly still half-asleep.
"In this building, there is a little girl. She's only six years old. Some people, who named themselves as the Guardians Cult are holding her inside. They're armed and dangerous."
– “And how am I relevant to this situation? You should call her Majesty's Army, not me." Luke dropped his cigarette and stomped it out.
"Yes, but they asked us to bring you, they want you in the house; only then the girl will be released."
Luke stared confused at the officer, his eyes were wide open. He did not understand what does he has to do with this crazy cult and a kidnapped little girl.
"Mr Morana." The officer checked if Luke was listening. "I must ask you to get in there and check what it is all about."
Luke didn't say a word. He looked at the building, then to the officer.
"Take that," the officer mumbled and gave Luke a stronger gun that Luke has. "For self-defence”.
Luke took the gun and hid it in the coat's pocket. He refused to believe that he was about to enter that building, but the thought of the frightened little girl, lying there, disturbed him deeply, and he knew that he would not be able to sleep if he would not save her.

He crossed the yard towards the back door. He saw shadows of unknown figures through the window, and felt like he was being followed.
He got to the back door. It opened by itself.
Luke glanced at the police cars one more time, and he entered.
"Mr Morana," said a mysterious voice. Luke was tumbling. that he suddenly jumped and cried out.
In front of him, there was a squat and bald man.
"We waited so long to see you," he muttered, "The staircase…" he said and pointed an old, grey and dusty staircase.
– "Is the child there?” Luke asked, "Tell me!” he demanded. This demand wouldn't impress anyone. He is trembling and scared of his own shadow.
The man just smiled and nodded, and kept staring at Luke with his terrifying eyes that seems to pierce your soul and fill it with horror.

Luke went up the stairs, looking around. An uncomfortable feeling surrounded him; something did not fit in this story. Luke walked down a long hallway that contained nothing but a few widely opened doors and a closed one at the end. By the threshold of every door stood a squat and bald man, looking terrifyingly similar to each other.
"We are so glad that you are here, Mr Morana… It is about time, Mr Morana…”
Voices were heard from everywhere.
Luke reached the last door, "The child is there," and he mumbled to himself, "She must be".
He opened the door slowly, he never trembled like that, he never feared like that before.
His heart began beating faster and faster, his eyes widened, and a scream was stuck in his throat.

She hung from the ceiling, supported by a table. The body was dismembered, a female body, with no eyes.

Luke turned around and saw at least seven males closing slowly towards him. "She is hanged there just for you… just for you…"
– "Stay away!" he screamed with fear and froze in his position, "I warn you! Stay away!"
"She is hanged there for you… Just for you…" they repeated together, in a creepy precise timing.

A shot was heard. One of them dropped to the floor. The others did not mind. Luke began breathing heavily, feeling besotted, a voice of crashing was heard, and nothing was heard after that.
He fell into a black hole of mind, lost every sense and every thought, just a fall.
"Just for you… they'll all be hanged for you… and for me…” a hoarse, threatening voice was heard. Luke did not understand anything; he tried to hold what he can around him.

He woke up.
White light flooded his eyes.
He looked around, stood up, remembered.
He remembered it all; the girl, the cult, the building.
He looked around the machines and the fluids around him, it seems to be a hospital room, or at least he hopes...

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