From Beyond

April 26, 2011
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Grace slowly examines this new town. It’s a tiny town, but it amazes her how the houses in this small town can be so large. She watches as kids walk up the street and wonders, how is she supposed to fit in. Grace came from a family that wasn’t poor but wasn’t wealthy. She had always gotten what she needed. In her home town that didn’t matter to people, you were always accepted no matter what your situation was. Her closet wasn’t full of Aeropostale, and American Eagle. She had to do chores and get a job if she wanted to pay for those kind of things. She can tell that the kids in this town haven’t worked a day in their high maintenance lives.
As her mother pull in the driveway of her new home Grace is amazed at the size. There had to be at least seven rooms in the enormous house. All the windows gleamed in the bright sun giving off the feeling that the house was glowing. The grass was so green it looked like someone had taken a crayon and colored it. The long grey concrete sidewalk leading up to the front door was lined with beautiful bright purple pansies. As grace slowly walks to the front door her mother is still standing on the sidewalk taking in everything. Grace slowly turns the handle to the front door and as she walk in her jaw drops in amazement. Her mother’s chipper voice chimed suddenly behind Grace.
“Isn’t it wonderful darling?”
“Yeah, if you’re the president. Why do we need a house this big if it’s just you and me mom?”
“Well, because it is a nice thing to have and something that you should be very proud of, let’s not start complaining already please.”

Grace suddenly realized that this is where she would be spending the rest of the summer. Either this enormous house or unpacking all of her things. Grace couldn’t wait to unpack though. Getting to pull all of her posters of cars, and famous people like Little Wayne, and Drake up excited her. Getting to unpack all of her clothes and flip-flops. Grace was excited to be organizing the things from their former life.
If it had been her choice Grace would have never moved. She enjoyed her life before; she lived in the same town and the same place since she was born. Her mother told her that this job opportunity would be a better choice in the end even though they had to move. She told Grace that she could get anything she wanted now. Her mom said that they could get the car she had been asking for since her seventeenth birthday in January and all the fancy clothes that all the other kids were wearing now a days. Grace didn’t care about all that though. Since she was a young child her father told her that material things don’t matter. “It’s all about what’s inside you.” She has lived her life with that mind set. How she wished her father could be here now, to talk some sense into her mother about this whole situation and tell her that she didn’t need to take the job and that he would handle everything. Grace hadn’t heard her father’s voice since the night he was killed by a drunk driver. “I’ll be right back I’m going to the store. I love you.” Oh, how she missed his voice and wishes she could just bring him back and hears his sweet calming voice hitting her ear sounding like the softest symphony.

Grace slowly began to explore the spacious house. First, she had come across the kitchen which, besides her room, was her second most favorite room in a house. It was huge, cupboards everywhere you looked, two ovens and two stoves. The refrigerator looked like it could be a room all by itself. Grace couldn’t wait until she could fill the whole kitchen with smells of sweet chocolate brownies and the mouth watering smell of cherry and apple pies fresh from the oven. She continued to wander looking at all of the rooms in the house until finally she came upon a room that she knew would be hers. It had four large windows facing out to the over sized back yard and just perfect for looking at the sun as it sets. The walls a soft blue color that gave the room a happy and open feeling.
“Mom, come here.”
“Where are you dear?”
“Upstairs in the first room on the right.”
As her mother approaches the room Grace suddenly hears a loud thump. She thinks nothing of it because it’s probably just her mother.
“This is the room I want.”
“Well, that’s fine with me it fits you perfectly dear.”
“Thanks mom, have you picked yours out yet?”
“Not yet this is my first time upstairs today. I was looking at all the rooms downstairs deciding where I was going to put my office.”
“Oh, okay well are the movers going to be here anytime soon?”
“Yes, in about five minutes. I’ll leave you to check out everything else up here I’m going to go down and wait for them.”

When her mother left the room Grace began thinking how different everything was going to be now. She will have to have to find all new friends, learn all new roads, change basically all she has ever known her entire life. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for all this, but she had to be now because she was already here. Grace decides to take up her mother’s offer and explore the rest of the rooms.

As she walk down the hallway that seem to be never ending like she was in some kind of strange scary movie and something was following her, she heard another bang. It frightens her so much that she let out a scream that could turn the blood of a snake cold. Her mother flew up at the stairs like an eagle and worriedly asked her if she was okay.
“I’m fine; did you not hear that loud thump?”
“No dear.”
Her mother gave her a strange look with a hint of worry in it. There was no mistaking that she heard a noise but she just convinced herself that the old house must be adjusting to her presence.

She began wandering down the hall again and comes to a strange looking door. It is completely black with carvings in it that seem like they were made by a young child who couldn’t have been older than six. It stood a mere four feet tall and the handle was rusted to the point where no one could even get the door to open. Grace staggered her hand out for the handle then suddenly a rush of cold chills shot down her spine that made even her eye lids tingle. Grace couldn’t explain why this happened but she didn’t care to stick around in this spot much longer to find the source either. Without hesitation Grace turns around and heads back to her room.
Grace’s mother excitedly yelled up the stairs. “Grace Sweetie, will you come down? The moving people are here with everything.”
“Coming Mom.”

The thought of all of her things finally being in the house excited Grace. She felt a little more at home now having a bed and dresser in her room, and a couch for her to rest on in the living room. There was still something missing though. Grace couldn’t really put her finger on it but she thought she had an idea why.

When her father passed away her mother had told her many times that her daddy wasn’t gone, just on a vacation in the sky and someday Grace would be vacationing with him. She said that if Grace ever wanted to talk to him all she had to do was go out right when it got dark look up at the sky and talk with him. Grace’s father always loved to go outside right when the darkness hit their house. “It’s calm to sit outside in the dark with the sweet sounds of movement in trees and chirping of the night creatures and just think.” Since her mother said that Grace had made it a point at least once a week to go out as soon as they had set and talk to her father. She decides that this was the perfect night to do so. She walk down stairs passing by her mother in the living room whom she just smiled at; her mother always knew what she was doing when she went out this late at night. She stepped out of the back door and the fresh crisp air flowed straight through her like a shot of adrenaline. She found a comfortable spot on the lawn to rest. She could she her room from where she was sitting and thought how strange it was that all the windows in the back except for hers where still boarded up. Grace looked up to the sky and began to talk.

“Hey dad how are you doing today? I hope wonderful. I’m doing okay I guess, I don’t really like this move. I don’t know why mom though she needed to take this job. Back home she had a job and I did to, working at that small diner just down from the house, you know, the one you always used to take me to. We would have been fine. I didn’t ask for things that often, especially things that I didn’t need. Now in this town she wants me to ask for everything I want. I can’t do that. I still remember you teaching me that it’s about what’s inside not the outside. Why doesn’t she live by that to? We don’t need this huge house or fancy clothes all we need is to be ourselves and I feel like mom is blind of that. I wish you were still here, so at least I’d have the comfort of your touch right now. I know it wasn’t your fault, but I don’t see why you had to leave. God shouldn’t have taken you. You have a family here and a job. I just wish I could bring you back, even just to hear your laughter again would make me feel so much better. Please come back daddy. I don’t know how much longer I can stand this, being on my own. Yeah, mom is here, but sometimes I just feel like she’s not listening and doesn’t care about what I think or do. I wish God could just send you back for a day or even a week to be with us and help. I love you daddy.”

Grace slowly got up from the spot in the yard where now the grass was suctioned to earth in the shape of Grace’s long narrow body. She thought about sleeping out here. Just so she could be closer to her father, but her mother would have thrown a fit and she knew it. She slowly started walking towards the house when all of a sudden she heard a cough. Not a meek feminine cough that would be produced by her fragile mother, no, this was a rough cough. It sounded like whomever it emanated from had eaten a bowl of nails. It was loud, loud enough to be heard throughout the entire neighborhood. Like it came from the sky and was designated for the whole Earth to hear, but only this little town got the wrath of the racket. Grace quickly turning around, examining the yard the best she could. It was pitch black outside. In the attempts to work around her it was as if she had a blind fold covering your eyes.
The only light was off in the distance, it was a tower light that sat on top of the library and it hardly lit up Graces back yard. Stealthily moving toward the house she kept looking everywhere to see if she could see anything, then with a quick movement began sprinting towards the back door.

She jumped in the door, slamming it behind her causing her mother to let out a loud scream that came from the pit of her stomach. “Grace what in the world are you slamming things for?”
“You didn’t hear that mom?”
“The only thing I heard was you-slamming the door.”
“Sorry mom it won’t happen again.”

Grace slowly walked up the steps to her room. She had a million thoughts flying through her head like a swarm of bees. The main thought, did she really hear the cough, or was it all of the built up emotion and something in her mind simply exploding? She didn’t want to think about it right now though. At this moment all she wanted to do was lay down in bed and sleep it has been a long couple of days.


Even after being here for a week Grace still wasn’t used to the house. She woke with the intense feeling of someone watching her. She sat up fast and asked “Who’s there?” There was no reply, but the distinct noise of footsteps that could be heard clearly, as if headphones were shoved in your ear. Grace slowly crept out of bed making sure she didn’t make a sound, so if in fact it was an intruder, they wouldn’t know where she was. She picked up her bat that her and her father always used to play baseball with. Grace swung it on top of her shoulder making sure that it was steady so that nothing and no one would yank it out of her hands.

Grace step forward and suddenly a loud creak came from the floor, but not from the floor under Grace. It came from the hallway. Grace’s heart was now beating as fast as a machine gun shot. She walked out of her door and stood for a short second trying to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. She heard a noise that sounded like a moan of pain. She stealthily walked down the hall keeping a good pace to ensure that she wouldn’t lose whatever, or whoever, was in that hallway with her.

All of the sudden as loud as a bomb detonating in the back yard there was a huge slam. Grace turned quickly then began running down the rest of the hall way. She was sure that she was going to drop dead right at that second of heart failure. She reached the end of the hall where the black door was and yanked on it with intensity. She pulled on the door as hard as she could. The door would not budge a bit. Grace took the end of the bat and began gently hitting it so it would not be loud since her mother was trying to sleep. How her mom had made it through the first huge bang Grace didn’t know, but she didn’t want to wake her now. The door handle wasn’t moving and finally Grace gave up. She thought that if it was an intruder they sure wouldn’t come back, but how did they get in that door? Maybe it was the noise of the front door echoing, but Grace was sure that it was this peculiar door. Whatever it was she decided to investigate in the morning and get her sleep while she could.

In the morning Grace woke up right at eight o’clock. She could hear her mother singing downstairs as she did every morning. She threw on a morning robe and decided to join her mother. As she entered the kitchen Grace could smell the sweet smell of pancakes cooking on the griddle.
“Wow mom, you’re cooking?”
“Yes, I thought it would be a good idea since we haven’t had a good breakfast since we moved into this house almost a week ago.”
“You should have just waken me up you know I love to cook.”
“I know, but when I walked in your room you looked so peaceful and I didn’t want to disturb you.”
“It would have been fine.” Grace said with a chuckle in her voice. “Mom, did you hear that loud bang last night?”
“No dear, I slept like a rock last night. Why, want happened.”
“Nothing, I just fell out of bed.”
“Oh, Grace you have always been clumsy. Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Dear I’m going to go to the office most of the day today. The only thing I ask is you don’t hurt yourself while I’m gone.”
“I won’t mom. I think I’m just going to lie around, don’t really feel like doing much.”
“Okay dear that’s fine. I’m going to go get dressed.”

Grace sat on the couch. She just realized that this couch that she thought was so comfy wasn’t. It was lumpy as if you sat on a pile of squishy balls. She didn’t like it at all so Grace decided to head upstairs. As she walked up the stairs she felt the heavy feeling of someone watching her. Like there were lasers burning holes in her body. Grace felt exceedingly uncomfortable. She stopped mid-step, quickly turned around and examined the remainder of the down stairs that she could see, nothing was there. Grace ran the rest of the way up the stairs, when she got to her room she swung the door shut so fast she almost lost her balance. She couldn’t figure out what was going on in this house, and it gnawed in the back of her brain.

When her mother left Grace decided that she was going to take a quick nap then do some baking, that always made her feel better. She cuddled up in her bed and got all the covers over her, and she dozed off in her own world.


A huge slam emanating from the kitchen woke Grace. She jumped out of bed as if she were a panther grabbing the bat and flew down the stairs. She ran into the kitchen to find that all of her dishes were smashed on the floor. The baking pans were smashed against the oven that was closest to the entrance of the kitchen. It had been smashed so hard that shards of the clear glass were catapulted all the way to the refrigerator. All of the plates, cups, bowls; anything in the kitchen that was glass was smashed. Suddenly, she heard heavy footsteps coming up behind her. As she turned there was no one there. She knew she heard the footsteps, but where was the person. The footsteps continued, sounding like they were coming right at Grace, but nothing was there. She ran into the living room. At this point she was ready to run out of the house screaming, but Grace knew she had to stand her ground to show whoever was there that Grace Lynn Johnson was not afraid of anything.
Grace heard a huge thud upstairs; she raced up the stairs like her life depended on it and ran down the hall. She had seen an unusual door open. It was one of the rooms with the covered windows that her and her mother had not ventured in yet. She crept towards the room trying not to make a noise. As she entered the room Grace was in such awe that the bat dropped from her skinny hands. The boards that were previously on the windows where now lying on the floor in two pieces. Grace didn’t know what had shocked her more, the fact that the boards had been ripped from the wall when they were nailed to the window, or that the 3 inch thick boards where broken in half. Whatever the case being, she was shocked. As Grace looked to the floor where her bat had laid she watched it slowly move out of the room. “This is getting way too creepy. I’m leaving.” But, as Grace headed out the door she got a sudden blow to the head and fell to floor unconscious.


Grace awoke in her bed. She knew that it wasn’t a dream because her bat sat lying on the bed beside her, and she has a massive headache. She felt the back of her head only to find the biggest goose egg she had ever felt in her life. Grace remembered seeing the bat move, but there was no hand or body moving it. Grace concluded that whatever was in this house wasn’t a part of her world.
She walked downstairs and cleaned all the glass in the kitchen. Grace wrote a note to her mother that said, “I went to the library I will be back as soon as possible and I will explain everything.” She put the note on the coffee stand in the living room which she knew her mother would see because she always came in the house and threw herself down on the couch right in front of the table. Grace threw on a pair of shorts and flip-flops and headed out the find the library.

Grace entered the library and began looking around. A fragile old woman walked up to her. The woman, as far as Grace could tell was in her mid eighties. Her skin was as wrinkly as a shirt that had been crumbled up in a box for about 2 years. She had the musk of an older person, stale with way too much perfume. Her face wasn’t that pleasant, but the thing that stuck out to Grace the most was her eyes. These eyes seemed to pierce through Grace’s soul, like this brittle woman could see all her secrets, all her thought, all her worries, everything.
“Can I help you with anything young lady?”
“Yea, I’m looking for some history on my house. I just moved here and-“
“The local history section is in the back to the left. You’ll find everything you need back there.” After the woman had said that she walked off to the office of the library.

Grace walked to where she had been directed to; she slowly began searing through books. Some of the books where bigger than Grace’s body, she had hoped that her house wouldn’t be in one of these enormous books because she didn’t know if she would even be able to lift it. Grace finally found the book that had her home’s history in it. The book was so dusty that she couldn’t even make out what the cover said. There were old newspapers sticking out in miscellaneous places around the whole book. Grace opened the book and went to her section.

She found that the house was built in the early 1900. There were many newspaper article attached with it. October 1, 1919 Man Flies out of a Window in his Home and Dies Instantly. January 27, 1925 Woman Goes Crazy and Kills Her Newborn in her Home. July 30, 1948 Child Goes Psychotic and Kills Parent’s while they sleep. March 3, 1970 Woman Gets Thrown Through Her Glass Window and Dies. May 15, 1997 Man Kills Entire Family and Himself.

Grace could hardly believe what she was reading all of these things happened in her house. How could they all happen? Would something like this happen to her and her mother? Did this explain why she heard and was feeling all of these things? Was her house haunted? So many things where flying through her head she could barely process it all. She decided to look at the most recent article. “Man kills family and himself. Bob Masque killed his wife Rose Masque, his daughter Emily Masque and then himself last night in their small home on Franklin Street. No one is sure why he killed his entire family, but the police are investigating more. The only survivor is Bob’s missing son, Jeffery Masque. The police are searching for him now.”

Grace couldn’t believe it. This was real; it really happened in the same house that she was living in. What could have possessed the man to do something like this? Was it the same thing that was torturing her in the house?
“Young lady the library is closing.”

Grace’s walk home was filled with thoughts. She was pondering everything that she had read. Wondering if it all was really happening to her. She deduced that whatever was torturing her, was a ghost of one of the deceased souls that never got rest.


As she walked in the house her mother was sitting on the couch with paper work spread out all over. As Grace’s mother looked up and saw Grace her eyes seemed to fill with joy. “Grace, dear, I was starting to get worried you have been gone for so long.”
“I’m fine mom, I was at the library.”
“The one that has the huge light tower?”
“Yeah, that’s the only library around here that I know of.”
“I was just wondering dear. What did you go there for?”
“Just some research on the house. Stuff I need to talk to you about.”
“Okay.” Graces mother pushed the papers that were next to her on the couch all the way to the end. Grace sat down and began telling her mother all that had happened to her. The glass breaking in the kitchen, someone watching her, and something or someone knocking her out. “Grace dear, why didn’t you call the cops?”
“Because there was no one there mom. I watched the bat move without anyone touching it.”
Her mother stared at her in disbelief. “It must have just been a bad dream then and you were sleep walking or something.”
“No it wasn’t mom I know it wasn’t. Go look at all the glass in the garbage can.”
“Grace I have been in the kitchen already the trash is empty.”
“No it isn’t I know it isn’t I’m the one who put the glass in there. I’m the one who cleaned it all up.”

Grace ran to the kitchen to look in the trash can. As she approached it and looked in there was nothing in there except for a fresh black bag that still had the air bubble of putting it in the bin. Grace stared at it for what seemed to her ten minutes. She could not believe that a ghost could take all of that away. She slowly walked back in the living room and plopped down next to her mom and the couch slid about two inches. “Dear, be careful.” Grace looked at her mom with eyes filled with no sleep and stress. “Dear, it will all be okay. You need a good night’s sleep.” Grace slowly sat up, “Mom there is something else we need to talk about.” Then Grace began the proposal it all having to do with ghosts. She explained how all these people had gone crazy in the house or had some kind of misfortune. So many people have died in this house that it would be crazy to believe that what was taunting her was not a ghost. “Grace, dear, ghosts don’t exist. You are just stressed because of the move and trying to blame all that’s happening on something other than yourself. It is all just your imagination, your mind playing tricks with you. I know this is all hard for you Grace, but this is where we live now. This is our new life. It will all start to work out sooner than later. It will be okay.”

Grace mother took her in her arms and embraced grace in a hug filled with such love and warmness that it threw grace off. She had not been hugged with this much passion since her father died. Even when her mom did hug her it was cold, and felt like it wasn’t right to be hugging each other. Grace figured they had both thought this because they stopped hugging all together. This was the first time her mother had hugged Grace in almost a year, and Grace rather liked it.

Grace and her mother said their goodnights to each other and had hugged one last time to make sure that the warmness was here to stay. Grace escaladed up the stair case feeling a lot better than she did since she had gotten here. She walked in her room and shut the door behind here. She made sure that the door couldn’t push open and that it was locked hoping that this would keep whatever it was, out of her room. She lay in her bed and looked out the window. The moon was as big as the sun and shining just as bright. Grace knew that her father was looked down on her and her mother and was happy for them both. As she stares out to the moon she began to think to herself. “Maybe my mom is right, I have been so stressed over all this and not getting good sleep I am just imagining it all. Ghosts don’t really exist it is all just a part of my imagination. I’ll get a good sleep and everything will be better tomorrow.” Then she began humming herself the tune of Hush Little Baby, which her father had always sung to her when she couldn’t sleep, and dozed off to what Grace thought was going to be an uneventful, restful night.

The cool breeze from Grace’s window had waken her up. She was still half asleep as she had rolled out of bed to close the window. Grace thought to herself, “I don’t remember opening that window.” But, she didn’t think much of it she was ready to go back to sleep as she was climbing back in the bed she noticed the door was open. Grace stopped with one foot on the bed and turned slowly. Grace knew she locked the door, and checked it to make sure that there was no way anyone could push it back open. Grace slowly walked to the door and stopped. She looked at the door in amazement, how could anyone get that open. She tip toed toward the hall. Carefully examining everything that she could see. She could see nothing. She walked back in her room and inspected the room. Once again she could see nothing. She crawled back in bed and decided that she would deal with whatever it was tomorrow, and get the much needed sleep now.

When she woke up in the morning her door was once again closed and locked. Grace though maybe she just was having a dream so she blew what had happened the night before of her shoulder. She quickly got dressed and went down stairs to greet her mother before she went to work. Grace walked down the stairs to find a note with a muffin holding it down on the coffee table. “Grace, I had to go to work early today, hopefully I get out a little early and we can have a night to spend with each other. I left you a muffin because all of our dishes went mysteriously missing. P.s don’t slam your window in the middle of the night, it scared me half to death. Love, mom.”

Grace wasn’t sure what she was more shocked about, the fact that her mother had just noticed the dishes were missing, or that she heard her window shut. How was that possible it was in a dream that she did that. Well at least that is what she had thought.

Since her mom was going to be gone all day Grace figured she would do some cleaning around the house, especially in the rooms that she had not discovered yet. Grace grabbed her father’s old tool box and headed up the stairs. She walked in the room that the boards had been mysteriously ripped off the window and started to work. She cleaned all of the nails off the floor from them being pulled out; she took all the wood and piled it in the middle of the floor of the room. Graces headed to the others rooms to get the boards off the windows and do that same thing she had in the other room. When she was finished the whole upper level of the house was bright from all the light that was coming through the windows. Grace decided that she was going to take the wood planks and toss them out the window to the back yard so she wouldn’t get the house dirty. She opened the window and a fresh breeze flew into her house and tickled her nose. She began throwing the wood out of the window of each room, as she got to the last room she remembered the headline of the newspaper. Man Flies out of a Window in his Home and Dies Instantly. Suddenly grace didn’t want to be in that room. “What if the man comes back and wants revenge and pushes me out of a window?” Grace thought to herself. She chucked the last plank out of the window and cautiously shut it.

Grace started her way down the hall to go down stairs. Then she passed the black door. Being curious once again she wriggled on the handle, but once again couldn’t get it open. Grace remembered the tool box she left in the last room. She ran to the room to grab the box. She first grabbed the flat head screw driver to try and pry the handle off, because from what grace could see there was no other way. When that didn’t work Grace grabbed the hammer and began pounding on the door handle. Suddenly grace heard a loud noise coming from inside of the door. “This must be where the ghost stays this closet. Maybe I should leave it be and just let it rest.” Grace decided that she wanted to knew what was inside of the door so she continued pounding, as Grace pounded something on the other side of the door did the same. “A ghost can’t hurt me no matter what I think.”

Suddenly there was a loud clink and as grace look down the door handle was sitting on the floor and the door slowly creaked open. Grace’s heart was pounding faster than she could handle almost. It was like there was a jack hammer pounding on it. She grabbed where the door handle once stood strong and firm, and pulled to open the door. It was dark, no matter how much light was in the hall way this closet was completely dark. Grace slowly stepped in and her foot kicked something frightened she leapt out of the space and stood to make sure nothing was coming after her. As she looked back in the closet she crept to her knew and reached in to grab whatever she had kicked. She grasps it in her hand. It was hard very hard, and long. It felt rubbery to the touch but heavy to the hand. As Grace pulled her hand out she saw that it was a flash light. Thinking to herself that there was no way this worked. This house has been empty for years and the light was so old. Grace clicked the light on anyway and sure enough it came on. Not dim and low as if the batteries had run down. No, this flash light was bright, brighter than the sun. It’s beamed stretched all the way down the hall even in daylight you could see it. Grace slowly turned her head back to the closet then slowly the flashlight followed behind it.

As the flash light glared in the room Grace could not bare the sight she saw. It wasn’t a closet at all. It was someone’s home. The smell was treacherous; it was a mixture of feces, with the strong smell of male odor. It made your nose crunch and your eyes water. It made you skin even tingle from the disgust that was emitting throughout the room. There was pictured all over the walls, pictures of a family that looked all too familiar to grace but she couldn’t put her finger on it. There was news paper covering parts of the floor. It was stained with a yellow color that looked as if it was wet. Grace figured that whatever was here. That was where it was using the bathroom. Grace walked further into the room. It was like her house was gutted. The insulation was torn out of the walls and someone or something was living in them.

She wandered more into the room being as careful as she could so if there was something in there it wouldn’t catch her off guard. Grace got to the end of a hallway was what it seemed. At the end there was a huge front page of a newspaper. “Man Kills Family and Himself.” All of the sudden it clicked in Grace’s mind were she knew the pictures that hung on the wall. She had read the exact article that was hanging up. The man had murdered his entire family and only his son was the one they couldn’t find. Why though was this all over the walls? Why were pictures of this family all over the walls? What was going on?

As Grace continued to wander throughout the house the smell go worse. Whatever was in here smelt as if it was dead and decaying. The floor felt very unstable like it was built in a week to hold up for a life time. Grace suddenly heard something move behind. She quickly turned and shown her light in the corner of the room. Grace let out a scream that could b heard across country, dropped the flashlight and ran out of the mysterious room. In the corner sat Jeffery Masque, clotheless, and having the appearance of a skeleton with a thin layer of skin covering the bones. Jeffery slowly got up, picked the flashlight up, and clicked it off.

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wow It was amazing I could not stop reading it was so good. Great job
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Thank you so much. :) There are a few mistakes in it though and i know that haha.
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