Army of Skulls

April 20, 2011
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“Reports of 5 fallen cases in the vicinity of Connecticut, Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, and Ohio have been reported, no information of what these cases are or where they came from but some believe they came from underground, if any new information arises we will be sure to inform the public immediately.”

“Wow guys did you hear that?” John said.
“Yeah my stomach growled, I need food,” Tom replied.

“Can you think of anyone besides yourself we live in Florida we could be in danger!” Jessica remarked.
“I can but I choose not to.”
John, Jessica, and Tom live in West Palm Florida and are all seniors in high school. They are all the best of friends but tomorrow their whole world is going to change. The next day they all met at school. It wasn’t just them but everyone watched that news cast and talked about it constantly, not just the students but the teachers, the principal, the vice principal, the janitors, the cafeteria workers, the bus drivers, and even the parents were worried.

“Hey John have you noticed that everyone is talking about those 5 cases in the states, I think it’s getting out of hand, other kids are thinking the worlds going to end, while others are thinking mole people are taking over the world.” Jessica said.
“You might have a point, last period all are teacher did was ask students if they saw anything or what they think will happen.

While the world was wondering what was happening the 5 cases opened up and inside them contained 100 skull masks, everyone crowded around them but that was their biggest mistake. The masks flew all over the place and attached themselves to all the civilians.
“Arghhh get this thing off of me!”

“Help me mommy I don’t want to die, please help meeeeeee!”
But it was too late after they attached themselves to a host they bit the person next to them and that made another skull grow on their face and soon half of the United States was masked. The army took everyone into area 51 who wasn’t masked and started to explain the whole epidemic. John, and Jessica survived, but the masked came to their school and they got Tom.
“I know we are in an epidemic I think it is finally time to tell the citizens what the area 51 scientists were really up to,” The army officer said.

“The truth is that area 51 was experimenting with alien technology to give inanimate life forms alien intelligence so we could win wars more easily.”
The citizens were shocked of what they were hearing. They couldn’t believe that the government made those monsters; they thought the government was evil.

“Well how to we stop them, there has to be a way there always is?” John asked
“We have already accounted for that we already put a gas in the air of a dome were we locked all of the masked people up in, the gas with destroy the masks and the people will be safe.” The soldier responded.
The people were safe the masks on the citizens were gone except for 1 mask and the person who had that evil mask on and it was none other that Tom.

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dracoking98 said...
Nov. 22, 2011 at 11:55 am
thanks i can use that
tikapeek97 said...
May 8, 2011 at 2:17 pm
not bad its a cool topic, maybe you should go into the story more and explain what happened with the masks, but it is a really good idea.
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