April 25, 2011
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The Beatles own all this song. I do not have any of the rights. No copyright intended.

Picture yourself in a boat on a river.
She had done that part. Her eyes had been closed as she had used the oars, paddling to this place she knew by heart. She knew what it looked like without having to look.
And she's gone.
The words pounded, far louder than they needed to be, unspoken, wracking her brain and shaking her heart.
Flowers that grow so incredibly high.
The flowers, yes, the flowers. She didn't have to look for those either, the big ones that enveloped her. She had liked it before, when she was a little girl. But now, they seemed to grow too high, strangling her and suffocating her, taking the sunshine out of her eyes.
And she's gone. She knew she had to do it, but she hated those words. They brought up a sort of twisted excitement that had provoked this, the feeling she so much despised.
Waiting to take you away.
Yes, there was someone out there waiting to take her away. And she was waiting to take herself, away, she guessed. Running away, but no, not running, or this would be over yet. She was walking away, maybe. Waiting and walking.
And she's gone. They were satisfactory, but they haunted her. She thought, for a brief moment of other people. She really was selfish, she realized.
In the sky with diamonds.
She had always wanted to fly. Tonight, it was raining, the drops like diamonds, if she stretched a little. She would be up there, in the sky. With diamonds.
And she's gone. She knew, as she heard them this last time, that she was going to jump. Her eyes still closed, she walked to the edge of the cliff. It was freezing, she knew. It would certainly bring about her goal.
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly.
"Lucy." How did he find her there? No, she had taken care that he would not. And, yet, here he was, with her. She didn't want this, she didn't want this, she had to do this, she didn't want this, she had to do this, she had to do this, she had to do this. She opened her eyes.
The girl with kaleidoscope eyes--

No copyright of the Beatles. They are a fantastic band, and the basis of this story, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, is a wonderful song.

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