My Terrifying Experince

April 19, 2011
By sid26 BRONZE, Sydney, New York
sid26 BRONZE, Sydney, New York
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Falling leaves were scattered all over the muddy wet floor. Towering trees swayed from side to side as the wind gushed past them. The visibility was dangerously low due to the impenetrable sun light. Somewhere past the towering trees there was a gushing sound. A sound of gushing water like kids in a candy store. The constant buzzing of mosquitoes and flies made a constant irritating sound. Ants and other tiny, weak insects made their way past fallen leaves, sap of trees, muddy death holes and preying animals.
Out of a bush came a bloody hand, ripped and torn. The rest of the body was not much different. In front of the prickly bush there stood a figure. The figure happened to be holding a big dirty stick. The face of this boy was not showing the happiest expression, with a nose that was bent to the right, eyes that were bloodshot and ears that were scrapped. This boy George was accompanied by his older brother Chris. This tall, strong, heavily built figure with blue eyes, blonde hair and perfect clothes looked as if he came straight from a holiday resort. Something in George’s eyes looked as if he was scared, lost, frightened and even watched.
The brothers set off deeper in the Amazon. They tried their best to not leave any trails but there was always one noise that would give away their location, it was the constant winging of Chris about his perfect facial appearance. The trees got closer and closer together. The space around them was becoming more and more unpleasant. The night sky entered without any notice and engulfed the daylight, bringing darkness and sorrow. They had to stop and make shelter for the night. Up ahead there was a small cabin on top of a tree. But the problem was there was no way to get up, no ladder, no support and definitely no rope. “Why did we stop” asked Chris curiously. George didn’t respond, just stood there thinking of a way to get up. “Let’s throw our bags up there first, so that will be some weight off our backs and then we climb up one at a time” said George. George took a step back and threw his back pack up. The bag landed on the top with a thud. Something wasn’t right. The bag fell right back down. George threw it again and waited a few seconds later, the bag fell back down. George was fed up. “Give us a try, weakling” teased Chris. “Fine” said George and threw the bag straight at Chris’s face. “Hey, watch out, Bro, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a face this perfect, only the well gifted and those deserving can get a face this good. You on the other hand, well that’s another story. “Just throw the dam bag” barked George. Chris just laughed and had a try at throwing the bag. A perfect shot that landed deep in the cabin. Both George and Chris waited for about 2 minutes. The bag stayed. “Well there you go, I’m better looking and I’m stronger... “Said Chris but before he was about to finish his sentence, something dropped from the cabin. It wasn’t the bag, it was small round and it was ticking. Just then it exploded sending smoke in every direction, debris was flying all over the place. As the smoke cleared, the damage could be clearly seen. Trees in a 10 meter radius were destroyed and fire engulfed the leaves on the ground and right in the centre of the ground, there laid two lifeless bodies.
George woke up slowly and gently rubbing his eyes before actually opening them. The environment, he was in almost made him puke. There were bodies everywhere, some intact and others in pieces. George hadn’t noticed yet but his hands were nailed together. He didn’t even try to move his hands. Next to him in a small cage was Chris. All congested together but still alive. George tried waking up his brother but he didn’t get up. Next to George was a small red box. Inside the box there was a knife wrapped around a small note. The note read.

To find the key, cut and destroy the body and look under the heart, next to the left lung and do all this before your life comes to an end.

At first George didn’t know what was going on, and then it struck him. He leaned over to Chris’s body and looked at his shirt; it was drenched in fresh blood. George went closer and ripped Chris’s shirt. Down the middle of his heart was a line. The line was a stitch that was only made about an hour ago. George tried to wake up Chris but it wasn’t any use. He didn’t respond. Just then there was a screeching noise, the wall in front started to open up and out came a small machine. It was coming straight for him. With swords and knives and sharp objects protruding from the sides and the middle. The machine was moving at a constant speed. George only had 3 minuted to live. George looked back at the note and read it again. It all made sense, George had to do the unthinkable, an Autopsy for his living brother.
George liked his brother too much to risk his life. It was either Chris or George. It was a selfish choice. George tried getting up but then noticed that he had a metal chain around his neck. George was too young to die. Just then a arm shot out and grabbed his neck. George turned around to see that it was Chris. He looked so different. Bloodshot eyes, blood dripping from his mouth and his left ear was cut off. “Ah, ah, C -Chris please let go” said George. Chris just growled. The grip around George’s neck was getting tighter and tighter. George picked up the knife using both his arms. This was extremely hard when your hands have been nailed together. George stabbed the knife into Chris’s left wrist. Chris let go and howled in pain. George knew what he had to do. Tears dripped from his eyes, but he still went ahead. He stabbed the knife in Chris’s head, within seconds Chris died. George made an incision down Chris’s heart. This was very hard. George placed both his hands down the hole. It felt warm and wet. George was looking and searching. The machine was only about a meter away. Just then George pulled it out, it was the key. Now George had another problem. Where was the keyhole that stopped this murderous machine? Then George spotted it. It was on the machine itself, next to the place where the swords came out, there was a small keyhole. There was only one way he could manage this, he had to let the machine get close enough to his leg. George placed the key between his toes’s and then reached on towards the machine. The key slipped and George was losing time. He tried again and this time he got it in. The trouble was now starting. Some of the swords changed their angles and aimed straight for George’s leg. The swords penetrated his thick skin and bones, George howled out in pain and there were tears pouring from his face. He didn’t stop or pull back his leg. Even with the pain he turned his leg, and the key turned. The machine roared and died soon after. The chain around George’s neck automatically fell off. George was highly relieved, but the thought of his dead brother made him fell like a traitor.
George slowly stood up and tried to walk, it was extremely hard but he did it. There was a small opening behind from where the machine entered. A dim light was flickering and the floor was wet. A noise came behind him and turned around just in time to see the object rushing at him. He ran. Stumbling nearly all the time. There was a small opening just ahead. George jumped and just made it inside. What he saw inside, he will never forget.
The room was huge, like a giant hall and inside was a rocket. The rocket stood about 35 meters. Just behind the rocket was a massive red wall. On the wall was about a thousand LCD screens, each one showing a different picture. The LCD’s seem to be recording everything that went on in the Amazon. There was this one screen that was showing Chris’s dead body lying still. George was confused and disturbed. Something was moving around in his hair. He reached and pulled out a metal cockroach. He slammed it against the floor and heard a crunch, but this wasn’t the sound coming from the insect it was someone behind him. There stood a boy about George’s age. The boy tilted his head and stared very closely at George. What the boy did next was truly psychotic.
The boy started to crack his knuckles and twist his neck. Then he grabbed a stick and jabbed it into his left eye. George just stood there and watched in horror. Then the boy grabbed his hair with both hands and pulled, till his scalp was tearing of his head. Parts of the skull were revelling. Blood poured non- stop from his head. His left eye socket was empty. He grabbed his stick and jabbed it into his heart again and again. His chest had about fifty holes in it but he didn’t stop. He bit off about 7 chunks out of his wrist. He grabbed a rock that was on the floor and jabbed it into his right eye. The boy stopped killing himself and walked towards George.
George watched in horror and crawled backwards. The boy was getting closer and closer, with his torn body. He grabbed George’s arm and took a bite. George howled out in pain and punched the boys left cheek with his other hand. The boy stumbled and charged once again towards George. Just then George remembered that the knife was in his left pocket. George took the knife and stabbed it in the only part of a man that would kill him in one shot, his groin.
The boy stumbled and fell backwards, dying instantly. Just then the dead body turned into a big ball of smoke and vanished. George coughed and went to his feet, his whole body was aching, but all he felt was sorrow and despair. George stood looking at the wall when suddenly... “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” came a noise from one of the LCD’s. George saw the rocket starting up. George knew that he was too weak to stop the rocket and so he ran. Back through the cave and into the open space. George was safe but he had no idea where the rocket was going. George looked back and saw the machine approaching, and on top of the machine was the boy.” Hello, George. Said the boy. Welcome to your worst nightmare...”
George woke up all of a sudden, back in his bedroom with all his belongings and possessions. George felt relieved. He then got out of bed for a small glass of milk. He placed on some slippers and headed for the steps. As he was making his way down he stumbled and fell down seven stairs. It was a hard and painful fall. When he looked up to see what he had tripped on he was shocked.
In front was a arm, obviously ripped off. George jumped to his feet and ran towards the kitchen. ”Hello George, were back” said the boy. The boy had tied up George’s parents and his brother. In the boys left hand was George’s dogs head. George tried to turn and run but approaching towards him was the machine, bigger and meaner with more swords than ever before. George froze hoping that this was another dream; he finally figured out that it wasn’t when one of the swords went flying towards his head...

The author's comments:
This written piece of work is extremely fun and entertaining and will keep you in the edge of your seat.

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