The New Day

April 10, 2011
By Agent-011 BRONZE, San Luis Obispo, California
Agent-011 BRONZE, San Luis Obispo, California
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Anticipating the new day, I sat up and pulled off the soft sheets that covered my body. Blissful sleep had put me in a jolly mood, and as the thunder in the distance faded away I got up and slipped into my warm, fuzzy slippers. Catching the lamp that the tremor knocked off the nightstand, I ambled over to the bathroom, stepping into the soothing stream of water that poured from the shower head. Debris fell from the corner of the tattered ceiling as I stepped out of the shower and felt my warm, clean, tender skin. Enjoying the sweet smell of pancakes topped with delicious syrup, I listened to the shrieks of the people outside and thought about how great the day would be. Feeling cheerful, I looked out my window at the torn up streets covered with dark red stains, making a note to get red curtains for the window. Giggling to myself, I waved at the people lying motionless on the ground outside. Hearing a knock at the door, I meandered over to look through the peephole at the terrified couple pacing on my doorstep. I heard scattered thuds as I opened my door, but when I saw nothing but two lumps covered with an ugly shade of red I let out a chuckle before I closed the door. Jackson called to me, and I stepped over the pieces of the crumbled wall on my way upstairs. Keeping away from the blaze engulfing the spare room, I climbed the stairs, smiling as I opened the door to his room. Looking around, I saw him lying on the bed and tenderly hugged the small, limp form, running my hands through his soft hair. “Mommy will come back soon” I whispered to him, grinning as the tear ran down my cheek. Narrowly avoiding the bullets bursting through the window, I set him back down on the bed, kissing him on the cheek before I turned to leave. Occasionally a shockwave would shake the house, but the walls remained intact as I shuffled back down the stairs. Putrid smells of death entered my nose as I opened the window before sitting down on the couch. Quarantine warnings filled the room as I turned on the TV, trying to relax on the soft cushions while flipping through the channels. Rumbling could be heard in the distance as the last vehicle left town, but faded as I continued to sift through each dismal news story. Skinny celebrities soon filled the screen; I smiled as I watched them scurry around onscreen. The show was soon replaced by yet another melancholy news report, causing me to sob as I turned off the TV. Unarmed and vulnerable, I started to weep. Vain efforts to smile only disheartened me more, and soon I couldn’t contain it any longer. Wailing at the top of my lungs, I picked up the chair sitting next to me, sending it crashing through the nearest window. Xanthic acid bubbled in small pools outside, and as I looked out over all the bodies I lost the last piece of sanity left in me. Yelling as loud as I could, I rushed toward the nearest wall, bouncing off the soft yellow cushion that covered it. Zipped up in that jacket, I was powerless to stop them when they came in to take me away.

The author's comments:
This is the piece of writing that got me interested in writing in the first place. As with a lot of my writing, this was started in my English class as a journal I was writing. The thing that makes this piece unique is that it's written in ABC format; the first sentence starts with A, the second starts with B, and so on. Notice how the story starts with what seems like a normal day, but there is something sinister going on. Also, notice how the tone changes halfway through, when he goes upstairs to his son.

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This was such a clever peice! i truly love what you did here  keep up the great work   could you please check out and comment on my story Numb.  i would really appreciate the feedback

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