The doll

April 7, 2011
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It was in the midst of October, Molly stared out the window of the car; “Are we there yet?”
Her parents didn’t answer, “Ugh”, she replied. After leaving her friends back at her old neighborhood, she felt an upheaval of sadness and anxiety. When they arrived at the new house, she sighed, “Ready for a new start” she thought sadly. Being the only child in the family made her not only lonely, but as well as being the only one lectured at.

The new house looked creaky and old, but it was big; it had white garden walls and a red door, a green rooftop, and blue exterior. There was also a backyard, which had a well in the middle of the yard. Her parents came out of the car and investigated the house, she followed along. Her mother opened the door, it made a creaky sound. A spray of dust flew from the door, Molly hacked and coughed, “Well, just a little cleaning and fixing up the place a little, will look just as new.” Said her mother, Molly sighed and picked up the broom left from the previous owner.

“Alright, let’s unpack our stuff and check out the new rooms” said her father. Molly checked around, the bottom floor had a kitchen, a big living room, a playroom, several bathrooms and a basement. There were two flights of stairs parallel, but far on each side of the wall leading to upstairs, there she saw three large rooms. The first room had blue tinted walls, the second with a green hue and the third orange. Molly decided to pick the blue one. She opened her luggage to unload her stuff, then in the corner of her eye, she saw a shadow whiff by her, she spun around and looked to see nobody around, her parents were downstairs. She lied down on the bed and looked around, the room has a table on the right corner of the room, with a window on the left. There was also a closet on the right of her, then something caught her eye, a small doll house the size of a computer laptop. She picked the doll house up and looked at the compartments.

She squinted in the rooms, it looked exactly like this house, including the design outside. “Hah”, she thought; “someone must have build it to look just like this house” but then a small glassy doll dropped out from one of the tiny compartments. She picked the doll up. It had a transparent child-like glassy body, black button eyes, and completely bare with no face. “What a weird doll” she thought.

The next day, Molly and her parents drove to pick up new school clothes. Molly stared at the falling leaves out the car window. She lied down sideways and rested on the car seat, her head hit something cold. She picked it up, it was the same doll from her room, “How did this get here?” said Molly. The doll’s body suddenly got hot and stung her hand; “Ow!” she yelped, and dropped the doll. Her parents reached the store, she quickly got out. When she returned, the doll wasn’t on the car seat, she searched for it, but it was gone. Molly went to her room, she looked in the dollhouse; the doll was in the little blue room. She picked the doll up, having it creeping her out already, she hurried outside and threw it in the well on their backyard.

At night, Molly couldn’t sleep, a tiny voice whispered to her “Why do you hate me?” “Why did you throw me away?” “Shut up!” she retorted and covered her blanket over her head. The next morning, Molly yawned and woke up, but spotted the doll in a wet puddle standing on her rug. Molly picked the doll and quickly got outside to the backyard. In a fit of anger, she forcefully threw the doll in to the well, but her fingers slipped from the side of the well and lost her footing; she yelped and tumbled down the well. Her parents quickly got outside to investigate; they called for her and looked all over the well. They got upstairs to search in her room, but all they found was a doll on her bed, that looked exactly like their daughter but the sheets all sodden underneath.

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