killer in the night

April 12, 2011
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Its 11:30 at night, I wake up to hear rumblings and screaming. I thought they were just arguing, but as I walk down stairs I see blood everywhere. I’m shocked so I just stand there, but then I hear man’s voice. Oh killer in the night is still here, so I run up the steps. But my weight pushes down on the steps so I make some noise. The man hears me and rushes behind me, I try to run faster but he catches me. He puts a knife to my throat and whispers in my ear “Everybody has to die sometime, so why not now?” I’m shaking now because I’m scared, Oh killer in the night why are you here? We’re nothing but small family who never hurt anyone. So you would take my life, for what reason? I look around to see my family just lying there on the ground, Helpless. I’m on my knees in a puddle of their blood, he pulls my hair takes the knife and slits my throat. But it’s okay because everybody has to die sometime right?

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