Chocolate Memory.

March 31, 2011
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“ Well aren’t you a pretty little lady,” he grinned with a grin that was more than unusual, “How old are you?”

“I’m 6-years-old,” Chloe replied in a shy voice..

“Would you like some candy dearie?” Chloe looked at the long chocolate bar that seemed to be purposefully placed in a way that she couldn’t resist. Motioning her hands towards the chocolate bar, her fingertips touched the crackling wrapper. That innocent chocolate bar will haunt Chloe for the rest of her life.

Chloe’s mom screamed, “ Chloe! Come downstairs for breakfast!”

“Yeah, ok Mom! I’ll be right down,” she muffled. Chloe slammed her laptop shut and threw it onto her bed where she secretly spent the last hour talking to a friend about their weekend. It is the last Sunday morning of the school year so her mom decided to make Chloe’s favorite breakfast. Quickly tying her hair up in a loose bun, Chloe came skipping down the stairs into the freshly baked chocolate chip pancake aroma. Chloe sat down at the table where only two plates prepared, two forks, and two knives for her and her mom. Chloe’s mom and dad got a divorce when she was four-years-old. The last eleven years of her life was a roller-coaster for Chloe and her mom, but that’s what made their relationship stronger. It has been quite a few years since her mom has felt that unique love bound and she wishes someday to experience it again.

“Aw, mom you made my favorite,” Chloe said while gulping up a forkful of the chocolate chip pancake.

“Enjoy it, you’ll need the energy. Today’s going to be a special day!” her mom said. She cleaned up the pans and put away the chocolate chips in the cabinet.

“What are we doing today?” Chloe asked.

“I met this man at my office a while ago and he seems really sweet. He’s new to Connecticut so I asked him to come over for dinner tonight,” her mom said with excitement.

“Oh, well ok. I can’t wait to meet him,” Chloe responded. She wasn’t sure if it really was going to be a pleasure in meeting this man that her mom may be falling for. It now meant that it wouldn’t be just her and her mom. It might soon be him too.

The vacuum was plugged into a socket the whole day. It got pushed around by Chloe who snooped into conversations between her mom and her “crush” throughout the day. Chloe was glad that her mom finally found someone. Hopefully it would be someone that makes her life better; not worse.

“Honey, I’m going to go run for some groceries. I was thinking of making some spaghetti for the three of us. Does that sound good?” Chloe’s mom said.

“Yeah that sounds perfect, mom. See you in a little!” Chloe responded. A pause came through and then Chloe’s mom injected in,

“Oh and Chloe?”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“If John arrives let him in, ok?” Chloe’s mom said, “Ask him if he would like a drink, make nice conversations until I get back.”

“Yeah sure ok,” Chloe said with a sigh after she left. The door of the garage slammed shut and Chloe continued to vacuum the house. Without hurrying she walked up the stairs thinking to her self, I bet he’s going to walk up any minute now.

Time passed slowly, but a knock came through the front door that seemed to echo throughout the house. Chloe took baby steps down the stairs and onto the rug of the front door. The knob of the door sent a chill throughout her body like a cold wispy breeze. She made a slow twisting motion in unlocking the door and a ray of moonlight came in through the door crack.

“Well, hello there. You must be Chloe?” John said.

In the fall of that year her mom and John got married in little town that looked across the glistening lake water and the deep tranquil forest. Instead of being just Chloe and her mom it is now Chloe, her mom, and John. Living something new doesn’t always mean it will turn out perfect. It has been six months, six months since she opened the door to John. Six months that his silhouette and demeanor have haunted her… She knew that she had met him before. She doesn’t remember the day that they actually really have met, but plans to find out.

“John,” Chloe’s mom said in between a few cling and clanging of pots and pans, “ could you go run some errands for me dear?”

“I will get right to it!” he replied.

Why is he always so excited about doing things for mom? He’s a man for Pete’s sake! Isn’t he supposed to be watching football? Chloe thought to her self. She quickly realized he wasn’t “normal”. She felt there was something fishy in the way he acts. If she were to tell her mom that, she probably wouldn’t listen anyway. The perfect plan most be made to keep her mom safe. She realized that she could be going a little over the top, but it was worth it. School was over and Chloe had nothing else better to do.

Now that John has moved in with Chloe and her mom, piles of boxes were still clumsily placed in the center of the living room. The curious Chloe decides to snoop around a little because it’s not like he should have anything to hide from her. We are family now, might as well get all of the secrets out of the way, Chloe thought to herself as she sliced through the duck tape with a knife to open one of the moving boxes. Chloe snapped a picture of what the top of the box said, cameras extremely fragile!

Chloe quietly opened the flaps and started to search through. Picture, after picture of what seemed to be mothers and daughters. Pretty, young, girls and their mothers were snapped in many pictures. Chloe was shocked of the series of photographs. John did this? Who are these people? Chloe knew that he is a photographer, but there was still something awkward about these photos. What was wrong? She couldn’t yet put her finger on it.

After Chloe went through all the photos, she placed them back in the box just as they were. Making sure not to make John suspicious when he comes back. Before she placed the photos entirely back in the box she noticed a cell phone. One that was black, used, and old. Chloe held the On button with her shaking thumb, nervous if anyone walked in on her snooping. The cell phone finally turned on and Chloe directed herself right to the messages that John sent,


TO: 480-234-8906 FROM: John DATE: 1/26/02 PREVIEW MESSAGE: Hello deary, why don’t we…

TO: 480-234-8906 FROM: John DATE: 1/25/02 PREVIEW MESSAGE:
I’ve seen you around…

TO: 480-234-8906 FROM: John DATE: 1/24/02 PREVIEW MESSAGE:
Hello I’m so glad I met…

TO: 602-223-5278 FROM: John DATE: 1/20/02 PREVIEW MESSAGE:
Sorry it had to end…

TO: 602-223-5278 FROM: John DATE: 12/28/01 PREVIEW MESSAGE:
I can’t wait until we…


Even though Chloe doesn’t know who those people were, she started to have an idea. She processed in all the info that was just pouring into her mind. It looks like John was text messaging to the moms of the children in the photos, Chloe thought to herself. Quickly turning the cell phone off she placed it back at the bottom of the box only to find another suspicious item. Taped onto the inside of the box were a bunch of newspaper articles all on recent crimes or deaths. Chloe carefully took the tape off the articles and discreetly glanced through the pictures, underlined words, and scribbled notes on the side that seemed to catch her thoughts from even moving on. Chloe realized that she was looking into something that was way much bigger than it seems. What should I do? Should I talk to John… hmm… maybe not. He’s never been violent towards me, but the contents of the box might show a different side of him. Should I talk to my mom? I might put her in danger if I do. Probably the best thing to do is tell the police, Chloe thought long and hard to herself.

Next morning when John and Chloe’s mom left for work, she carried the box and all the pieces of evidence in it. Arriving at the bus stop, she paid the driver and sat in the back, alone. Now she’s in for a long ride to the police station. Beads of sweat dripped down the long narrow side of her face. She was as pale as a ghost, but so ready to reveal what she found out about John.

The police took all of Chloe’s information and evidence; they didn’t waste time to go find John. Sheriffs were all around town in the matter of minutes searching for him. No evidence was found at his photography studio. Chloe went back home. When she arrived the front door was wide open. She was scared to go in, but felt like someone or something was waiting for her inside. Cautiously she ventured in her house, she saw that all of Johns’ boxes have been open. Instantly she knew it was him. He was trying to find the box that she turned in to the police.

A few moments later, Chloe’s mom arrives and joins her in the living room. It was time for a big explanation. At first her mom couldn’t believe what she heard, but later admits that John’s behavior was at times very odd. They walked over to the kitchen and both saw a letter on the counter. They knew the letter was going to give them all the answers to the many questions they had. The letter said,

Dear Susan and Chloe,

By the time you read this letter I will be gone. I will not be missed by anyone, not by the ones in my past or the ones in my present. I know you will never forgive me for what I have done, but my intention was never to hurt you. This was the only way to keep you two safe from who I really am. I have been watching many single mothers and their daughters. I became obsessed with committing the perfect crime. I have been previously married, more than once, but I have always vanished when I couldn’t control my urge to harm these innocent people. I now realize that it is better for everyone if I disappear once and for all. My body can be found in the lake, our lake.
Sorry, John.

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