The Accident

April 6, 2011
By aks_5 SILVER, Oak Forest, Illinois
aks_5 SILVER, Oak Forest, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Never take life seriously, no one gets out alive anyways.

We look so alike. It’s almost like we’re the same person. But, we can’t be the same person. That isn’t possible, is it? I never had a twin. And a clone? Simply ridiculous. Then why do we have the same lips, the same eyes, the same face? Are you me? Am I even myself?
Deep breaths.
I remember driving somewhere. Maybe to the store? Or to school? No…no…I was driving to his house. Why can’t I remember his name? Why can’t I remember our name? Wait, why are your eyes closing? Why are you turning pale? I try to reach out to your face, but I can’t see my hand.
What is happening?
I was in the car going to his house, and there was a little girl and her mother crossing the street. I remember, because she reminded me of us. Then I swerved and almost hit a tree. I was so scared that I forgot I was in a car in the middle of the road. I unbuckled my seatbelt… and then…and then…
Why can’t I remember anything?
Wait, I hear a siren. An ambulance? Why would we need an ambulance? You look fine. We look fine. I remember! My seatbelt was off and I was just about to get out of my car when I heard a really loud crunching noise. Then I was flying. I went through the windshield and just kept going and going. Then, I ended up here. Hovering over you, with this annoying siren blasting in my ear. Who’s that? A paramedic? Wait, why is he checking your pulse? Why is pressing on your chest? What’s going on!
That’s him! That’s the guy! I was going to his house! Why is he here? Why is there tears dripping down his face? Now everything is fading. My vision is being replaced by a blinding light. Why is it so bright? I feel pressure on my chest. Then it goes away and comes back. I can feel my eyes opening. And that stupid siren is louder than ever. Him. He’s standing over me.
He’s still crying.
“Don’t cry; I’m right here,” I try to say, but all that comes out is stale breath. “Please, don’t cry.” I start coughing and coughing. I hear the paramedic yell something, and I’m being lifted onto a stretcher. He follows us onto the ambulance and holds my hand. It feels so familiar and it kills me that I can’t remember his name.
“It’s going to be okay, Emmy,” he whispers. Emmy? Is that my name? I try to smile, and that makes him smile. I wish I could remember who he is. I feel a little flutter in the bottom of my stomach and I almost think it feels like love. But that’s crazy. I don’t even know this boy. I try to speak again, but I end up coughing. Then something wet is coming out of my mouth. Blood. My head starts hurting and I can see my vision getting fuzzy.
I don’t want to go. I want to stay here with him and let him hold my hand. But tears are leaking from his eyes again and I can’t stand seeing him cry. I want to see his smile again because it reminded me of home; wherever that is.
He leans down and whispers right into my ear, “I love you.” I try to make my mouth form those same words and I almost think it does because he flashes that beautiful smile again. When the darkness comes, I welcome it because the last thing I saw was his smile.
And dying with that image in my head wasn’t so bad.

The author's comments:
I submited this to my school's literary magazine. Enjoy (:

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on Apr. 20 2011 at 6:25 pm
ChaChaSlide BRONZE, Lawerenceville, New Jersey
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It was interesting. I was slightly confused with the same person thing, and thought it was a little vague at times (perhaps to captivate, but it was sort of... i dont know... unnecessary? annoying?) but it was goooodddd

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