That Night

April 4, 2011
By Reconciliar DIAMOND, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Reconciliar DIAMOND, Pembroke Pines, Florida
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It’s dark out; I’m with my cousin. Tonight is Halloween; I’m a little girl and my cousins are taking me treating. They take me through a strange old alley way. The buildings look abandoned; there’s an eerie feeling.
I see other children walking through here. I notice another alley, and out of curiosity I walk toward it. There’s no light, just darkness. A mysterious figure is walking toward me. I try to get away, but the gate that leads to the path, magically shuts. Pounding my fist on the door, I scream and shout for help. Turning around and seeing the sharp blade yearning to touch my flesh and to drip with me blood. I bang harder hoping someone will open the gate.
I can almost feel the knife slicing through me. I feel its ice cold surface starting to cut me. The gate screeches open. I’m not thinking; I’m just running. Where I don’t know, I’m just running, trying to get away. I hear the footsteps behind me. They are getting closer. I cut through some bushes and for a second I think I have lost the masked man. I find myself in a small playground. Creek, creek. The swings are swaying, but with no kids in them. I can’t see much; there are shadows everywhere. All of a sudden there’s something riddling in the trees. I can’t make out what it is, but two glowing red eyes peek out. My muscles grow stiff with fear, my body an unmovable rock. I hear the screech of the blade against the aluminum bars, the crackling of the mulch as he takes each step, then dead silence of the night. I try to run again but I can’t
This seems like the end. Life as I know it is over. I feel the sharp pain over and over again. Weightlessness as my almost lifeless body drops to the ground. My eye lids are getting heavy. He bends down. Through a bleary vision I can see his solid black mask stained with my red blood.
As I drift out of consciousness, he whispers “You should’ve been in the alley.”
Who will save me?
When I come to, there where doctors are all around. They rush me down the hall; the gurney jerking me until I’m completely aware of where I am. I remain in the hospital for weeks.
One day in the hospital I wake up to find a black mask at the end of my bed. It can’t be! I search the room for some kind of clue as to where this came from. Then the nurse walked in, she approaches to my bedside and picks up the masked, opening her mouth to say that a man came by earlier while I was sleeping and left it. My stomach drops; how did he find me? Then I notice something sticking out of the mask. It is a note: “See you when we get home Love, Dad.”

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