Linda Bond

March 30, 2011
By JerniganC BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
JerniganC BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Linda sat in her car reflecting upon the murder and her two years in the witness protection agency. She closed her eyes and thought for a moment. Right as she started to become relax, she heard a loud thump outside of the car. She had only left her protectors from the agency for one moment and something or someone was already after her. She looked around and saw nothing. Maybe it was a bird, or worse, maybe it was Adnil, her twin sister who started this whole mess. Linda had witnessed her sister commit a murder, forcing Linda to be put in witness protection. Back inside the car, Linda nervously tried to get the keys in the ignition. She had terrible eyesight and wore microscopes for glasses, so the thump from outside made it even harder to start the car. She tried to start the car, but nothing happened. She tried a few more times, but every failure to start the car made her even more nervous. Finally, she started the car and assessed the situation. She decided she was going to run.
She pulled out of the driveway and put the pedal to the metal. Never turning back to see what was behind her. She couldn’t help but believe that Adnil was closer than ever. How could Adnil have found her? She headed for the highway and went north towards nowhere. On the highway, Linda started to think again about her life and the situation she was in. She worked in the largest library on the West Coast for most of her life. She was an old librarian that only read books and watched television. Witnessing the murder was the only interesting thing that happened in her life. She was always scared of getting old. Looking back, she noticed she did nothing to fix this fear. She was tired of being the old tiny librarian and was not going to die an old woman on the run. She decided to take the fight to her sister, so she could live for once in her life. This was a great idea, but how could she beat her killer sister. As she thought of ideas, she turned on her audio book, “The Bookworm Spy”. This was her favorite book; it was about a librarian that was really a spy. That is what she would do she thought; Linda would use her spy knowledge to defeat Adnil. Linda was not a real spy, but was the next best thing. She had read every spy book and seen every spy movie. She had also watched every Burn Notice episode as if it was her religion. Her plan was to lead Adnil into her library, notify the police to catch her and avoid getting get shot by Adnil.
As she drove, she felt something touching her leg. She reached her hand slowly down, relieved to find a loose wire hanging down. She pulled it close to her eyes; it was a bug! Adnil had been tracking her. Linda thought for a moment and then realized, she could use this to her advantage. Just like in Burn Notice, the bug could be used to trick the one listening into taking a false lead. Pretending to talk to herself, she explained how she was going to the library at twelve to feel at home one more time before running for her life. Feeling more and more like a spy, she got off the highway and found the nearest pay phone. She called the witness protection agency and explained her plan. They agreed to dress in red t-shirts and wear Nike sneakers so she would know who they were. They would also arrive at eleven-thirty to get their positions ready. The time was ten o’clock and Linda had two hours until her plan was in action. She was so excited she named herself “Bond, Linda Bond”.
At eleven forty-five, Linda arrived at the library and saw her sister’s black van entering right behind her. She got out and pretended she did not even notice them. As she entered, she scanned the library, seeing the four cops dressed as she had planned. She walked to the first bookshelf and waited. Out of the corner of her eye, she followed her sister as she entered. She led Adnil into the maze of bookshelves as she fled. Adnil followed and the cops slowly followed Adnil. Linda sneaked left and right, navigating through the shelves. She did not have to be fast to lose her sister; she just had to know every twist and turn in the library. Having lost her sister in the maze, she slipped into the staff room and waited for the cops to take care of business. Though it felt like forever, Linda felt no fear of any kind; she was a spy now. She was not the old librarian, scared of getting old anymore. From outside the door, Linda heard gun shots and the cops apprehending Adnil. Linda peered from the room and found the cops with Adnil, wounded with a shot to the shoulder. Linda looked at Adnil, full of confidence, and said, “I may be a bookworm, but I’m closing your book”

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