March 28, 2011
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(WARNING: Names have been changed to protect the innocent)
          Lying in my darkened room, waiting for sleep to come.  Minutes tick by and I wait.  My thoughts leap about, while I lie there, starring at the ceiling.  Time slowly continues to slip by, and sleep continues to evade me.  Finally, late in the night, I succumb to the fatigue.
                    .                                      .                                     .
          It appears to be dusk and I am standing by a large tree, that is moving as if in the wind.  Yet there is none.  The only other thing I can see is soft grass that stretches far off into the distance.  I notice a door, on the side of the tree trunk nearest me.  I turn to enter, and immediately the tree responds.  It starts thrashing violently, its branches flailing in every direction, making it impossible to reach the door.  However, I know a trick.  I know the secret way to paralyze the violent branches.  
          I start looking for a long stick, being careful to stay far away from the harm of the branches.  After only a few short minutes, I discover the perfect stick.  I walk towards the tree but still not close enough for it to reach me.  The branch is the perfect length, and so I prod the tree, and instantly, it relaxes.  The branches slow and once again, begin the gentle waving of the invisible wind.
          I draw closer to the tree, not hesitating this time.  I reach the door, and it opens at my touch.   I peer in, but all that I can see, is an inky black.  I am afraid to venture an farther, for I now fear the depths of the tree.  However, I close my eyes, and step forward into the shadows.
          I am sliding down.  I land on something hard on something hard, but continue to fall.  I look around to find that there is now a low light, just enough for me to see what is around me.  However, I am descending so quickly that I cannot discern anything, except for torches on the wall, placed here and there.  
          Before I can do anything more than glance about, I have reached the bottom.  I tumble off the slide and gaze around me.  I am in a small hallway, and the walls seem to be made out of tree bark, and so, apparently, is the slide, but it has been smoothed away to almost perfection.
          I leisurely begin to walk down the hallway, taking my time to look at my surroundings.  When I am almost to the end, I hear a noise behind me.  I start and spin to see what had caused the noise.  At first I cannot see what had caused it, but as I edge closer, I start to see a small figure that is about my size.
          The girl looks up and I gasp.  I run over to help her up.  Now I am excited to be here, for the girl is one of my friends, Margo.  She looks around and I ask, “What are you doing here?  How did you even get here?” 
Margo stares at me, “I saw you go in to the tree and I wanted to come in here as well.”
“Okay!” I say happy to not be alone, “Let’s go!”
          So we start walking.  Margo takes the lead, but I do not mind so I follow.  We reach the end of the hallway, where there are three roads.  Instead of the tree walls, we are now surrounded by trees.  But they are not normal trees.  These trees appear to be clay, and are a dull reddish brown. 
          On the path farthest from us, the trees are thicker and closer together.  They cast a frightful shadow.  From what we can see of the trees, they are covered in long, sharp thorns that are about three inches wide, and poke six inches out from the tree.  It would be very difficult to go through that thicket of trees.  Margo and I look at each other and nod.  We do not like the idea of going on that path.
          On the path that is closer to us, there is a wretched smell.  Margo and I wrinkle our noses.  We try to look closer and see millions of flies.  They are flying in a circle, until they see us.  Simultaneously, they all stop, and turn our direction.  Margo and I quickly turn away, and they resume their spinning.  Definitely not that path.
          On the road nearest us, there is a sign that reads “DANGER!  DO NOT ENTER!”  However, this road appears to be open, no sharp trees, no flies, no smell.  Nothing.  I am torn, for this appears to be the best option, but this one has the sign.  Signs are there for a reason.
          I decide we should take the first path for we are small, and could easily dodge the thorns.  I start towards the path, forgetting to discuss this decision with Margo.  I had only gone a few steps when I notice that Margo is not following.  I turn around to see what is going on.
          “I think we should take this path.” She says.  “I mean,” she hurries when she sees my startled expression. “Whoever put that sign up probably just did not want people to see where they are.”
          “But it might actually be dangerous!” I say, worried about the direction her thoughts were going.  Once her mind was made up, there was no changing it.
          “Well, there is only one way to find out.” She said, and before I could stop her, she darted into the tree on the third path.  I hesitated for a second, but then dart after her into the trees.  I tell myself it is to help her, but I am probably just afraid to be here alone.
          I look around the path.  There is nothing there but the clay trees, but the road twists and goes around a corner.  I look down to take a step.  But then I scream.  A few feet ahead of me is a small pile of bones.  Stripped of all flesh, as if they were thousands of years old.  But they are not.  They are only seconds old, for they are Margo.  My once so close friend was gone within a matter of seconds.
          I am gasping for air.  My vision blurs from the tears that are now falling.  I turn and start to run, but my way is blocked.  Huge wolves are standing there with blood dripping from their mouths.  They start forward towards me.  I back away until my back is pressed up on a tree.  The largest wolf that appears to be the leader prepares to pounce.  I stare on its merciless eye.  It leaps-
          I open my eyes.  I am lying in my bed, safe and sound.  My face is wet from the tears that I actually shed.  I lay there for a long time, convincing myself that it was not real, that it was only a dream.  I finally doze off again, only this time, I do not dream.

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