Devil's Night

April 2, 2011
By hangingshoe57 BRONZE, Burlington, Kentucky
hangingshoe57 BRONZE, Burlington, Kentucky
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Just like every other day of the year, Allison woke up to the rumbling and banging of a train passing just outside the window in her apartment. She quickly got herself ready and headed off to school, skipping breakfast. That was her routine for every day of the entire school year, but that day was not an ordinary school day. It was October 30th. The majority of the kids in Allison's school were excited for this day because they got to throw massive parties and go wreak havoc on the houses of their neighbor; however, Allison was not. There was no party for Allison to go to on this Friday, nor was there ever a party for her on the day before Halloween. None of her friends ever knew why Allison didn't go party before Halloween. 13 years ago on the 30th day of October Allison's father, Daniel, left her and her mother to die on the streets of Detroit, and hasn't to be seen since then. He believed it was for the best life Allison could have, because he was a jobless drug addict with mental instability issues. One day, he bundled her up in a blanket and left her in her mother's pick up truck. Allison had only faint scratches of memories and a few old family portraits to remember her father by, and she desperately wished she had more than that.

As Allison passed by the broken, rusty lockers, the sight of lime green vomit all over the wall greeted her just above her own locker. That day was going to be a good day. Upon opening her now soiled locker, she noticed a flier with a card attached to it on the inner wall that said, “It has been 13 years it is time to get over it”. She took the associated card and all it had was the word “Party” and an address. She took this card over to her best friends, Becky and Tabitha. The three of them decided that that they were going to this party right after they all got off work at 9 o'clock.

After hanging up her apron, Allison immediately picked up her friends and went to the address on the card. The neighborhood looked deserted, and the smell of raw sewage leaked into their car and stung the insides of their nostrils as soon as they parked in the driveway. The building itself looked structurally sound and that was the only positive about it. Leafy green vines had completely taken over the windows, walls, and roof. The wood it was made out of was visibly splintering, and the handrails nearly fell apart when the three teenagers grabbed a hold of them. Thinking that it was just creepy in the spirit of Halloween, the girls knocked on the door. Without a person to be seen, the immense wooden door creaked open, only stopping when it hit the wall to their left. There was a huge sign hanging overhead and written on it in faded crimson red paint was a warning that only two people could enter the maze at one time. Tabitha went in the maze alone because she was a bodybuilding black belt in karate that was stronger than the majority of the football team.

Nearly five minutes after Tabitha had ventured into the maze, the floor that Allison and Becky were standing on collapsed, putting them in the middle of a huge empty room. They glanced around the room looking for an exit and all they saw was their dear friend Tabitha blindfolded and tied to a chair across the room. Assuming it was some sick joke the girls told Tabitha to quit screwing with them, and to help them get out of there. They pleaded with her until they finally saw a solid stream of crimson liquid pouring out of her mouth. Allison screamed at the top of her lungs, and sat in shock as Becky ran to help Tabitha. Becky made it halfway across the room before a steel cage fell upon her, leaving her helpless and trapped. Allison moved her feet as fast as she could towards her friends, but she couldn't gain traction, and she couldn't get anywhere. As she looked around to see why she couldn't make any progress, she felt an arm wrapped around her abdomen, holding her back. The attacker's other arm was holding a rag doused in chloroform up against her mouth Before she could fight back, she was already out cold.

When she woke up, she found herself tied to a chair, in a dark room with two monitors one was marked Becky and the other was marked Tabitha. There was a few hours of complete darkness, but suddenly there was a picture on the Tabitha monitor. It showed Tabitha's lifeless body laying defenseless on the floor in a large room, and their captor, a man in a yellow trench coat and a green mask. The masked man looked up at the camera and signaled to Allison to gain her attention. Then, the masked man took a hunting knife, and thrust it into Tabitha's breast plate, splattering the blood that filled her lungs, all over the floor around him. He made Allison watch closely as he ripped every single rib out of her chest, and jabbed it into her entrails. He tore nearly every muscle off of Tabitha's bones, and stabbed it on to her ribs. He tore out her bones with his bare hands, and beat the corpse repeatedly, until the remaining tissue of her body had the consistency of mashed potatoes, getting more, and more tender with each blow to her body. After he finished this bloody rampage, the feed on the Tabitha monitor abruptly cut off.

Only a few moments later, there was something on the Becky monitor. It was just Becky laying on the floor in a different room, still breathing. Allison watched intensely as the masked man woke Becky up. He tied a rope around her neck, and attached the rope to the floor via a rusty hook. When the man left, Becky tried to raise her head, and could barely get it a few inches off of the ground. Suddenly, Becky started panicking. A few seconds later, Allison finally realized why. She saw that there was water on the floor, and the water level was rising. The water stopped just at Becky's nose. In order to breathe, Becky had to pull her head up as far as possible, and slightly collapse her esophagus. Things took a turn for the worst when Becky tried to drink the water, only to find that it was actually saltwater, and every gulp she took dried out her throat more and more. She needed to breathe and reached forward gasping for air. The force of her moving her head forward ruptured her dried esophagus and all the air she was breathing exited her throat, filling up the rest of her body, and not getting in the blood stream. Her oxygen deprived blood painfully floated through her veins as she squirmed trying to free herself from imminent death. She was seizing in excruciating pain until finally, her brain could go no longer without air and she laid there motionless.

Allison was in the beginning stages of dehydration from not drinking, and crying from seeing her friends killed in front of her, when she heard footsteps getting close to her. The footsteps stopped, right next to her, and out from the darkness came the masked man holding a bottle of water for her to drink. Allison drank the water in hopes that it would wake her up from this nightmare, but instead, she just heard the man say, “Have you ever heard of roofies?” followed by deep laughter and “Get ready.”. Right when those last words left his tongue, things got very blurry for Allison and her captor's words just echoed inside her head.

When she was finally able to make sense of things again, she found herself in light for the first time in what felt like days. She was in a hole about 20 feet deep, and next to her, was the card that brought her to the house. All the card said was, “Tag, you're it!”. She looked around the pit to see what she could use to get out of there and she saw a ladder on the wall of the hole. She instantly ran towards it. When she got to the ladder, she was so sickened that she vomited onto the ground below her. What she saw was a ladder made from the bones of her best friends, held together by their connective and muscle tissue. Each rung of bone was covered in shards of glass. Not wanting her friends' dismemberment to go in vain, she began to climb the ladder.

Every single move she made felt like a thousand needles jabbing into her hands and feet, each rung worse than the previous. Towards the top of the ladder, her hands were so mangled from the constant mutilation, that there were shreds of meat hanging off of her hand. The bones of her fingers were completely exposed. The tendons and ligaments were destroyed to the point of her fingers being completely immobile and useless, but that didn't stop the pain. The constant attack on her hand soon made them completely useless, and she used her forearms to pull her self up each rung. She finally managed to pull herself onto the lip of the pit where she checked on the damage done to her appendages. The palm side of her hands were a mangled mess with bits and pieces of bone missing, and chopped meat hanging in every direction. Her feet were completely skinless on the bottom, and had muscles and tendons flailing in the wind. As the feeling of relief and safety passes, Allison realizes there is one more obstacle she has to overcome. There is a small body of water in between her and a door to the outside world. She managed to roll her body into the water, and instantly found out that it wasn't water. It was rubbing alcohol. Every single wound on her whole body was burning with the intensity of ten thousand suns. Her hands and feet were in exponentially more pain than that. Her arteries and veins were exposed and every contraction of her heart flooded her whole body with alcohol, spreading the pain to every part of her body. Seeing the only exit was the other side, she started to swim towards it. On her very first stroke of her hands, the flesh and meat on all fingers rips off like a banana peel, exposing even more to the alcohol. With everything stripped from the bone, all the way to the wrist, her entire hand fell apart. Her fingers split into pieces, and all of the bones in her hand split off and drifted to the bottom of the alcohol. Having learned her lesson, she didn't try using her arm again, but instead used her feet to kick. The movement of the feet knocked loose the last pieces of connective tissue, and the front half of the feet ripped off. With each kick, more skin fell off, until her feet were just masses of flesh and a bone lying at the bottom of the pool.

Finally, through more intense pain than anyone can ever imagine, Allison got out of the water and managed to crawl toward the solid maple door. Allison slammed her head against the door as a knock, and the masked man opened the door. Before Allison could attempt to inhale to emit a scream, he covered her mouth assured her everything was going to be okay. He took her into his office, where he gave her more painkillers than she could count. Once she had finally gotten to a comprehensive state, he explained to her that he was her dad and that he ran away 13 years ago to protect her from himself. After 13 years he decided he wanted to be a more active part of her life. Without another word, Allison's father called the police to report 2 homicides and a suicide. He hung up the phone, and shot himself in the head, splattering chunks of his brain matter all over Allison's face. Allison would do anything to go back to the days of only having faint memories of her father.

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