Who's In The House?

March 29, 2011
It was late at night when Max was just talking to an old friend but then he was tired so he wanted to go to sleep. So he told his friend “Yo I gotta go, talk you later Bye”. Max hanged up and closed all the lights so he can go to sleep. As he was walking to his room he thought he heard something in the house. He heard footsteps. He thought to himself , “Who can it be this time of the night?” All of sudden it smelled like pie. The smell reminded him of his sister because she loves to bake and eat pie so he thought his sister must be hungry. Max screamed out “Amanda……you there?” but no one replied back. Then for a second he just remembered she has a sleepover at a friends house.

After that thought the footsteps continued. He didn’t dare to put the lights on . He was sweating and shaking. Then Max started walking randomly he began to panic and bumped into the couch. He went behind it to hide. He was really freaking out and had trouble breathing. He tried to breathe normally. He felt something underneath the couch and took it out. He gulped before saying what it was, it was an axe with blood on it. Now his heartbeat was increasing. It felt like it was going to burst out of his chest. He put the axe back underneath the couch.

He couldn’t still breathe but finally he closed his eyes and kept on saying “Please, please be a dream.” When he opened his eyes he wasn’t surprised at all to see himself where he was, behind the couch. He was panicking more and was whispering to himself “What should I do?” He was thinking to call the police. So he tiptoed to get the phone. But whoever was in the house was smart because they shut down the electricity. So the phone plan was a fail.

He heard footsteps going upstairs so now he got to breathe because he was kind of save. Then he ran to the exit but he just remembered something and said “OMG, the kids”. Max remembered he was babysitting someone’s kids that lived on his block. He ran to the stairs where the stranger went. He questioned himself “I am scared, will I be able stop the stranger?” but then a thought hit him up “those kids are my responsibility.” He was ready, he was going to get an weapon but there was no time. Max ran upstairs without trying not to make any noise and he accomplished to do that. But he wasn’t sure if he was going to accomplish his mission.

He tiptoed without making any sound and went to the kids room. The door was half way open. He peeked through the door but he couldn’t really see anything. So Max opened the door slowly and when he opened it he saw the kids sleeping peacefully. Max was wondering “Where did the stranger go”. He felt a little breeze, he looked over and saw the window open. He doesn’t remember opening the window. He went over to the window first he looked out but there was nothing and then he closed it. Max closed the door and went on the kids bed and joined them. Before sleeping he said “I have had enough of adventure today.”

Next morning, he woke up feeling sleepy. Right that moment the door bell rang “Ding Dong!” He went downstairs while yawning. Slowly, He opened the door it was the kids parents. “Hope they weren’t trouble” said the parents. “No they were good and they are upstairs.” said Max. The parents went upstairs to check on the kids.

Max went behind the couch to look for the bloody axe underneath the couch. It wasn’t there. He had to drop his face expression which was an scary one because the kids and their parents were coming downstairs. Max had stand up and went up to them.

The kids hugged him and said “Sorry“. He was thinking “Sorry for what” but he was very tired. The parents gave Max money for babysitting and then they headed to the front door. While they were heading to the door something caught Max’s eye it was an tool which looked like an axe probably it was an toy but when he looked closely he saw blood.

He was very confused. He was going to ask what it was but it was to late they left already. He went to close the door and then went to the couch and sat down. He closed his eyes trying to relax but there were so many questions like “Who was in the house? How did she or he come in? Why was there blood on the axe? Where did the bloody axe go? Was the window the entrance and the exit of the stranger?……..Or was it the kids?” ;)

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