The Murder Case of Mia Gomez

March 24, 2011
By Anonymous

It is pouring outside. Thunder and lightning. BOOM. CRASH. Wind is blowing like crazy! I can not see anything that is on the road ahead of me. I am driving about thirteen miles per hour. Oh no. Thirteen is a bad number. Maybe I should do Twelve. I am driving to go see my parents. I am a detective, kind of like Nancy Drew. My name is Mindy Caine. I am driving down this long road thinking to myself, when I am going to get there? I think I just passed something on the side of the road. I think it was a dead deer. It was something really big. I pulled over to see what it was just to make sure it was nothing important, or if the deer was still alive, maybe I could help it. I step out of my car, when I see…oh my god! It is a human! She is decapitated and her hands are chopped off. She is really young. She has cuts and bruises on her arms. She has been dead for only a couple of hours. Oh wait… I see something. There is a knife and bat lying next to her. The knife has blood all over it, the bat as well. The bat looks like it is a color of yellow and purple. I reach in her pockets, wearing gloves so I do not get rid of the finger prints, and I grab her license. Her name is Mia Gomez, and she is seventeen years old from a little town called Rosewood. Rosewood is this little town in the middle of no where. It is always sunny out and there is never a cloud in site. Flowers are everywhere, animals all around; it was like a fairy tale.
I sadly had to go to her parent’s house. How would I know where she lives you may ask? Well remember, I have her license. So I go to her house and I knock on her door. A mid age woman and man approach the door and ask who I am. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Gomez. My name is Mindy Caine. I am a detective down town Harrisburg. I am so sorry to tell you this, but I just found your daughter decapitated and in the ditch (they gasp). Her hands have also been cut off of her. Do you have any idea who could have done this?” They hug the other and Mrs. Gomez is bawling her eyes out. I feel terrible for their loss.
They collect themselves enough to tell me some things. Mrs. Gomez told me that Mia just broke up with her boyfriend and he was not very happy. His name is Henry Smith. “Henry was a funny kid. He would always make everyone laugh, and when I heard Mia broke up with him, I was so shocked. Everyone thought they were going to be high school sweethearts. Mia said she was just not feeling it anymore and she did not want it. I supported her in every way and Mr. Gomez over here was not complaining.” Said Mrs. Gomez. Henry is our first suspect.
Mrs. Gomez also said that her best friend and Mia got into a fight over whose house they were going to stay at for the night. “Becca is a very confused person. Becca was always a good friend, and Mia was always happy with her. You could not separate them, even if you bribed them. They were two peas in a pot. They cared so much about the other and they were the best of friends. They both played softball together. They both had this bat they had as a ‘good luck’ charm. It was purple and yellow. They got in a fight over whose house they were going to spend after prom. Mia, of course, wanted it to be here so she could invite many people over. If they would have went to Becca’s house, it would have been just some friends. They are like two peas in a pod.” This is our second suspect.
“We moved here about a year ago. There was this really nice neighbor, or so we thought. He would peep in Mia’s window and stalk her. In school, everywhere she looked, he was there. He was really creepy. She had to tell the police about it so she could go to sleep in peace. Well, he did not have any jail time or anything, it was basically a warning. This was about a month ago. He stopped going to school here, but a few days ago he was in town.” Mrs. Gomez replies. Well, this is our third suspect.
Our forth suspect of this crime, is ex best friend Carlos. “Carlos was never really happy. He would always be upset about something. He did not see anything in life. Mia helped him though everything and made him a better person. Well once she helped him, he turned around and stopped being her friend. She would cry night after night wondering how she is going to help him. Worrying he would end his life. She was going through so much and she kept everything to herself, at the time. When he stopped being her friend, she went to see a counselor. She needed someone else to talk to. Well, she talked to the school’s counselor and that probably was not the best idea. See, when kids talk to their counselor, they have to ask the person that needs help, to get help. So, Carlos’ name got called down to the office and Mia told me that it felt like her stomach was being ripped out of her. She was so scared. I would have been terrified if I was her too. Carlos ended up getting some help, but Mia and him, were never friends again.” Mrs. Gomez says.
Now that we have our four suspects, we need to do some research. I go down to the station to see what I could do. I felt like a CSI person. I go to the lab, to see if I can find some fingerprints on her. Her dead, cold, smelly body is lying there. They just injected her with something to make her stop smelling. Her blood was all gone, they already drained her. I just need to find out who her killer was. I dust her off, put some powder on her, and I find a finger print. It was of Mr. Gomez. WHAT?! Ok this can’t be right.
I went back to the Gomez’s house. I asked if they were both home, but it was only Mrs. Gomez. “Mrs. Gomez, how was Mr. Gomez’s and Mia’s relationship?” I ask. “Well, they did not always get along. I knew she was just being a teenager, I mean we all know how that is. She was always the good girl. She always asked if she could go somewhere, but then when she grew up, she started lying more. She asked if she could go visit her friend down state, and I did not mind, but her dad did not want her staying on the campus. So she lied and said she was staying at her grandparents that live close by. She also said she was staying down there for a basketball game, but she actually stayed for an all night party thing down there. She was for the most part honest with me. She would never break our pinky promises. I know her too well. They got along sometimes, but I think after he found out she lied; he was very disappointed in her. He said that that is not how he raised her. After he said that she stormed off, then you showed up seven and a half hours later.” She said sadly. “If you don’t mind me asking, so you remember who picked her up? Where she went? Did Mr. Gomez try to find her?” I ask. Mrs. Gomez says, “I think Carlos picked her up. I was really confused on why he did. I honestly think they were fooling around. He picked her up, and Mr. Gomez left about an hour afterwards to go find her. When he came home I asked if he found her and he just said, ‘yes dear’. I wanted to ask him ‘well then where is she?’ But I figured I would just let him go to sleep. He looked very upset when he got home, didn’t say a word. The only word he said to me was that yes dear.” I was thinking to myself, could this be real? Did he really kill his daughter? I am very confused at this point. Where does Carlos fit in on this picture? Where in the world did he go? Did he help? I have to find out if there are Carlos’ fingerprints on there.
I go back to the lab to see if I can find more fingerprints. I am putting more powder on, and I found another one. It was from Carlos. The police pick up Mr. Gomez and Carlos so I can interview them. They get to the station. “Where were you on the night Mia died? I want to talk to Carlos first, Mr. Gomez follow those police men to a different room please.” I say to them. Carlos starts by, “I picked her up when she called me. She told me she was having family problems and she needed a friend. I was finally going to be there for her, the way she deserved. I took her back to my house; her parents knew she was there. Someone was knocking on my door. I answer it and there was Mr. Gomez. He asked if he could talk to his daughter and I said hang on a second. I ran upstairs to tell Mia it was her dad, she didn’t want to talk to him but she did. I go into the kitchen while they talk. I hear her crying, but I just let it be so I didn’t interrupt. But then I heard a scream and I had to check on her. I go out there and he is holding her by the wrist forcing her to come home. I run out there and I grab her to try to make her safe. He tells me to go back inside because he is her father and she needs to go home. I tell him she needs to stay here for a while until you both cool off. She pulls away from him and she runs in my arms, I was not letting go of her. He grabs her by the hair and smashes her face in the sidewalk. He then pulled out a knife and cut her head off. The he cut her hands off. Sick man! I was so scared. He drove off with her, I was so scared, I couldn’t call the police.” “Thank you Carlos.” I say. Time for Mr. Gomez.
I go to the other room to talk to Mr. Gomez. Should I believe Carlos? We’ll find out. “On the day your daughter died, where were you and what happened?” I ask. He starts off by saying, “I was home. I was on the couch watching my regular football games. I heard Mia coming downstairs. We just got into an argument about her lying when she stormed off out the door. I did not like that very much. About an hour later I went to Carlos’ house to find out if she was there, and she was. I grabbed her and I told her to get in the car. She would not listen to me.” I am thinking to myself, Carlos was right. He did kill her. So I ask him, “Mr. Gomez, did you kill your daughter?” There was a long pause. Still sitting here. He replied with, “I did not mean to. I was so angry and I could not believe that was my daughter. She was a totally different girl. I did not raise her to lie to people, especially me. I don’t care that she was a teenager, she needed to learn to give me respect.” So there it was everyone. Mr. Gomez killed his own daughter.
After the trial was set in place, it was all over the news. Father kills daughter. Innocent girl found dead. You know the same old head lines. I never thought him of all people would kill her. The dad was sent to jail for life. He will be tortured in the jail until the day he dies. He will rot in there, for he killed his daughter. The death of Mia Gomez, died from a scary man who she called dad.

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