The mental hilarities of ginger ale

March 23, 2011
By robertservis GOLD, Brownsmills, New Jersey
robertservis GOLD, Brownsmills, New Jersey
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if you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on tight- Teddy roosevelt lol my favorite president :)

Awkwardness, its a pleasing emotion. It smells like bitter rain and a new car, such a wonderful feeling.The ride home was this feeling for Jimmy Byrne, that coupled along with the feeling of the sheriffs eyes slicing over and over again to him. ‘I stared off into the whipping trees as the moon stuck in the sky watched me watch them. With my arm resting on the side of the car door i periodically took large sips of my ginger ale the sheriff had bought me just moments ago. I always loved ginger ale, just something about its colors, nostalgic and upper crust. Fish tank green and diving bell bronze, god why couldn't we all just see in these colors i wondered to myself as the jeep ran over a few steady bumps. The sheriffs voice finally piped up with a very awkward breaking. “Jimmy this, has to stop you know.” staring out the window in the quite dramatic fashion i clearly stated my opposition “ I’ll stop when they stop dan and you know that. They never stopped since i was little and they wont stop now, you just wont do anything.” The speed increased, the sheriff was getting irritated “ Dammit jimmy I’ve been doing all i can, ever since you were a kid of been doing what i can and you know it, but there isn't much i can do, half the kids i talk to will deny up and down these guys did anything to you and we've gone so far as to suspend them but they have to go back to school eventually!” I broke, “ I don't care Dan i just want them gone and out of my f***ing life ! the sheriff broke a bit to “ Dammit jimmy I cant do anything ok !? they'll keep on messing with one if you act normal or not Im sorry the only way i can see this ending is of you just keep clear of them or move out of the G****mn state!.” I’ve heard this conversation so many times before, I’ve heard it and acted it out too just to prepare for another one, I’ve calculated every corner, every turn, every dip, and every rise, even an armageddon scenario I know it all. “ Don’t you think I’ve tried Dan?! they find me, ok ? they they go out of they're way to find me and attack me and half the school is on their side and why wouldn't they be?! come pick on the freak sounds like fun doesn't it dan?? doesn't it!?
Then the sheriff did something he always did, something he learned when he was a kid, something he did oh so often. Nothing. He did nothing. Said nothing. Emoted nothing. The whole drive home was just awkward raging nothing. The soft glow of the dash like the lights of a stage, only amplifying the stage freight of the wood-be actor marring himself for fame

The author's comments:
first half, the meaning of the title will become more apparent after the second half is put up.

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