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March 23, 2011
By , North Tonawanda, NY
The year was 2005. Amy Nixon sat in the local café. That’s when she started to look back on everything that had happened in the past.

It seemed like just yesterday, but really 3 years had already past. Exactly three years from this day Amy saw the most terrifying thing possible. Amy, a brown haired blue eyed beauty and her younger sister Leah were supposed to have dinner together that Friday like they had for the past four years. When Leah never showed up Amy got worried and drove over to Leah’s house. Amy tried not to step on the flowers in the garden as she peered through the window that looked into the living room. Leah, a curly blonde haired lady and her husband Nate Prowl, a tall feisty blond, were having a fight. Amy couldn’t make out what Nate was saying, but she could tell he was drunk and angry. Nate had a reputation of being abusive, but this was different, she had never seen him act like that before. Leah was never a very violent person but something must have made her really mad because she hit him across face. Then the last thing Amy wanted to happen took place right before of her eyes. Nate put his hands around Leah’s neck and started to strangle her. Involuntarily Amy shrieked in shock as Nate’s usually soft blue eyes turned cold and stared right at her. Nate took out his pocket knife and slit Leah’s throat so he could go after Amy. Amy jumped into her car and nervously tried to start her car. She quickly pulled out of the drive way and headed toward the police station. The dark night was cold and damp, and she could see Nate’s white car swerving back and forth, but coming up behind her. Just then Nate lost control of his car and ran into a telephone poll. She stopped her car to see if he was still alive. She came up to the car and saw that it was completely wrecked. She looked into the driver seat and saw that he wasn’t moving. Not wanting to be linked to Leah‘s murder, so she left the accident scene, presuming Nate was dead and Amy hoped the police would link Leah’s murder to him. Amy went back to the café and tried to get her mind off everything she had just seen.

Someone found Nate’s car and called for help. An ambulance took Nate to the hospital where he stayed in intensive care for many weeks.

Amy knew she had to leave town and all her memories and grief behind. She packed up her belongings and left right away. She moved to a small town in Nevada and decided to start her life over, and make a fresh start.

Nate woke up in total confusion. He wondered “shouldn’t there be cops standing around me? Didn’t they find Leah? Why didn’t Amy tell the cops I did it?” Nate’s breathing became heavy and fast. There was no one around, no nurses, and no patients. This was his chance. He hastily changed into his clothes and tried to walk. He felt dizzy and unable to walk. “Did the crash do something to my legs” he wondered. He tried one more time and thought only about the basics of walking, and he found himself regaining his strength. He walked unsurely through the hallway, and got on the elevator. When he got off, he felt like he had his strength back, so he dashed to the door, but the hallway seemed like it would never end. He finally stepped outside and felt a cold chill run through his spine, but then a burst of nervousness and concern got him going again and he ran to the parking lot. Then he remembered his car was totaled, he would have to run. He still had his wallet in his coat pocket so he went to the bus station and vowed he would not stop looking for Amy, even if it was the last thing he did. She was the only one that knew his secret; that could ruin his life.

Amy found Nevada a very relaxing place. She put her past behind her and started over just like she promised. Amy made many new friends, but never told them about what happened in her past. Amy found a little café that she enjoys going to daily, even though she has no family left, Amy always managed to make it through each day.

Nate kept searching for Amy everywhere he went. After many months of searching he decided to start over. If Amy never told anyone, he had nothing to worry about. Nate settled down in Oregon just on the outskirts of Nevada and fell in love with a very nice lady named Michelle Kendal. He knew he would never be able to marry her with the secret that he had been hiding.

Amy got a good job and made a pretty nice living. She became everything she ever dreamed she could be.

Since Nate no longer wanted to live with his secret he decided to go and search for Amy again. But before he did he wanted to take Michelle to a nice little café in Nevada that he knew about. He took Michelle to the café and then he saw her. He saw Amy walking by the window in the front of the café. Nate decided to take Michelle home and come back later to finish it once and for all. He came back and waited at the restaurant and looked impatiently out the window, and then she walked by. Nate jumped out of his seat and ran outside. He followed Amy and eventually ended up looking at her through the glass at the front of the small café.

Amy walked into the café and sat in her usual seat close to the window. Then she saw him, Nate, the man she thought was dead, was standing outside and looking through the window right at her. Amy couldn’t believe it; she got up and walked into the bathroom. She frantically splashed water on her face. “It couldn’t have been him” she thought, “I know he is dead.” She unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out into the hallway and found herself standing face to face with Nate, who had a gun pointed straight at her. He shot her with no hesitation and she fell to the ground with a loud thud. Nate ran out of the café and down the street. “I have finally done it” he thought. “I can now move on with my life.”

Amy lay motionless on the floor by the bathroom. More and more people came and the ambulance took her to the hospital and she was still alive.

Nate was sure Amy was dead. He went home to Oregon and proposed to Michelle. Nate thought he was free from his past, but he was dead wrong.

Amy awoke to nurses talking. The calendar on the wall said it was February. “Is that actually possible, have I really been in a coma for six months?” She wondered. The nurse came over and made sure she remembered everything. Amy got out of the hospital a week later to find that she didn’t have anything anymore. She had lost her job and her house had a fire and everything was burnt. She had nowhere to go. “It’s all his fault” Amy thought out loud. “Nate is the reason why I am like this, he is the reason I have nothing.”

Amy set out to find Nate. It didn’t take long to find him. She told the police everything even though she had something bigger planned. Nate was taken to jail and a court date set and Amy was going to be there with a surprise in mind.

A waitress startled Amy. “Ma’am,” the waitress said, “Ma’am” she repeated a little louder. Amy jumped and the waitress asked if she wanted more coffee. Amy rushed out of the café; Nate’s trial was to start in half an hour and she had to be ready.

Amy heads over to the court house, with a gun in her pocket and a plan ready. Nate is just coming into the courthouse escorted by police men on both sides of him, when Amy bursts in with many people protesting her action behind her. Amy pulls a gun from her coat and aims it at Nate. “My life in prison is worth your death” Amy shouted at Nate right before she pulls the trigger. Nate falls with a bang to the floor even before the guards can grab him. The guards arrested Amy and she is sent to prison.

Nate died almost instantly after Amy shot him. Nate’s fiancée, Michelle found out about Nate’s past and was very distraught. Leah’s death was avenged in Amy’s mind. Amy never got out of jail and life in Nevada stayed the same.

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