March 23, 2011
By Anonymous

It is May 10, 2112 and Agent Mitchell Carlton’s tall lean figure casts a shadow on the dead body lying prostrate on the ground. The body was a young woman named Allyson Kruger who was a twenty six year old business woman. She was a beautiful woman even with the blood that crusted her golden hair, the pale grey color in her face and the three holes in her head that distracts ones eyes from her perfect figure. Agent Carlton’s dark blue eyes could not help but to always roam back to the holes in her head. It did not make sense to him, why would someone want to kill such a beautiful person. But that was only one of the things that bothered him about this murder. The other was that this was the second murder victim that had the holes in their head.

The first murder had occurred only two weeks earlier to a Professor Luke Gibson. But his murder did not seem to relate to Allyson Kruger’s murder in any way. He was a fifty seven year old scientist. But he was no ordinary scientist; he won the Nobel Prize for his genetic work in curing cancer. He was also a world renowned professor in quantum physics as well as genetics and was a professor at Harvard.

Nothing other than the way they were killed seemed to link the two murders together. Agent Carlton could not figure it out; did it mean that the murderer was just picking people at random?

The coroners came and took the body away and Agent Carlton headed back to his office. This murder had at least taken place near his home town of Omaha, Nebraska unlike the last one which took place half way across the continent in Pennsylvania. It was not a big deal because air planes were extremely fast but it is always easier to work in a familiar setting. He sat at his dark oak desk racking his brains trying to find a connection between the two murder victims. There had to be some kind of connection because serial killers always seem to pick their victims for a specific reason. But he was coming up blank with every slight connection there might have been.

His partner Agent Madison Elliot came into the room with her dark curls pulled back from her face. She told him that the lab found that the same toxin that was in the Professor’s blood was also in Allyson Kruger’s blood. They also verified that the same weapon was used to drill the holes in the head. At least there was one more piece of solid evidence to go on.

It was 2 a.m. and Agent Carlton had surfed through what seemed to be thousands of cases. Then one caught his exhausted eye. It was the Roberts case that had occurred five years earlier. The case was when a twenty four year old named Kristina Roberts was murdered in her Princeton university dorm room.

She was found with her skull extremely mutilated by an unknown type drill. The girl seems to still be able to move while the first drilling was taking place which is why her skull was so deformed. The Roberts case was never solved but it gave him some ideas on where to start looking. The cases seemed to match except for one thing; then it dawned on him that there was no toxin found in her blood. And since the toxin turned out to be a sedative, the murderer would be able to drill the holes without them moving. He realized that the murderer must have perfected their skills and tried again to do whatever they were trying to accomplish. But what would one accomplish by drilling holes in someone’s head? It still just did not make sense to him; was this person being successful or was he just going to keep killing people till he got what he wanted?

Agent Carlton was sitting at his desk a week later still with no solid leads. He was unable to get much information about the Roberts case, mostly all he got was the twisted media stories about the murder. Still there had to be something out there to give him a clue.

Later that day Agent Carlton got the news that another murder had been committed. This murder had taken place in Charlotte, North Carolina. So he got on a plane and arrived in Charlotte in about ten minutes. This time the murderer went after a Twenty two year old black football star, Mason Reed. He was an all star running back and was a first round NFL draft pick for the Carolina Panthers. He was also found in his home with three very clean cut holes in his head.

This just confused Agent Carlton even more. This murder just added one person to what seemed to be the random murderer’s victim list. Reed’s murder showed that the murderer was racist in his killings and Allyson Kruger’s death showed that the murder was not sexists in his victim choices. So why does the murder pick these specific people? Agent Carlton Pondered on that thought for hours and hours but nothing ever evolved.

Two days later Agent Carlton jump out of his black spinny chair almost falling over in his excitement. He had been looking over the three victims profiles and found that they had all gone to Princeton. This had to be the connection it was the only thing that fit. They had all gone for different careers and they had all been there at different times but they had all gone there. He sat back down in his chair with a new child like anticipation. This was the first real clue to solving the murders and he knew that the end was getting closer and closer he could just tell after fifteen years on the job. He just hopes that he can find this person before someone else dies.

He went to see his partner to tell her about the new lead. Her brown eyes sparkled with excitement when he told her about the lead.

Agent Elliot’s excitement was not only because of his lead, but also because she also found what looked like a substantial lead. She had been checking into the drill that could have been used on the victims’ skulls and she found what looked like a match.

It was a drill that had come out into public knowledge with in the last two years. But the drill had also been used five years before on the first murder victim. She came to the conclusion that the drill must have been invented at least three years before it came out in public, so the person that created it would be one of the only ones with access to it. If they could track down the inventor then they would probably have their murderer.

They both went on a search to find the inventor. And they found some not so surprising results; the inventor was a professor at Princeton. His name was Professor Stephen Foster, a professor of genetics and is known to the world for his work with cloning.

The drill that seemed to be the murder weapon was a device used to extract DNA from the three sections of the brain for cloning. Even if it was the drill they still did not have a motive or an opportunity. But they had to find out if this guy was in fact the murderer. So they went to work trying to find out everything they could about Stephen Foster and about his work.

They found that the drill was now in the hands of many scientists for experimenting. And although cloning humans was illegal the scientists always just said it was for animal cloning which was not illegal. But the new cloning which almost guaranteed success required that the person is dead to be able get their DNA and be cloned.

The most exciting thing they found was that they were able to link Professor Foster to all the murder areas. He happened to be giving lectures about genetics in all the areas where there was a murder.

They had enough evidence to at least investigate Professor Foster. But Agent Carlton still could not figure out why the victims were chosen. There were thousands of people around the world had gone to Princeton; why did he pick those people?

They took a squad to Princeton to get Professor Foster and investigate around in his lab and classroom. Agent Carlton just wanted to know why, he could not stopping thinking about it and his child like anticipation returned and he could not sit still even on the brief on the plane ride. They arrived at Princeton and Agent Carlton’s palms began to sweat as they entered the building. The guards at the door told them they would find the Professor in his lab right down the hallway. The closer they got to the room the louder he could hear his heart beating. He usually did not get this nervous but for some reason the thought of this man frightened him. The Professor was unbelievably smart but insane at the same time, and that was a terrifying concept.

Unlike the guards had said Professor Foster was not in the lab. The team went to work going through the lab looking for more clues. To Agent Carlton’s surprise this guy did not seem as smart as he sounded. He had left the bottle of toxins he had used in plain sight.

Professor Foster Walked into the room and a look of shook and confusion crossed his pale wrinkling face. He did not try to run; he knew he was done for.

The lab provided more than enough evidence to put Professor Foster into prison for many life times. They also got him to tell were his secret lab was where he did experiments and it turned out to be in the most generic place, underneath the school.

Agent Carlton finally got to ask the question he had been pondering for weeks; why? Professor Foster had justified it in his mind; he felt he was saving the future of mankind. He had come up with the technology to be able to splice human DNA. The last three victims were the most intelligent, most beautiful, and most athletic. After he got the DNA out of the brain he could then slice it and genetically engineer the perfect DNA. Then he was going to clone the combination of the three and save the human race from their own stupidity.

Agent Carlton’s question had been answered as only an insane but brilliant person could have answered it. And even thought it had a noble goal, Agent Carlton will never forget how stupid the Professors actions were to make people more intelligent.

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