Rain Chapter 3

March 23, 2011
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Crash looked at Onyx. “This can’t be true. Vampires aren’t real your both crazy!” Onyx looked at her older brother who looked like he wanted to knock Crash right from his sit to the train floor. “After last night I don’t think it can get any crazier. Crash it’s true he is a vampire. You have to believe us. Just think about what you saw tonight.” Crash looked deep into his mind. Why would they lie? Everyone knew that vampires were a total myth but, her brother he has fangs and his eyes they change. “Let’s say I do believe you. What would happen to me? Wouldn’t people want to hurt me?” Nova looked over at Crash. “We don’t really know it’s up to our mother. We don’t have a say in it.” Onyx thought about this idea. Her mother would probably want to kill Crash. For some reason a part of her heart was saddened with the thought of him dying. It wasn’t his fault that those vampires wanted to drink from him and his friends. It wasn’t his fault that he had witnessed this horrifying ordeal. “Nova we shouldn’t tell mom…” Nova looked over at his sister. “What are you talking about we have to. It’s not up to us what to do.” Nova could not believe what Onyx was implying. He had to tell his mother. Because if he didn’t he knew what would happen. His mother would read Onyx’s mind right as they walked in the door and she would kill Crash and probably his family too. He knew that Onyx would never forgive they’re mother for killing humans. “Onyx we have to.” He felt a ping of guilt as he said this. “Why? You know what she’s going to do…I know you don’t care because you hate humans. But, Nova I’m a human. What if it was me? You know you would never tell mother let alone another soul.” Nova thought about his sister’s assumption of not telling his mother about what happened tonight. “And if I did play along? How would we go about doing this?”
Gabriela stared at the paperwork that was on her desk. The hand set was on her ear as she heard the Primer of History talk to her. “Mistress we have reason to believe that the Augustus Clan has just had a run in with Nova. He was with four other humans. Two are dead but it seems he is on the run with two other humans. Would you like us to intervene?” Nova… Why would he try to save humans? Unless. Onyx…Gabriela thought about the idea. What if Onyx was in trouble? That would explain why Nova hadn’t come home straight away. Was something wrong? Was Onyx sick or dying? “Betty I will talk to you later I have something important I have to do.” Before Betty had said goodbye Gabriela clicked the receiver off and started to call Nova.
Nova’s phone was ringing as Onyx, Crash, and Nova headed to the shipyard across town. Nova had a small apartment there that no one but Onyx knew about. Nova looked at the screen. It was his mother. “Should I answer it?” Nova looked over at his sister hesitantly. “Go on. But don’t tell mother anything. Tell her I’m at a friend’s house or something.” Onyx walked off with Crash well Nova took the call.
“So you’re a vampire?” Crash nodded speaking in a low tone to hide the fear in his throat. “No my brother is and the rest of my family. I’m human.” Onyx looked over at the late summer moon that was now high above the city of Los Angeles. They were fair from New Hollywood. In primitive district of Los Angeles everything was old and creepy. She noticed the small rats that were running through the ally looking for food to eat. “Oh…Why aren’t you a vampire?” Crash pondered. Wondering how she felt knowing she was different. “I was born this way I guess. I have unique genes you see. My brother and I look the same and everything but he wasn’t born this way.” Onyx opened her mouth revealing the fake dental teeth that her father had put in when she was fifteen. “But why do you have those?” Crash looked at the two bleach white teeth that were now showing. “My family had to keep me safe from harm of the coven so my father put these in when I was fifteen.” Crash looked at her wondering what she had to under as a child being different from his whole family. But he knew what that felt like. Everyone in his family was either scientists or doctors and look what he was a Laser Ball player heading right for a scholarship to college. He still remembered the first day he decided to try out. His father almost flipped the table over when he found out at the dinner table saying that Crash wasn’t working up to his potential as a student. Crash had walked out that night. Wondering why his father had looked at him like he was crazy for doing what he loved. “Crash..” he was snapped out of thought. “Sorry. You were saying?” Onyx looked away. “I said that my mother is probably going to show up at your house. You know that right?” Crash looked at a runaway rat running past his feet. “Will she hurt them my parent’s?” If her mother really was a head vampire of an all power full coven of vampire’s then his family was in danger. “I really don’t know. I don’t know what my mom does in cases like this, because she always kept this stuff hidden from me. She doesn’t want me to get hurt, because when we were younger I walked in on my brother trying to drink his girlfriend’s blood, an I freaked out. I didn’t talk to them for awhile after it.” She hadn’t told anyone how she felt but, she had trust in Crash... “Why didn’t you talk to them? It’s not like they would ever drink you or something your there family… I can tell that you can’t wait to be one. So what’s the problem?” Onyx looked out at the dark ocean. Thinking about wait had happened earlier that night. “I really don’t know. Human sympathy I guess. I just don’t think its right how I’m treated differently. Like my family would ever see a teenage girl that was human and protect her all these years.

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