Super Bowl Murder

March 22, 2011
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Sunday night, February 6, 2011, around 9:30 at night there was a murder of two girls. It all happened at a super bowl party. The woman who reported it said she thinks there was about 5 girls all hanging out at Valerie Struddle’s house in East Jordan, Michigan. It was a crazy party, cops were called and when they got there everyone was gone, accept 2 people. They were on laying on the floor, blood everywhere. They had been shot, stabbed, or something that causes blood to shoot across the floor.
I asked the neighbors some of the people who were he said “The only people I knew that went into the house were Paige, Ellen, Valerie, Tess, Sam, and Maggie. It has been two weeks the murder and we just got to talk to Valerie. I asked her who was there and she had said “I don’t remember, I think I only had about five people over, I knew if I invited a lot of people someone would get hurt...” As she was saying that, she was looking off into space; almost as if she was thinking about what happened that Sunday night. I got a hold of Sam, Maggie, Ellen and Valerie’s phones and found some pictures. There were two girls that showed up in almost all of the pictures. One was small, skinny and really pretty. The other person was tall, dark curly hair and always seemed to look scared. I sent one picture to Tess and she said one small, pretty one was Ellen and didn’t know the other one from that picture. I sent her a few more pictures but never got a reply. I still have to find out where Sam and Maggie are. I am having all of their messages sent to my phone, but none of them are making sense. Valerie keeps calling Maggie but she won’t answer the phone.
The DNA tests just showed up the girls that died were Paige and Sam. I went back to the house. Ellen and Maggie were there, it was the first time I had seen them. I showed them the pictures that I found on their phones that they had deleted, and I asked if they knew who they were. Maggie replied “Well, I think the tall girl was Valerie but I’m not positive the picture isn’t very clear.” If that was true, it told me that Ellen and Valerie were always together, and Valerie always seemed to look scared like she knew something was going to happen.
I left and went back to my office and I saw that Tess finally called me back. I asked her what she knew about Valerie. She said “Well Valerie never went out much, and I thought it was strange she had a party at her house. I don’t really know her all that well though. All I know is that she is very shy and loves to play sports. She is the girl in the picture you sent me on my phone will the dark curly hair, about 5’ 8” tall. She and Sam went to school together and they never really got along. She was always jealous of Sam. Sam was just a little bit better than her at everything she did.” That gave me even more evidence that she could have been the one who murdered Sam or Paige.
I started focusing on what Valerie’s messages said and one of them said “I think I’m going to get caught…” was sent to Tess. I went straight to Tess. She said that she didn’t remember who killed them; or anything from that night.
I went back to Valerie’s house at night when no one was there. I looked for some evidence of who killed Sam and Paige. I was looking around in all of the rooms for a gun, knife or something. I found Valerie’s bedroom. The bedroom was clean and neat. She had a queen sized bed, dresser, desk everything a typical girl would have. Her makeup was scattered across her dresser, and one drawer was open. I looked threw the all the dresser drawers thinking I would find the answer to the crime, but I didn’t. I continued to look around, and I went down into the basement. There was almost nothing in the basement accept a brick red Craftsman tool cabinet. There it was, I found three razors, sharp knives and one shotgun. On two of the knives I found blood. I called John, my co-worker, and told him what I have found. He drove over as soon as he could and we did were trying to find out if Valerie was the one who killed Sam and Paige. We did a DNA test of the blood on one of the knives and it wasn’t human blood; it was fish blood. John and I started laughing because we thought we solved it, but we only have proof that she killed a fish. After that, we tested the blood on the other knife and it was Paige’s blood. We took the knives and gun straight to the office.
“What is that?” Says Bill (our boss).
“We found these knives at Valerie Struddle’s house” I said.
“Was there any blood or skin to prove who did the murder?”
“Well, we found some of Paige Smith’s blood on this knife.”
“I’ll run it threw and see if we have any of Valerie’s hair or skin cells.”

It was solved, Valerie had killed Paige. Now we just have to find out about Sam, and see if Valerie will admit that she did kill Paige. We scanned the gun for something, and didn’t find anything about Valerie on it, but we did find something of Ellen’s. We found her skin cells on the gun. Ellen shot the gun, and possibly killed Sam.

We called Tess and made her come to the office right away. We told her what we found and she admitted that she did see Ellen with a gun. Then we asked if she knew anything else. “Well, I mean I heard a gun go off I guess I can not prove who it was though. “

After that, we called Ellen and Valerie and they came into the office. We asked “Ellen, did you ever hold a gun the night of the party?”
“Umm, yeah…”
“Did you ever shoot it?”
“Did it injure or hurt anyone?”
“I swear I didn’t mean to kill anyone or anything, I was just messing around and it went off I couldn’t stop it after I shot it!”
“So you did kill someone?”
“I guess, but I didn’t mean to at all.”
“Was it Sam?”
“I’m not sure, I think so.”

The cops were already there waiting and they took Ellen off into jail and she was fined for a murder. It was time to ask Valerie if she knew what happened.
“Do you want to tell us what happened?” I asked
“I didn’t do anything.” Said Valerie.
“Are you sure?”
“What if we told you we had proof that you did it?”
“Well, okay I did it. I really, really didn’t like Paige and she was bothering me. I was just joking around saying I was going to stab her, and she dared me too.”
“Wait, Paige dared you to kill her?”
“Umm, yeah that’s what she did.”
“Even if she did dare you it still is against the law to kill someone.”
“It wasn’t suppose to really kill her, I stabbed her but I didn’t think it would kill her. I just thought it would give her a little cut; nothing serious.
“Why didn’t you just admit you killed her when we first started talking to you?”
“I don’t know, I didn’t want to get caught.”
“Well we aren’t just going to drop the case. You killed someone. Didn’t you know you were going to get caught eventually?”
“Yeah, I guess so.”

We were glad that we figured out who killed Sam and Paige. It wasn’t up to us how much the charges would be, or how long they went to jail for; that’s what the court and police do. John and I attended the funerals; they were on the same night. Valerie and Ellen were there but they had to sit with police. They didn’t say anything. Tess didn’t sit with them because she was ashamed that she was even at the party. She had just watched two of her friends get killed. There was nothing that could be done now though; it was over forever

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