March 18, 2011
The story begins at a quaint little home on the outskirts of London. There lives a woman, but she is not ordinary. She is a woman of a talent that is reserved for those of beauty, intelligence, and evil. Her name is Beatrice Lombard. Widow of Joesph Lombard who committed suicide just two months ago. But his poor wife did not go hungry. She had the money her dear husband had left her in his will. Over five hundred thousand dollars is what Beatrice got. And no one knows her evil little secret. She, with no other person's influence, manipulated her husband into committing his own demise, the fate she had planned for him since there wedding day. His death. She had never loved Joesph, but played with his emotions the way a child would a toy. Then he proposed, his eyes brimming with hope and though she would've loved to crush his heart to pieces something made her stop. His money. That was what made her say yes. They had a grand wedding, but all Beatrice could think of was the money she would get when he died. After the honeymoon was when an idea came to her. She would pretend that she was having an affair and that would drive him over the edge. The idiot was sure to do it, she thought. And five months later his suicide occurred.

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