The Kidnapper

March 10, 2011
By Anonymous

I woke up in a pitch black room, confused not knowing where I am. The room is stuffy and it’s hard to breathe, also with a weird rotting smell. My head is throbbing in pain, and there is a gash on the side of my head. I can feel the thick, sticky red blood flowing down my face. I decide to stand up but when I do my head hurts and I become dizzy. The dizziness goes away and I start to feel my way around the room. I stumbled many times over boxes and thick, long plastic objects. I kept feeling around until I came across a cold, heavy door knob.
My heart was pounding because I didn’t know what to expect behind the door. I slowly opened the door and it made a creaking noise. Beyond the door was a long narrow hallway with barely any lighting. I began walking taking slow and steady footsteps trying not to make too much noise. When I turned the first corner I was shocked to see the kidnapper on the phone.
The man was tall, about 6’0 ft with broad shoulders. He had a scar from the corner of his eye to the tip of his nose. He was odd looking with dark scruffy hair. He was wearing a black ripped t-shirt with red stains on it, jeans and timberland boots that were filthy. The way he was talking on the phone scared me with his deep and terrifying voice. He was cruel, mean and something about him made me scared.
“I have the last victim and I plan on killing him tonight” said the kidnapper in a cruel voice.
My heart was pounding so loud that it would come right out of my chest, my palms began to sweat and my head was circling. I turned to run but I nervously ran into the wall without paying any attention. The kidnapper heard me and he dropped the phone and began to chase me. I ran for what I thought was forever until I fell. The kidnapper was now standing over me holding a knife up to my neck and laughing. I was scared and nervous all at the same time; so many thoughts were racing through my head.

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