Meeting Dolly

March 13, 2011
I woke up from a deep sleep to find me on a moving bus. I looked around the small area. The lights were flickering on and off. The blue, ripped up seats looked like they were from the 50s. I could only see the back of the head of the bus driver. It was so quiet that I could hear him breathing. I looked outside the tinted windows, but all I could see was darkness. I looked to my right, and I caught a glimpse of an old woman holding her tiny purple purse, and an old brown cane. I felt her eye sinking into my back. I quickly sunk deeper in my seat waiting to get off this horrible ride. Suddenly the bus took a quick stop. The bus driver soon got up from him seat located at the front of the bus, and stood by the door.

"Everyone off! Last stop of the night!" the creepy bus driver said. I looked out the window; all I could see was trees. I was hoping that we would be outside of my comfy, safe house. We weren't.

"Are you sure? We're in the middle of no where!" I called out. The old man nodded, I took that as a yes. The old lady jumped to her feet, made it half way to the exit.

She turned around and replied, "Young lady, I've been on this bus for twenty-one years. I know this is the last stop. You might want to get off before you really get lost. Come on I'll give you directions!"

I hopped out of my seat and followed the woman. When we stepped off the last step off the bus, I turned around to say thank you to the bus driver. Oddly enough the bus was gone. I was shocked. I look up and down the road but I couldn't see a thing. I gave up; I turned around to see the lady too close for comfort. Taking a step back, she turned her creepy smile to a frown that was painted on her face all night.

"Come on dear, there's another road this way." I followed her down a narrow path. My brand new converses were getting dirty. Checking my pockets for my cell phone was useless. All I had in my pockets was a dime, and a piece of string. The old lady never looked back to check up on me if I was still following the tiny woman.

"Honey, what's your name?" she asked.

"My name is uh Melanie! What's yours?" I whispered.

"You don't really need to know, but you can call me Dolly!" she answered.

"Ok then!" I said in a hush voice hoping she wouldn't hear me.

We've been walking for half an hour. I could tell, because I was counting the minutes. I wonder where "Dolly" was taking me! Maybe I should have given her a fake name, so she wouldn't be able to find me again.

"Um Dolly do you know if we will get there any time soon?" I asked scared.

"Just a couple more steps dear!" she said in her creaky voice. She was right! Soon we entered this little gate. "Dolly" couldn't unlock the gate, so I had to help her. When I unlocked the gate, Dolly pulled me back. The gate swung open, and inside there was town. Fresh snow sat quietly on the ground. All the houses were dark, like they had no life tucked in bed inside. The town looked strangely familiar. Dolly took her hand off my arm, and started walking towards the town. We walked past a little park; it looked like the one I used to play at when I was younger. Dolly made us stop in front of it.

"Look closely dear! You will see!" Dolly said in an old witch voice. I didn't understand her at first, but when I kept looking at it something began to change. On the empty swing was now a little girl with pig tails and rosy cheeks swinging back and forth.

"T-t-that's me!" I murmured shocked. How was this possible? How could I be seeing my self swinging on a swing when I was little? What did Dolly want to show me? I was asking myself all these questions, but I still had no answer. This was crazy!

"Now you see!" Dolly said squinting her beady little old eyes. After seeing myself from my past I was still a little jet-lagged. Dolly now took me all around the town. Every building or place had a memory from when I was there. I was getting confused every second. After visiting pretty much everything from my past, Dolly led me back to the brown old gate.

"We are done now!" She said not making eye contact. She used her small hands to push open the doors, and on the other side was a bus.

"You should go back home, you will be waking up soon!" She whispered while pointing to the open doors of the same bus as before. I took a step on the bus, and turned around. Dolly was still there, I waved to her. Her wrinkly face made a kid like smile. I turned my body around and took a seat at the back of the bus. I was in the same bus, but now alone. I was feeling sleepy. My eye lids had weights on them, and they soon closed.

I woke up in my bed with light shining through my window. My mom rushed into my room crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked confused. Was everything that happened last night a dream?

"Your Great Grandmother Daliah....uh she....died!" she wept then buried her head into my comforter.

"Oh my gosh, mom! I'm so sorry! Too bad I couldn't have met her! Tell me a little about her?" I asked. I felt bad for my mother. I knew she was close, but the old woman was family!

"Well for starters she didn't like being called Daliah! She preferred Dolly!" my mother replied. My mouth dropped open.

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