March 15, 2011
By Tyrek Ratlifft BRONZE, Winooski, Vermont
Tyrek Ratlifft BRONZE, Winooski, Vermont
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One day, when my mom was shopping at the store she saw this guy named James that she really liked and thought he was really attractive. She asked for his number. The next day, she called him to ask if he wanted to come over for diner so he could meet me, my little brother Daeshawn, and my older brother Josh.

He came for dinner and we had meatballs, homemade macaroni, and salad. It was 10:00 and we were all playing the Wii. It was time to go to bed so we got into bed and we all thought that James was a really nice guy except for me because I thought that he was going to be really rude and act like he was our dad. I was worried that he was going to tell everyone what to do and not care about anyone but himself. I told my mom that and she said that he is not that kind of guy.

3 Months Later

It's been three months now and James is already living with us. Now that he lives with us he's trying to act like he's my real dad when he's not! I was right about him being rude and telling us what to do. I told my mom and said, “ Told ya he was going to tell us what to do and be rude and not care about anyone but himself!” Then my mom said, “ He's just playing around.” I'm hoping that she realizes what he's doing.

12 Months Later

I can't believe that it's been about a year and he's still living with us, and want to know the worst part?! They're getting married! And now he's gonna be our stepfather!

5 Months Later

Now that James is our stepfather, he is starting to act really mean to us, like telling us to take his dogs out and pick up their poop. Now my mom is starting to see how mean he is.

7 Months Later

Now its been about two years and my mom is still with him. And now he's starting to hurt us. He hit my mom and, me, Daeshawn, and Josh. My mom and Daeshawn are getting really scared of him but not me and Josh.

Josh and I think that James is acting suspicious. The reason is because he's always leaving everyday and coming home at around three in the morning.

2 Months Later

My mom is in the hospital because James stabbed her! Daeshawn is at the hospital with my meme, me and Josh are at his friends house, and James was at the house. Josh tried to call the cops but James took the phone and smashed it against the wall. Josh and I made up an excuse to leave his friends house to go home. The reason why we wanted to go home was because we were going to call the cops and make sure that they come here to see how James really is.

We're at the house and James is nowhere to be found. I look behind me and James is right there holding a knife getting ready to hurt Josh we both jump out of the way and and James missed him we both ran up stairs in Joshes room and locked the door. He started banging on the door and we put stuff in front of the door and climbed out the window and went through the window to the attic. We both tried to be really quiet and a piece of wood broke. We hoped that he didn't hear it, but we were wrong. He got through the door and him and Josh started fighting. He was starting to hurt Josh so I pushed him on to the floor! We both started running until James got a hold of me. Josh started to get really mad so he made him drop me and James took out his knife and started swinging. Josh didn't get hit at all after James's last swing, Josh kicked him and James fell out the window on to the ground.

Finally the cops were here and James was not on the ground and it looked like he fell pretty hard so the cops tried to find him and didn't get any luck. Me and Josh thought that we were never going to see him again

1 Month Later

My mom is out of the hospital and we haven’t seen James which is a good thing that we didn't.

My friend called and said that her mom met this really nice guy and I said, “What's his name?”

She said ,“his name is James.”.

To Be Continued

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Mak101 said...
on Mar. 18 2011 at 11:11 am
Mak101, Anonymous, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
People can only break you if you let them.

You also didn't use proper grammer.

Mak101 said...
on Mar. 18 2011 at 11:08 am
Mak101, Anonymous, Ohio
0 articles 0 photos 18 comments

Favorite Quote:
People can only break you if you let them.

This is nothing more than a rip off of the movie 'Stepfather'.


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