Murder Law

March 14, 2011

Episode One: What Goes Bump in the Night? Part One
Opens on a sky view of a large police station. Pans through the offices and find everyone working. It reaches the end of the offices and finds one empty. The name on the door reads: Katie Summers.
Camera shoots large front door swing open. Pans to people at desks looking.

Katie: (walks in with a pace looking down. When getting to the office door she fumbles through her keys and drops them onto the floor.) Oh damn it. (Reaching down and sees that a hand grabs her keys for her, looking up she realized that it’s her new partner) Oh, you must be my new partner? Tori?

Tori: (Rolls eyes while handing the keys back) Tori Smith, you do realize that you are ten minutes late. I don’t even have keys to the office, so I’ve been waiting for you.

Katie: Ya, sorry for that. I was running very late today. I missed my train so I had to walk. Any way welcome to the San Diego homicide unit. I’m Katie Summers.

Tori: Than…

(Tori is interrupted by a man’s voice calling their name)

Camera moves to the far end of the office doors where the word Chief is written on it.

Katie: (worried) Oh dear. The Chief is calling us. Let’s not keep him waiting.

Camera follows Katie and Tori walk to the end of the hall and stops with them outside of the office. Girls go inside while the camera stays outside of the foggy glass door. All that can be seen are the dark shadows of the girls. Hear muffled voices. Girls walk out after a few minutes.

Katie: (relieved) I’m glad that it was just a case and not him yelling at me for being late again.

Tori: Come on, let’s go. I’ll drive.

Fade out. Fade in to see Tori and Katie getting out of a black jeep. Walking up a stone stairway. Passing the yellow police tape and into the living room of the victim. Victim is face down with a pool of blood around her.

Tori: (Thumbing through some papers she had and finding one pulls out) Our victim’s name is Joanna Price, age 18. She lives alone. It says that her parents live up state.
Katie: Have they been notified?

Tori: Yes they will be here to identify the body within the next hour.

Katie: Looks like blunt force trauma to the back of the skull.

Camera moves in on a close up of Katie wearing gloves pointing at the back of the victim’s head. Tori talks in the background while Katie is collecting evidence from the body.

Tori: Is there any signs of a struggle?

Katie: No, It looks like the she was hit from behind and bled out.
Camera turns to Tori.

Tori: I’m going to talk to the neighbors and get some statements.
Camera follows Tori outside to reveal that the neighbors already waiting behind the tape with some officers talking to them.

Tori: Did you get all of the statements.

Officer #1: Not yet we just need her next door neighbor. Shawn Law.
The camera moves to a nervous looking man and then back to Tori Smith.

Tori: What is his relationship with the victim?

Officer #1: He’s her next door neighbor.

Tori: I’ll be taking his statement. (Walks away)

Fade out. Fade back in with Tori Smith in Shawn Law’s house. They are sitting across from each other with a glass table in between them. Shawn Law looks nervous, camera faces Tori.

Tori: There is no need to be worried. Just tell me everything that happened.

Shawn: It was about 3:18 this morning. I know that because I have a clock right next to my bed. I wake up in the night often you see.

Tori: Sir, I just need to know the facts please.

Shawn: Sorry, as I was saying it was 3:18 and I heard a door close. It was very loud. I looked out the window and saw a woman leave

Tori: Did you see a face?

Shawn: No, it was dark out. I just thought it was her sister and they had a fight.

Tori: Our records say that she doesn’t have any siblings.

Shawn: That’s weird, a woman called my house claiming to be Joanna’s sister. She wanted to know what time she got off work; to surprise her I think. I told her about midnight.

Tori: How did you know that she got off at midnight?

Shawn: She always gets off by midnight at the strip club on Sundays.

Tori: She is a stripper?

Shawn: Oh yeah, one of the best. She works… worked at The Stripping Aces.

Tori: (Gets up and shakes Shawn’s hand) Thank you for your time. We’ll call if there is anymore question.

Camera Follows Tori Smith out of the house. Pans over to Katie Summers leaving the house of the victim. Focus on the two.

Tori and Katie: (unison) I found some news.

Tori: You first.

Katie: The back door was left unlocked that is how the murder got in.

Tori: How do you know?

Katie: There was a pair of foot prints that leads to the door, but no finger prints. They also looks like a pair of heels. I believe with what I found, the killer snuck in a hit the victim in the head with an object.

Tori: Was there any weapon?

Katie: Yes, looks like a club that was stuck in the closest. They killer tried to hide the object, but I don’t know why they didn’t take it with them.

Tori: Is that all?

Katie: Yes, what is your news?

Tori: Ok, I think the killer is a woman because a neighbor said that he saw a woman leave the house. He also said that a woman called and asked when she was off work. She said that she was Joanna’s sister.

Katie: She’s an only child.

Tori: I know, the neighbor told her that she got off work at midnight, giving the killer plenty of time to murder and leave. The killer probably waited until she was bout to go to bed

Katie: We should find out where she worked.

Tori: All ready done. Let’s go.

Camera freezes frame as the two cops starts driving. A “to be continued” comes up. Fades to black.

The author's comments:
In class we were told to make a script. I made Murder Law and have added to the story. There are now five episodes of Murder Law that my friends who i got the inseration for the charaters and myself are going to video tape us acting the episodes out.

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