The Adventures of Jonah and his Magic Pen

March 11, 2011
Jonah woke up to the sound of his alarm clock going off at a rapid pace. He leaped out of bed and ran towards the shower, barely stopping to brush his teeth. After a quick shower he ran back to his room and put on clothes that should never be worn together. He slid down the railing of his stairs and jumped over the counter into his kitchen. He sat down and poured himself a bowl of cereal as he pondered how late he was. The bus had left at 8:12 just like always, and it was now 10:45. He was going to be in serious trouble.
He ran out the door, throwing his backpack over his shoulder as he passed it and started to run like a gazelle making giant strides as he hopped over the bushes in his front yard. He had made it a mile before he realized he had no idea where his school actually was. Every day he would get on the bus and crash, not waking up until the bus screeched to a halt at the front of the school.

He stopped running and decided that if he wandered for a while he might be able to make it home and try to convince his mom he was sick. Jonah decided to drag his feet, trying to catch his breath. He had never been a runner, in fact he had asthma. He looked down at the cracked side walk and saw a magnificent looking pen in between his feet. He picked it up and observed it with wide eyes. The pen was blue, but not the cheap blue you would buy at Staples. It was a fountain pen and had a diamond on the back.
As he was observing the pen he wandered into the middle of the street and an old lady driving had to slam on her breaks. She honked her horn and stared at him for about a minute before getting out of her car. She was carrying a handbag that seemed to be filled with small balls. She yelled, “Get out of the road you damn hippie! It’s not 1969 anymore! Cut your hair and go to school!” He continued to stare at the pen in awe until a small orange hit him in the side of the head. Jonah snapped out of the magic pen trance and blankly stared at her and rubbed his head. He apologized and began wandering around again. By about 3:30 he had finally made it home. Unfortunately the bus was driving by as he was walking towards his door. The driver yelled at him, telling him he had a detention for skipping school.
Jonah sighed and slowly walked up to his room, set his backpack on his bed and took the pen out of his pocket. The pen didn’t have any ink in it, and he didn’t think they had any at home. With the intentions of pretending to write with it he set it on a piece of paper. Magically it worked without any ink. The pen would draw in any color depending on what needed to be done. As he tried to draw a sun in his usual manner in the top corner of the paper the pen took off in his hand, much like an anxious dog going for a walk on a hot summer day.
Within moments the pen had produced a piece of art that had captivated the beauty of the sun more than a picture could and was just as colorful. Jonah dropped the pen and stared. He ran his hands through his hair like he would when he was nervous, confused or tired. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As he picked the pen up he felt a sense of accomplishment rush through his body. He pulled out several more pieces of paper and started drawing. The first was of an epic battle between night and day, in which stars were eating birds during the day, as the sun and moon clashed together in the middle of the page.
He then decided to draw a picture of his mother. If he could finish it before she was home he might be off the hook. He placed the pen on his desk and looked at the picture. It was a perfect copy of a picture of when she was in high school. At that moment his mother walked in the door. “Jonah!” she yelled, “I got a call from your school today saying you skipped!”
Jonah sighed and walked down the stairs sluggishly. His mother asked him why he had skipped and he explained the situation. He handed her the picture and she immediately forgot what she was angry about and started praising him for being such a talented artist. Jonah instantly knew that he could do great things with this pen. He went back into his room and started thinking. He wanted desperately to ask his crush to prom, but didn’t know how. He knew she liked tigers and puppies. He pulled out a sheet of paper and started drawing. He tossed the small sheet of paper and got an entire canvas to draw on, and two hours later he was finished. The result was his crush sitting in a field of flowers with a small tiger cub and a puppy wrestling on her lap. It was the best looking picture he had ever seen. Jonah put the pen in his backpack and rolled the canvas up and went to bed.
The next morning he woke up ten minutes early and got ready in record time. There was nothing really special going on that day but he was excited to give his crush the picture. He waltzed onto the bus and sat in a seat, happily humming Octopus’s Garden by The Beatles. As he arrived at school he signed up for his hour detention, thinking that the pen would be worth at least 3 hours of detention. He walked up to his locker and put all of his stuff in it. He pulled out his pen and quickly wrote a note on the back of the picture in calligraphy. The note read,
Dear Sarah,
I know we never really talk, but I was wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me.
~Jonah Paul

Jonah walked to her locker and asked to talk to her in private. The crowd of girls around her giggled and walked just out of ear shot, while still staring. He handed her the picture and asked her to read the back first. She stared at the picture for about three minutes in awe before she hugged him and said OF COURSE I WILL!
Jonah began working non stop after that to make sure that he could make everyone love him. He also drew money so realistically that he gave it to a bank and they put it into his bank account without even questioning it. He forged signatures and made a remake of the Mona Lisa in perfect detail.
One day, Jonah was walking down the street and a boy pushed him to the ground. The pen flew out of his hand and landed in a flaming trash can. Jonah exploded. He had a ton of pent up rage that was released on the boy. He picked the boy up, threw him into the flaming trash can and screamed at the top of his lungs, “WHY IS THERE A FLAMING TRASH CAN HERE!?!?! IT’S THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER!!!!”
Jonah sighed and walked home. His pen was fun to play with while it lasted.

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