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March 11, 2011
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One normal day, there was a boy and his name was Ranger Rick (his nick name is Rick) he was a big time environmentalist who was going to do a research paper. The paper was about how the bamboo eating wild cat is bothering the humans. On the island called Reptilian Island, over fifty deaths have happened there because the wild cats.

The next day Rick went on the Well Being Airline. The trip from Vermont to Reptilian Island is about a half hour trip. But two minutes through the flight they went into the Bermuda Triangle. The plane went all willy nilly and crashed into an island. The island is called the Island of Forgetting. This makes people forget everything except survival skills. At the island they all made a place to stay dry and to sleep. Then they got a basic fire pit so that the fire would last long because it looked like they were going to be there for a while until a search party would come.

Their were only about ten fatalities, including the captain. This would be a testament of their will to live and to work together to overcome problems. Even one failure of team work and they could all die. After the fire was made they went to find food to give them energy to do the work they needed. All of the people separated into groups to go hunting and gathering. Two of the groups got tuna and the others found some fruits and berries.

The night of the crash they had one of the tuna and they got to know each other. Every person said there name how old they are and what their job was so people knew what they could use each other for. At the fire the people found out Rick's profession so they knew what animals are safe to eat and wont kill them.

The next morning they all split up. The people with the most experience with building stayed behind and built things they all could use to have a safe place to stay. The rest went out to do some searching and more hunting. The island's history is tropical rain forests and high population of animals. There is not that much more that people have been able to learn about the place because it is in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. But one huge thing that could help them is that a lot of resources that survivors could use that have crashed there.

When they came back, they came back with some metal, batteries, a radio, coconuts, and a lot of oranges and apples. The island that they got stranded on could have been the best place to crash land because of all of the natural resources that they had their also all of the capital goods from all of the plane crashes their.

The next morning they had decided that they were going to try and use the radio and the batteries to try to get help to fined them and save them. The only problem the castaways found, which they found out the hard way, that the batteries didn't work and they wouldn't be getting help by using the radio. Rick yelled to all of the people and said, “Castaway meeting!”

They were sitting in a circle and they were just talking about ways to get passing by people's attention then they here a loud groaning and growling sound they turn around and see a platabear: a mix of a bear and a platypus. These can be very dangerous when around there cubs. Good thing there wasn't any cubs of her around but they spoke to soon as five cubs come waddling out of the woods. This is the time they use whatever is around them to defend them from the angry mom. One person found some ninja stars and samurai swords that were placed in the sand so they used that to try to defeat the platabear but the platabear was too strong. The platabear was also too smart for all of the castaways. Luckily Rick knows the heart lung shot for the platabear it is in the head of the platabear. Before any more deaths, he took the ninja star and through five in the head of the platabear then when it was weak and vulnerable he took a sword and jammed it through its head. There were only six survivors.

For the people that died, the survivors burned because if they didn't do that animals would ransack their camp. The night mellowed out because everybody was very tired and upset with what happened because they thought that it was their fault. When everyone was awake they heard a buzzing sound like a helicopter. They looked up in the sky and there was a helicopter going towards the island they found some leaves and spread them out in the formation that said SOS. The helicopter landed and out jumped Jeff the host of Survivor and he said you people have survived... at least a few of you. Jane one of the people on the island said “What are you trying to say?”

Jeff replied “this is a game show called survival of the fittest.”

Rick said “so what you are trying to tell us is that we have been risking our lives for a game show?”

“Yep” said Jeff “each of you get $100,000,000,000.01 for participating even though you didn't have a choice. We are also here to bring you home.”

Rick said “I am fine with that.”

Jeff said “I can only fit three people in the copter.”

“The people that get to leave are the older people.” said Jeff. The younger stayed. The young people were Fabio, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belachek, Rick and Madden.

Before Jeff left, he told us that “I am coming back in two weeks to come and get you.”

Then Jeff got in the helicopter and flew away into the distance. Out of the blue sky, was a cargo plane. Then, something started falling out of the plane. One minute later there were five huge boxes with a note attached. The note said 'From Jeff, To Castaways'. Also attached to the box was a pick ax to open the box. In the box was food, fishing material, flint, and a lot of supplies to make a new hut to live in for the two weeks, and the best of them all was a map to a shower hut were they could go to take showers.

During that day, they put the materials to good use by building a hut. After that was finished they built a fire and used the map to find the shower hut. The map was easy to follow, they found a town in a half hour. They stayed for an hour to take showers. When they were about 60 feet away from camp they saw a bright red and orange light. The fire had lit the hut on fire. The main priority now is to try to put the fire out. This could not get any worse.

This was not going to be a fun night because they wouldn't have any place to sleep just the snake infested ground. The size of the sandy area is really small so when the high tide comes we could wake up in the middle of the sea.

In the morning we got to work on the new hut and made sure that the fire pit was far away from the hut. The rest of the week was fine, no action, it was a pretty chill week before we were going to get retrieved the helicopter that Jeff was in had come.

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