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March 11, 2011
By lori18 BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
lori18 BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
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Andy and Summer were talking one day about running away together to Las Vegas to get married. They don't want their parents to know what there plans were. So they decide to leave when their parents weren't home. While waiting for Andy to show up in his new 1999 Dodge Dakota, Summer is packing her things and wondering what her parents are going to say when they come home and find her gone. She didn't know if she should leave a note saying good-bye and that she is going to get married to the guy that her parents hate or leave without saying anything. She hears Andy pull up and honk his horn to let her know he is here. Summer comes out side and gets in the car. Andy knows there is something wrong by looking at her face. So he drives off and asks her what's wrong. She tells him what she was thinking about. He tells her that she can't run away from home and leave a note saying where she going. Summer asks Andy what he is going to tell his parent when they come back married, when she knows that his parents don't like her either. Andy pulled off on the side of the road and said he didn't care what his parents thought.

They drove silently down highway 65 from Texas on their way to Las Vegas. Andy doesn't really know how to get there, (but he didn't want Summer to know or she will want to turn around) so they're driving down the highway and Andy sees a sign that says New Mexico yield right. Andy looks over at Summer who is sleeping, and decides to go ahead and go threw New Mexico thinking it will be faster to get to Las Vegas. About two hours later Summer wakes up and asks Andy where they are at. He hesitates for a couple of seconds and tells Summer that he is lost in New Mexico. Summer starts to flip out and grabs her phone to call her parents. Andy takes her phone and says that they were running away to get married and that he would find his way out of this state, with out you having to call your parents because you're scared.

Andy pulled over to the side of the road and looked at Summer and said that if they were going to get married that they were going to have some hard time and some easy time and that they needed to trust each other and stop trying to run to mommy and daddy when things go wrong or you get scared. He told her that she needed to put some trust in him and believe that he will get them out of New Mexico and any thing that they come upon. Summer told him that she would try but in the back of her head she was really badly wanting to call home, she had a feeling that Andy wouldn't be able to get them on to a highway that there was more then one car every mile. She knew since her dad was a truck driver he would know how to tell them to get off that road. Andy pulls back out onto the highway and dives about two mile down the road where he sees a gas station, and pulls in to get some go go juice. While Andy is filling up with gas, Summer is looking around and sees that there is only one car in the whole parking lot besides their truck, so she decided to go in the gas station to look around and see what it looks like. It was a nice, clean place, while looking around she notices that there is a couple of people sitting at the slot machine playing them, and a couple people sitting at a table eating and drinking something, and two people behind the counter. Summer starts to get really freaked out, knowing that there is only one car out their and six people in side.

Summer runs out the door past Andy who is going in to pay for the gas. Summer grabs her phone and tries to make a calls and realizes that she has no signal. Summer rolls down Andy window on the truck and starts yelling at him to hurry up and get in the truck so they can leave. Andy gets in the truck and drives off really fast, just to calm down Summer. They get five minutes down the road and Andy pulls off the side of the road, and ask Summer to tell him why she was freaking out back there. Summer tell him everything that she saw. Andy doesn' t think of it at the time and tells her that they probably lived around there somewhere and just walked to the station. Andy turns up the radio and tell her to listen to is it, and he starts driving again and is going about seventy miles per hour. About a hour later Summer turns down the radio and ask Andy if he has seen any houses since they have left the station. Andy thinks about it for a minute and says “ Now that I think of it, no I haven't.” Summer is really freaked out now, and tells Andy to get her off this road now.

Andy finds a fast food place on the high way they are on and pulls in to ask them for directions to the closest road to either get to Arizona or Colorado. Andy told that lady that he was talking to, that he couldn't find this highway on the map and wanted to no the name of the highway to. The lady tells him that they are on the old highway and it wasn't on the map anymore. That made Andy a little nervous. The lady tells him that there is a paved road about ten mile ahead of them on the right hand side that they could take which would take them to the Colorado boarder. Andy says thank you and decided to order a couple meals for them to eat on the way. He tells the good news to Summer that the lady gave him directions on how to get the the Colorado boarder. Summer was relieved and started eating her sandwich and fries. Ten miles down the road Andy sees the turn on the right and turns down it. Summer wakes up from her nap and asked Andy how much longer to the Colorado boarder. He wasn't sure and asks her why, well the sandwiches they ate was making her sick and she needed to stop. Summer sees a sign that says rest stop ahead and tells him to pull off in there cause she was going to get sick.

Summer gets out of the truck and runs over to the bathroom, while Summer in the bathroom Andy decided to put some chew and before she gets back out. While Andy doing that a yellow truck pulls up and drives right up to Andy and his truck. Andy thinks its weird and goes to say something to the guy but Summer starts to run out “screaming lets go hurry up.” The yellow truck speeds off, while its speeding off Andy got a look at his license plates and it was weird. The license plates said KLZ 303. Andy gets in the truck and starts to drive away, asking Summer what did she she that she was running and screaming at him. Summer tells him that in the bathroom someone was writing on the wall, saying that there is a guy driving a yellow truck with the license plate KLZ 303, that took her boyfriend and that he has come back for her. Andy doesn't tell her that the truck that was next to him had that same license plate number. All Andy tells her is that someone could be messing with her and just writing that stuff just to scare her. Summer then tells him that there was other people that wrote the same stuff. There was also a lot of people that have gone missing. Andy asked her how she knew there have been a lot of people that have went missing. She told him that there was papers hanging up on a board in the bathroom.

Still driving down the road, Andy gets to thinking about why and how a lot of people have come up missing when the lady at the food place told him that this road was a major high way. They have been driving for about three to four hour since they stopped at the rest stop when the yellow truck with the same license plate comes up really fast and hits the back of his truck. Which turned the truck around, and almost made them go off into a ditch.

Summer is freaking out about the same truck that she read about in the bathroom. Andy get the truck to a stop and try’s to calm her down. He just about had her calmed down when she saw the truck in the distance, coming back. She starts screaming. Andy starts the truck up and starts to driving back the way he was going really fast. The yellow
truck pulls off to the side of the road, Andy sees that and when he gets beside him he stops the truck and gets out, to confront the guy driving. The guy driving was a freaky looking guy who couldn't really speak. Andy yelling at the guy to speak. The guy opens his mouth and shows him he has no tongue. That freaks Andy out and he runs back to the truck, starts it up and drives off really fast, trying to get away from the guy.

Andy looks in his mirror about five miles down the road to make sure he isn't following him. Summer is finally calmed down, and she gets up the nerve to ask Andy why he left so fast after the guy opened his mouth. He told her that someone cut off the guy tongue. Summer looked at him and said don't stop driving till you get to the Colorado boarder.

About three hours later, Andy sees a sign that says welcome to Colorado, but the sign looks different then what it did when he would go to visit his brother or sister. Andy pulls over at a gas station to ask them where they are at. Summer doesn't wanna get out she decided to stay in the truck, while Andy went in. Andy ask the guy where they are at, the guy tells him Colorado. Andy’s says okay and asks where the bathroom is. Andy walks out side tell Summer he is going to the bathroom, that he would be right back. While Andy in the bathroom, Summer thinks she sees that she yellow truck, coming her way. She gets out of the truck and starts running to the bathroom where Andy was. She got to the bathroom, and Andy wasn't there. Andy was on his way back to the truck, he just walked behind the store, to see the view behind it. While Andy doing that the guy in the yellow truck, has took Summer. Andy heard screaming but didn't think anything of it till he got back to the truck and seen that Summer was gone and saw the yellow truck speed off.

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