Catch me if you can!

March 11, 2011
By Anonymous

The black storm showed no mercy on that dreadful night. On November 5, 1945
town folk stood outside the dull, yellow police tape. Voices were whispering about the
crime scene. The shabby, grey house showed nothing but broken furniture and red stains
on the floor. The victim’s body was gone as well was her murderer.

Investigator Shelia Kyle was entering the crime scene. She was wearing a long, black
trench coat, a white undershirt, slim, black dress pants, a black investigator hat, and black
shoes. Shelia is Chief Crime Investigator in the little time of Mayhem. Shelia has long
blonde hair and sharp green eyes that could cut you with a single glance. Shelia looked around
the small shack cautiously for any evidence to be used for the investigation. She strictly gave
the policemen orders to leave and bid them goodnight. She waited until everyone had left to
begin her long, hard work to find clues. She was persistent and efficient looking for a
single trace of the murderer.

Shelia took out a invisible ink light and a giant magnifying glass. She looked over
every blood stain carefully. Shelia could not find a single finger print, skin flake or hair
particle. She searched the entire house top to bottom at least a dozen times. As she made
her way back to the destroyed couch, she took a slight glance into the small kitchen and
Something small caught her eye.

Shelia promptly raced to the refrigerator. She gripped the handle with moist hands
and ripped it off. A small paper fell slowly to the ground. Shelia picked up the crumpled
up piece of paper. She slowly opened the crisp paper with sweat pouring down her face.
When she unfolded the paper she found nothing but disappointment. Shelia ran her fingers
over the soggy blood stain and darted for her bag. She rummaged through her large,
black, investigators bag for her invisible ink light. No luck finding it in the bag, then
she remembered she had left it by the destroyed couch. Shelia swiftly walked to the

broken couch and grabbed her light. Shelia turned on the light and a purple glow blared.
She waved the light over the paper hoping a single word would appear. Suddenly small,
black words appeared,

“Catch Me If You Can!”

The chase was on!

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