Lost and Not Found

March 11, 2011
Excitement and worry filled the air as the girls awaited their next few weeks of vacation. They both still had to pack before they could leave this quiet, dreary town.

Ashelyn and Rosa, two best friends watched the yellow pink sunset as they decided to pack their large suitcases. Ashelyn carelessly threw her clothes into her suitcase and zipped the crammed piece of luggage. Rosa on the other hand hesitantly zipped her organized suitcase. The girls both went to sleep, anxious to see what this vacation would bring.

It was the morning of departure and Ashelyn was pumped, excited and worry free. But as usual, Rosa was worried and second guessing the whole vacation. Rosa figured that since the girls had won this whole vacation randomly, this opportunity seemed too good to be true. The girls were soon escorted to the airport in a long, white limo which blew Ashelyn away. Ashelyn and Rosa pulled up to a small, private, unfamiliar New York airport. When Rosa and Ashelyn got out of the limo, Ashelyn ran right up to the planes steps, ignoring all of Rosa’s reluctant remarks about going on this vacation. Rosa stood back while the warm wind blew her soft brown hair. Eager, Ashelyn continuously called Rosa over and finally she walked up into the plane.

Rosa tensely asked Ashelyn, “Don’t you think it’s weird that we don’t even know where were going?” Ashelyn replied with her big white smile, “I’ll ask the pilot.” The pilot nervously told the girls “Texas” but he didn’t sound too encouraging. Ashelyn and Rosa both dozed off since they had gotten up so early.
? ? ? ?

Rosa woke up several hours later and woke up Ashelyn too. Both girls realized that they had been in the air awfully long. Rosa was for sure starting to panic and even Ashelyn was starting to worry.

Luckily the girls felt the plane descending soon after they woke up. “See, I told you everything was going to be okay Rosa,” Ashelyn said. The landing was long and rough. Rosa and Ashelyn were rushed out of the small dark plane by an odd man, almost as if the man was hiding something. As the girls stumbled out of the plane they looked around to see a bright, yellow sun, a clear, blue sky, and a tropical forest surrounding them. Scared the girls attempted to rush back to the plane but it roared off before they knew it. Scared and panicked, Rosa and Ashelyn looked at each other. “Uh Ashelyn… I don’t think were in Texas…”

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3wishjeene said...
Mar. 15, 2011 at 9:22 pm

I love your peice it's just what i really wish i could write something like you it's sad and i don't useually like sad but, somehow i did this time now thats someting to be proud of


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